Center of Attention – Part 1


A Summer Rerun of Knit Along #1

Welcome to a repeat of the very first Knit Purl Hunter knit along!  Your beautiful turquoise yarn is waiting for you to work some magic.  The yarn has already done good work since $10 of each skein was denoted by Skacel to the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Is this your first KAL with us?  Here is all the pertinent information:

  • A portion of the pattern is revealed here every Thursday in July.  The complete pattern, video resources and lots of helpful tips are included in each post.  An abbreviated, pattern-only version is included to download.
  • All techniques are supported with video instruction at
  • All questions and comments are monitored daily both here and in the Knit Purl Hunter group on Ravelry.  It’s like having your own private knitting tutor!
  • Completed projects are eligible for the monthly prize drawing – first prize is a set of addi Clicks!  See for all the info.

Center of Attention is a toe up sock that features some awesome cables.  Are you new to toe up socks?  Give them a try and find out why many sock knitters prefer this method.  Watch my video, Judy’s Magic Cast On (Starting Toe Up Socks), to see what all the fuss is about.  I know you are going to be hooked, so make it your summer project to kick your socks up a notch!

The original KAL had no references to knitting the socks two at a time (2aat).  If you would like to prevent the dreaded second sock syndrome,  I have videos to guide you every step of the way to knit both Center of Attention socks at once.  Watch my Two at a Time – Toe Up Socks Video to get started.  I prefer to knit 2aat on a 40″ circular needle using the Magic Loop method while some knitters enjoy the process using two 24″ needles.


Before knitting 2aat, the 100g skein must be separated into two 50g balls.  I use a digital food scale to guide me.  Simply place the full skein on the scale and wind off yarn until the scale registers half of the weight.  Don’t fret if your skein weighs less than 100g prior to dividing.  Yarn weights vary with humidity and temperature and are only meant to be an approximation.  The yardage on every skein is an accurate measurement and is consistent with each skein.  If you don’t have access to a scale just estimate as best you can as there is plenty of yardage in the skein to make two socks.

Whether you are knitting one or two toes this week, you can look forward to sock addiction!

  • Trekking XXL – 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon – 459 yards/100g (one skein).  Sample knit in Color “Susanne”.
  • Size 1 (2.5mm) needles or size necessary to achieve desired gauge.  Pattern may be knit with double points, two 24″ circular needles, one 32″ or 40″ needle for magic loop method.  See Magic Loop Video
  • Cable needle

8 stitches per inch in stockinette.

Women’s medium (directions for large in parentheses when necessary).

Medium leg circumference measures 7 ½” unstretched.

Large leg circumference measures 8” unstretched.

Size may also be adjusted by altering needle size.


Part One

Click here to download printable version

kfb – knit into front and back of stitch.  See Kfb Video


Cast On

See Judy’s Magic Cast On Video

Using two needles, cast on 24 stitches using Judy’s magic cast on with 12 stitches on each needle.

Securing tail, knit first 12 stitches.

Knit second 12 stitches through the back loop.


Toe Increases

If using Magic Loop or two circular needle knitting method, increases (kfb) are made at the beginning and end of each needle as follows:

Round 1.  On 1st needle, kfb, knit to last stitch on needle, kfb;  On 2nd needle, kfb, knit to last stitch on needle, kfb.

Round 2.  Knit all stitches.

If using double points, arrange stitches evenly with 6 stitches on 4 needles.  Increases (kfb) are made as follows:

Round 1.  Kfb, knit to last stitch on 2nd needle, kfb, kfb into 1st stitch on 3rd needle, knit to last stitch on 4th needle, kfb.

Round 2.  Knit all stitches.

All needle types:  Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 until toe reaches 64(72) stitches.


I promise an amazing cable to keep you busy next week.

Happy knitting!

205 thoughts on “Center of Attention – Part 1

  1. I have been trying for years to do Judys cast on and for some reason I can’t do it, I understand how it is done but I cant’ seem to get the needle going the correct way. Is there an alternative to this method? Would a provisional cast on work? I love the way the sock is looking but I can’t seem to start minel

  2. I’m new to knitting socks and a bit confused about sizing. If the medium sock is 7.5 unstretched and my foot is 8inches around the widest part (at the base of my toes..?) Then I should go for the medium rather than the large, shouldnt I?

  3. Yes, the cable row is only worked on row 5. Work rows 1-10 and then keep repeating them until the foot reaches the desired length. I’m not sure what you mean about the “open work”. To make things easier I have the written instructions for the top of the foot below. I hope this helps!
    These instructions are for the 36 instep stitches. (Keep the sole of the foot in all knit.)

    1. K2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, p2, k6, p2, k6, p2, k6, p2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk.
    2. k5, p2, k6, p2, k6, p2, k6, p2, k5.
    3. Same as 1.
    4. Same as 2.
    5. K2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, p2, AC6, p2, AC6, p2, AC6, p2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk.
    6. Same as 2.
    7. Same as 1.
    8. Same as 2.
    9. Same as 1.
    10. Same as 2.

  4. I came to the cable and it only shows one set of instructions. Are we supposed to do the cable every 5th row–a row that has the open work on the sides?

  5. No, it is too loose. I will recast on and try to be more aware of tension. I’m getting my money’s worth from this yarn! :))

  6. It must be something with the cast on. Perhaps the second sock was not done in the same manner. Is the second sock acceptable?

  7. I am knitting that using the magic loop. I just can’t think of what would be causing the loose gauge in one sock one the first row. The rows after that were fine.

  8. Did you knit the first sock with the same needles? Metal and wooden needles can yield a different gauge. I would knit further than a few rounds to see if the first round looks comparable to the first sock. Keep me posted.

  9. Hi Michelle, I am getting a late start. I am finding that that my 2nd sock is a *lot* looser in the toe than the first toe. This is evident after knitting the first row – before any increases. I am using the magic loop. I’ve already ripped out and recast on twice. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Love your KALs. Thanks for all your help!

    Is it that I’m not pulling the tail tight enough when I knit that first row of the second sock?

  10. New 40″ circ arrived today, two toes loaded and ready (with slightly uneven balls, tried to split by yardage :p

  11. I can’t find this yarn at any of the (few yarn) stores in Brisbane, so will have to see if I can find something similar. I’m really hoping I can because I’m excited to give this a go…

  12. It is the second stitch that will tighten up the first loose stitch on the needle. Don’t worry since it will improve as you have more experience. Knit on!

  13. No need to frog! Knit your secon toe on 40″ needle and then slide first toe next to it and them knit the rest of the pair two at a time.

  14. I am new to sock knitting and trying the magic loop method. Going pretty well except for some laddering/loose stitches on the sides despite trying to pull the stitches tight. I find it more difficult to do that on the increase rows. Any tips/tricks for that? Thanks!

  15. Ok so that only leaves 143.5 hours left before the next part……fly time, FLY!!!

  16. I just ordered a 40″ circ and may consider frogging to do taat. Except that my first toe looks so sweet! 😕

  17. I am right there with you Kelly. I have only participated in one other KAL and the suspense from week to week really drove me nuts (knuts if you are knitter!) Guess I will have to pick up my other needles and work on my other project. Hopefully will get that done before next Thursday comes along. Supposed to be rainy this week and my husband has to work late each evening so on the evenings I don’t work I will get some good knitting time in.

    Needles Up!

  18. When you are saying 64 stitches when to stop is that 32 stitches on each needle and end with row 2?

  19. OMG! I am in love with this yarn. Where can I buy more so I can make more and more socks? Different colors available?

  20. Hi Michelle. Back for another KAL. Loved Ridgely! Have done other KALs on Craftsy and they don’t compete — yours are the best! Since I’ve not really done socks before i started with dbl points and a single sock but am already done with clue#1. Whatever will i do until next week?? 😉

  21. Finished week one’s toes. I am trying the Two circular method on this pattern and so far so good. I picked the brown purple color #420 and just love the yarn so far. Sounds like we will be very busy on Week 2–thank you for doing the KAL. I loved doing Ridgely. Your instructions are the best!!

  22. Hi,
    I finally finished the sock. Your hints did help to make it fit smaller. After washing, the sock felt fine. The only problem was wearing them with some shoes – I could feel where the cables twist, which made them uncomfortable. I’ll wear them with slippers and all should be good. Thank you so much for your help.
    Happy knitting, Trisha

  23. What a good use of your time! I, too, prefer the hook shaped cable needles but they are hard to find small enough. I found that using a locking stitch marker (they look like plastic safety pins) works well for this pattern. It is thin and it safely holds your stitches while you work that finicky Row 10!

  24. Hi. I’ve started this pattern while waiting for Tuesday’s next update for Stripes Alive. What tool do you use for the cable needle? I’m knitting with size 1 (2.25mm) needles but haven’t had a cable hook that small – shepherd hooks are my favorite since the needle doesn’t slide out of the loops. I’m currently using a dpn, but it is sort of in the way or else it falls out which is resulting in a very slow row 5.

    It is a lovely pattern and I can handle one fussy row out of 10.


  25. Thank you. I will try this and let you know. When I thought about learning how to do socks, I saw many toe up patterns that I liked but with the smallest size as medium. Without knowing how to make them smaller while still using size 00, I just passed them over & figured the only socks I could make to fit would be plain St st (how boring!). Hopefully your hints will allow me to try more patterns. I’m keeping my fingers crossed since I’d love to knit a different pattern with each sock to hold my interest.
    Thanks for a wonderful website; it’s a great resource.

  26. Welcome to sock addiction! Here is a thought to make your sock smaller: On the chart, eliminate the stitches in columns 1, 2, 35 and 36. The design will still be very close to the original pattern. You could also use fewer stitches for the sole if needed. Let me know how this works out for you.

  27. Hi KnitPurl,
    I’m new to sock knitting (have made only 1 pair), and just discovered your website. To get gauge of 8 sts/inch I have to use a size 00. My foot is small. Is it possible to change the pattern to knit a smaller size without resorting to an even smaller needle? I don’t think I could handle 000 or smaller since I already tend to bend the 00 (using 2 circs – Addi Turbo and Addi Lace). I’d love to be able to knit your pattern; it’s lovely. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.
    Thanks, Trisha

  28. Shari, I would love for you to knit these fun socks. Go to the top of the knit along page and look for the icon “Previous KALs”. A drop down menu will appear and then click on January and the postings will be there for you to download. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Happy knitting, Michelle

  29. I did not get to participate in this project, would it be possible the get the instructions so that I can make it on my own.

  30. I’m doing both socks at the same time. This one seems to go together quickly. Can’t wait to start the heel!

  31. Just finished foot of sock 2. Whoopee!!!! I am working from both ends of the ball using dpns. I just tuck the sock with needles on the inside of the ball when working with the yarn from the outside. I attach the sock with needles fromt the outside of the ball to the ball with a rubber band when working with the yarn from the center of the ball. No weighing, winding, etc., which of course leaves more time for knitting!!!!

  32. In the instructions for the start of the Cable pattern is says, (k7 kfb) Does that mean the increase in on the 8th st? Why the uneven incrases across 32 sts?

    What would happen if I increased 4 sts evenly across?

  33. My LYS just got the yarn and now I’m on my way to my first KAL. Looking forward to doing the cables. Pretty color for a January sock.

  34. For some of us,,,,we always make two balls of yarn, that way, if the yarn has a color pattern, we can start both socks at the same point in the colorway. All stripes, blocks or whatever will match.

  35. Can’t wait to start! Our LYS gets the yarn in today (crosses fingers) and we are SNOWED IN!! So, I can’t get out till it all melts! I am gonna practice on some yarn I already have. Just itching to gets started!

  36. Ok I am done with sock number 1 waiting now for the directions for step 3. Now onto my other big project till Sat. Yea!!!

  37. I bought a skein of this yarn about 4 months ago and it has been sitting here waiting for the right pattern to come along. I was so excited to see this KAL. I have one toe done and the second about half done. I really liked the cast on video. I have done this cast on before but it didn’t stick with me. This time when I got to the second toe, I was able to do it without having to rewatch the video.

  38. Just printed off the instructions and can’t wait to start….who needs breakfast; knitting is much better 🙂

  39. Is it 9am yet? These are my first toe up socks and I’m just a little excited!! 🙂

  40. Trina
    I am bummed for you too. Maybe your shop can order you Feb’s yarn now so you will have it on time. I know exactly how you feel
    From “obsessed” Sue

  41. 4:21am Pacific Time. I am anxious to start my cables :). I am so crazy, I was even up at midnight checking to see if #2 lesson was posted and even had dreams about it.
    I love this site and your clear instructions. Move over uTube!
    Thanks a lot

  42. Welcome to sock world! I usually divide the skein to knit 2 at a time. I find knitting from both ends of the yarn can lead to tangles. I don’t like anything to slow me down!

  43. I am patiently waiting for this weeks instructions. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful videos’s and instruction. What a great idea to help with a cure for ovarian cancer. Happy knitting.

  44. Well, it’s 11:20 pm here in Montana. It’s Saturday in the Eastern half of the country. Isn’t it time for Clue #2?! Looking forward to tomorrow morning….

  45. This is my first KAL and pair of socks 😀
    I have finished my first toe. A question regarding doing the socks simultaneously — do you just start the second sock using the other end of skein? Or do you wind a separate ball? Or did people buy two skeins?

  46. I am so excited about this kal…it is my first one. I’m look forward to the new techniques and challenges that I’m sure I will encounter on this journey. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  47. Well, I’m bummed! Just found out that my lys won’t be getting the yarn in until next Wednesday. I thought I could catch up with everyone this weekend, but that is not going to happen now. Boo hoo.

  48. Anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s clue! Love this method for the toe, this is my first toe up sock.

  49. Just picked up my yrn at the LYS… I watched the video and can’t wait to get this beautiful yarn on my Addi needles… I will be done tonight and ready for the next clue tomorrow… Let the knitting begin…..

  50. Watched both the Magic Loop and JMCO videos a few times and had to frog, but my toe is started!

  51. Enjoying the knit along! First time I am trying a knit along but I love making socks because they travel well. Can’t wait until tomorrow (my birthday too) for clue #2! Have both toes ready. I have a friend that has been afraid of trying socks and I always try to talk her into it and I told her about the videos and she might give it a try. Good Luck to all!

  52. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and see the next instructions! It’s like Christmas all over again 🙂

  53. I love the cast on. I have knit about 6 pairs of socks, so they should go fast for me. I have found, since my feet are tiny, I need to rethink the gauge. I knit tightly, (Continental knitter), but sometimes even that isn’t enough (size 4-5 shoes). So I usually go down a needle size. With a 4″ give in the pattern/yarn I have more than enough give in the stretch. I’ll have to do the same trick for the gloves next month as I have tiny hands (5 1/2″ wrists). I am so looking forward to tomorrow.

  54. Just finished my first toe (got my yarn yesterday). Off to start the second one so I will be ready for clue #2.

  55. I just found this today online and started my first toe with a different color of Trekking (dark blue). I love the cast on and not having to sew up the toe. Your video was great.

  56. Just had an email from one of our knitters about the leg circumference measurement. I emailed back and told her I thought the 71/2″ & 8″ were probably foot circumference – but now I’m wondering. If it is leg circumference, is it the ankle?

  57. I hope you do if not there are alot of weeks between now and June. And as Michelle has posted a lot more prizes coming our way. Good luck to you

  58. I just heard about the KAL in an e-newsletter from my favorite LYS (which is not really local, since there is not a yarn store within 200 miles of where I live) and I’ve decided to join in, but am still waiting for my yarn. I’ve never made socks before and I’m excited to learn some new techniques. I’m also excited to be knitting, so to speak, with a lot of other strong and courageous women who have battled ovarian cancer in some way shape or form in their lives. My mother is approaching her 5-year mark after a late-stage diagnosis, and although she is pretty much on chemo all the time, she’s still going strong. I feel so lucky to still have my mom, and am reminded daily of the little (and sometimes big) miracles that life tosses us along the way. Tricia, I knitted my mom a similar hat last year for precisely the same reason — her head was getting cold at night. I used Nashua Handknits Paradise, which is a great soft wool blend, but a silk/wool blend sounds really wonderful. . . I’d love to know what you used, I might make her another one. Good luck to your sister and to all those other brave women for whom we are knitting. This is a great project — thank you!

  59. After doing oodles and oodles of the wedge toe, I discovered the rounded toe. Let’s just say my hubby is really picky about the way his socks fit, and he was on his last pair of handknits if I heard one more complaint since I was diligently working to make a custom fit design for him, size 12 sock after size 12 sock. Turns out the rounded toe fits him! Have you tried that with the toe-up? Does it work having increases right on top of increases and still look good without big holes?

  60. This is the first time I’ve used Trekking yarn and I’m loving it. The color is wonderful. I’ve been wanting to do a pair of socks with cables, so I’m really looking forward to the next clue.

  61. To Tricia: sounds like your sister’s in good hands. A nice hat is like comfort food – makes you feel good all over. And sounds like you’re busy with lots of projects – may your fingers fly like the wind! 🙂

  62. Some holes are very small and are just part of the design element and some may be caused by the way stitches are wrapped and then unwrapped. I do have a video on short row heels that you may find helpful.

  63. I finished my toes a few days ago…can’t wait till tomorrow for the next part of the pattern, it’s like a treasure hunt …. The magic cast on vedio was great….I always seem to get holes when turning the heels is there a trick or tip to keep that from happening?

  64. To Debbie Sock Sister, unfortunately my sister does not knit. I can remember her learning when we were very young, but it just didn’t take with her. However I just put a nice wooly scarf in the mail to her yesterday and picked up a nice silk/wool blend at my lys to make her a hat. I understand that if you lose your hair during chemo, your head can get quite cold while you sleep, so this first hat for her will be a fairly fine hat that she can wear to bed.

  65. It was on Skacel’s website under Zitron yarn and is no longer there I guess they pulled it down after they got their winner

  66. I know what you mean! Some people have it twisted and some not. I knit into the back either way since it makes the foundation a bit firmer and you would need a magnifying glass to check the results!

  67. I LOVE the magic loop. Keep your first toe on the DPs and try the second on the magic loop and then you can decide which is better. I would actually practice the magic loop on some scrap yarn to get the hang of it!

  68. Wish I could talk my sis into doing this with me! She’s a sock pro so she’s helping me (the sock novice) out.

  69. Ok. Finally got my yarn today. It took USPS 3 days to deliver a package from a store that I could drive to in three hours, but couldn’t get to in the middle of the week. Good grief! Anyway…yarn acquired. Toes done. Waiting for Saturday and the next set of instructions. Fun!!!

  70. I have watched the cast on video several times and I believe I am casting on correctly. However, when I reach the 2nd row, the stitches do not appear twisted. If I knit into the back, then they look twisted. It seems I must be casting on wrong in some way, but perhaps it does not matter. Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong?


  71. Does your sister knit too? I’ve heard they discovered knitting produces endorphins. If true and she knits, it could be a 3-fer! Something to do during those times she has to sit and wait, a new soft hat or scarf to keep her warm, and hey, couldn’t we all use a shot of endorphins to boost us up? Sending hugs your way. Stay strong and good luck to all with a tougher battle than a new knitting tecchnique to conquer.

  72. I’m new to KAL, knitting socks (toe up and otherwise), magic cast on and so far have only one toe done on DPs. I’m considering trying the magic loop for the other, but it might be pushing my learning curve too much!

  73. I am having so much fun!! I haven’t knitted socks before, mainly mittens, and just started knitting them on circular needles, rather than two straight and a seam (my mom’s pattern). But knitting socks this way is so much fun and still allows me time to work on my other projects. I will be meeting at Wooly Minded on Saturday to see if there any other local ladies participating.

  74. Yes I watched the video and it was very helpful! I think mine looks like yours. The cast on went great! Not sure how to describe……the beautiful knitted part is facing me and the inside purled part faces away. Everything looks right.

  75. got the toes ready for the next step. My fingers and waste yarn picked up some of the color so I’m being careful to keep the blue away from the rest of my stash, since I tend to go with white and lights.

  76. I think I know the answer but just want to be sure, my gauge (for what it’s worth on the little bit of toe) comes out to 9 sts per inch instead of 8. Is there enough stretch to accomodate the size difference due to guage difference? Or should I be making the larger size to accomodate the difference? What I would like to do is add 4 more sts but I can’t know if that will mess up the next step by not having the right repeat number of sts for the cables. (I hate loose socks, so would rather have them a little tight than too big!)

  77. Tammy – Debbie’s sister here (yes the other Sock Sister, and we REALLY are sisters) . . . I tried JMCO last night with size one dpns and fine sock yarn. Didn’t go well at all – really a struggle until I switched to a circular needle. Think I will use a circular needle for JMCO and then switch to my dpns. I think I can knit the body of the sock faster on dpns. 🙂

    And has anyone figured out what the clue was? Was it the quick knit bit? I looked and looked at the Skacel website and didn’t see anything except the example.

  78. Can’t wait till Saturday to move on with the next part of the sock! I’m trying to finish up a scarf for a neighbor before then so nothing competes with my sock knitting over the weekend 🙂 Not being an experienced sock knitter things take a bit longer than usual. Happy knitting to all!

  79. Love, love, love this KAL! Part one is completed, can’t wait for the next one! SOOOOOOOO happy I found your website and blog!

  80. I don’t know. I’ve been looking on both sites and don’t find the hints they said are there. They are hiding them well!

  81. I have the same challenges: 2 different size feet, and 2nd sock syndrome! So I do 2 at a time on 2 circs. The only other toe-up socks I’ve done I found I had to take one off the needles on ‘hold’ while I knit the other to the necessary length for the larger foot. That is the only problem I have with toe-up socks. I do like the fact that you can knit the cuff as long as you want — or until you run out of yarn!

    And I LOVE mysteries, but I’m like a kid at Christmas — I wanna peek!

  82. Debbie,
    You are not so crazy! I am a DPN fan as well, but the one toe-up sock I have done that I started on them about did me in! I hope to start tomorrow (have something I need to finish up) and am going to try the Magic Loop and JMCO for the first time.

  83. I’m picking up my yarn in the morning. Looking forward to this. This is my second toe up sock. Your video is wonderful.

  84. I’m sorry to hear that you lost your mother in law to ovarian cancer. It is a tough cancer. My sister who is 54 just started chemo this past Tuesday for ovarian cancer. I promptly purchased 3 ovarian sock kits to distribute to all my family members who knit.

  85. I do love the pattern and the cast on, but have had to rip them out numerous times due to fighting with the needles and the cable(am trying to do magic loop with new needles)…. I could have had 5 or 6 toes done by now. So frustrating…..But I now have a good rythem going with my short dpns and will go back to magic loop later.

  86. This is my first KAL and I am so excited. I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive so I’m a little behind. This is my first time with toe up AND the magic loop method. My mother in law passed away a year ago from Ovarian Cancer. Wish she was still here so that she could wear these socks. I guess I’ll wear them in her honor and memory. What a fighter she was ! I love all the comments and support. Thanks and Happy 2011.

  87. Hmmmm…not sure if I understand. Have you watched the Judy’s Magic Cast On video? Does yours look like mine in the video? Let me know!

  88. What a good girl you are to be such a diligent swatcher! As for stretch, you should easily get about 4″ of stretch to your sock. If you are concerned about the size, go ahead and knit the larger one. You can always reevaluate at the end of the heel and make some adjustments as you cruise up the leg!

  89. The sock measurement is unstretched so you will easily get a few inches more. If you are concerned, I would go with the large size. As for where to measure on your leg, it depends on how high you like the sock to go up your leg. The good news about toe up socks is that you can stop whenever you like. Hope this helps!

  90. I am trying to figure out how to measure for the correct size. Where on your leg do you measure to determine the size of the sock? If, for example, you measure 8.5″, does that mean you should make the 8″? And if you measure 9″, will the large size fit? Thanks for your help. Fortunately, I do not need to know for this week’s work.


  91. I love the cast-on! It’s my favorite thing about toe-up socks because it’s so simple and elegant. Can’t wait to see how this sock turns out! I’m really loving the bright, cheerful color; it’s the perfect thing to work on during this unusually snowy Minnesota winter.

  92. Hi Michelle!
    This is my first time knitting toe-up socks. Typically when I knit, the knitted part falls away from me behind the needles. On this project the knitted part is coming toward me. I took out my first attempt and tried again with the same result. Does that make sense? Is it correct?

  93. I have what may be a “duh” question: What am I supposed to be measuring to decide which size to make? I have already made the two toes for this pair, but want to be ready for the next.
    Thanks! and thanks for the KAL-I am having lots of fun.

  94. I just found out about this KAL so I am going to be a bit behind. I, also, jsut relearned how to knit last month and knitted a pair of socks. So…. I need to buy the yarn and buy some more needles. This knitting is so addictive!! I hope this doesn’t get to far ‘over’ my head. Watched the casting on video and I think I can do this!

  95. Like many other have commented before me, I am quite excited about my first KAL. Of course, though, I have a little fear about the unknown ahead. I kind of like to look at my whole project and get the whole thing in my head. So, I am sure I will learn to let go of some of that by doing this KAL. I have done my swatching on three different needle sizes and have decided on my needles but I have a question about what size to choose. When I knit a hat, I determine the circumference of the person’s head and then subtract an inch and that sets the size to shoot for with my gauge. Is there a rule for leg sizes? The pattern says 7.5″ and 8″ unstretched. What does that equate to in leg size or leg range of sizes? A store-bought sock is about 6.5″ unstretched and stretches considerably. Does this pattern have considerable stretch, or not-so-much? Sorry to be so crazy but I knit pretty slowly and don’t want to put the time in and then find that all is the wrong size. I am so envious of everyone who has step one completed on two socks … I’ve got some catching up to do. Thanks for the help and the much anticipated fun over the next six months.

  96. OOOHHH I can’t wait until Saturday!!! I finished the toes last week while watching my daughters march down Colorado Blvd in the Rose Bowl parade. (Sorry Proud mama plug. I just had to do it) I’ve knit socks before, but they have a tendency to take me a long time. These are my first toe up socks and I was amazed at how easy and fun the cast on was! This is my first knit along so I’m really hoping that will help speed me up a little. So far so good; I’m ready and waiting on the next set of instructions. I love a mystery!!!

  97. It is actually the stitch following the increase (or any stitch) that will tighten up the gaps. On the next toe, try to knit the stitch following the kfb a bit more firmly if you like. I wouldn’t worry about the small gaps. You could block them to make it more to your liking, but I’m sure you are the only one who will notice!

  98. I love Trekking Yarn and have been a fan of it since I discovered it I don’t know how many years ago.

    The toe up Magic Cast on is the BOMB! I have two different sizes in my feet, so doing toe up socks is a definite plus for me. Talk about a custom fit!

    I am making two socks at one time though; me and second sock syndrome are buds when it comes down to it..

    I cannot wait to see the next *hint* ! It makes me want to speed the week forward so that I can get to Saturday. I know my work would be lacking and I am sure my family would be hungry if I did speed to Saturday- But hey, a girl has her priorities..

  99. Help Need a hint…the toe increase on one side has wider gaps (small hole) cause I didn’t pull the tension correctly. So any hints.

  100. Yarn shop opened for business today after the holidays. I got my yarn, and I’m starting the toe. I’m looking forward to the Knit A Long. Nancy

  101. You are still eligible for prizes by using any Trekking yarn. You get another chance in the drawing when you use the EXACT yarn that I used Glad to have you along!

  102. Got my toes done. I am so excited…it’s like mystery sock only every week! 🙂 If I cannot find the exact color you use one month but use the same yarn, will this still work for the prizes? In other words, if I had not found susanne for this first sock but still used trekking XXL in another color, am I still eligible?

    Happy knitting! 🙂

  103. I’ve only knit one pair of socks and it took FOREVER! Heard about this KAL, and I’ve decided to become a sock knitter! Got the yarn for Christmas. Swatched. Learned toe up and magic loop. Just need the right size needles and I’m ready to go! This will be a HUGE challenge for me!

  104. I have been knitting for about 7 years and have only knit “little people’s socks”. This year I decided to learn to knit socks by joining this KAL. I am happy to say that I have mastered the top-up version (I have both my toes case on & ready to begin next week’s clue) from your wonderful “magic cast-on” video. I look forward to the rest of the knitting clues for this month’s sock; and plan to continue through the entire KAL. I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and she will be receiving my first pair of socks!

  105. I have completed the toes for two socks!! I can’t wait for the next clue!! Thanks Michelle.

  106. I have never done a KAL before. This is all new to me and I have talked most of my knitting group into joining this exciting adventure. Thank you for the youtube video link, what a big help it was to learn the cast on as I am new to the toe up. It took a few tries to get going but I now have the hang of it and will make the other toe when my knitting group meets. Looking forward to the next addition!

  107. Welcome sock sisters! It looks like you will both be happy during this KAL (just not at the same time!) since I will be covering many different techniques. Thank you for reminding us that the we are also helping a great cause!

  108. I’m a yarn junkie and can do a pair a week when I get rolling (good thing because I don’t have my yarn yet) but I’m not too patient when it comes to patterns, so usually let varigated or self patterning yarn sing & just use stockinette stitch. Plus, I’m a cuff down girl – love the architecture of forming the sock and grafting the toe. And double points. Crazy, I know. (I can see people shaking their heads now!) So this will be a challenge for me. My sister, who loves the patterns on the leg, but doesn’t care much for the gusset or foot is coming along on the adventure with me. We’re the ‘sock sisters’, so hopefully we’ll be there to buoy each other up as we go. It’s our first KAL too! Thanks for this bit of fun and for helping a great cause. My husband lost his mom, my daughters their grandma to ovarian cancer. Hope the ‘cure’ comes soon.

  109. I’m so sad that this colorway is a limited edition. I think it’s a great color for fun socks.

    I’m excited for the next clue!

  110. Waiting for my yarn i am so excited first pair of toe ups cannot hardly stand the wait gonna have to bust a move to finish 2 by Sat.

  111. Isn’t is Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. somewhere in the world yet??? 🙂 Anxiously awaiting the next clue!

  112. First time sock knitter and recently learned the magic loop method. It is a very gratifying experience to grasp a lesson via youtube.:) Thank you.

  113. I bought this yarn back in October when it first appeared. Love it! Have not done a KAL before and all the socks I knit are plain. I call it my mindless knitting, we will see if I like to shake things up or not! LOL Like Trina, I also knit socks for Christmas presents each year, I get request for them. This year I hit an all time high for me at 15 pair, luckily 5 pair were for children! 🙂

  114. I am having trouble finding the link to the ‘Monthly Entry Form” and the ‘Grand Prize Entry Form”. Can someone point me in the right direction.

  115. Yeah! I get to make a comment. Hi Michelle. Knitting sock toe #2 this evening at sit n’ knit

  116. Never did a toe-up sock before. I was never sure about the cast on. The video helped alot/ First time also for kal. Really like the yarn.

  117. I haven’t seen an entry form anywhere, either. Hope they will have it up by the end of the month.

  118. So far we are off to an easy start (for me, at least). I have done tons of socks, both top down and toe up, but lately my sock mojo has been off. This KAL is just what I needed to jump start it again.

    I am wondering about the weekly prizes, too. Has anyone seen one for this week? Not sure how often we need to check here or the Skacel site to find out about the weekly prizes…but I haven’t seen anything yet.

    Hope all of you will come join the Ravelry group , if you haven’t already. Lots of chatter going on there, too…though nothing official, just for fun.

  119. I too am awaiting the 8th to continue on the socks. I do have one question since this is my first kal – when submitting a picture electronically before the 15th where do I find the “entry form”?

  120. Got my yarn yesterday! Stayed up until 2am last night working on this first step (snicker) I am sticking to the gauge as these will be my first *ever* socks and I have no idea what my gauge is yet. My mom has teenie pretty feet so if nothing else Presents for You Mom! <3 See you next week folks!

  121. I got my yarn yesterday and am starting them today. I’m doing them on one 9″ circular, size 1 in large,, with short row tows and possibly heels to accommodate for the one small needle. I prefer the toe up method. Thanks for not making me convert them!

  122. I got my toes done. I can’t wait for the next clue. I am using trekking just not the KAL colorway this time but I will with the next one.

  123. This was my first time at toe up socks. I’ve never attempted anything other than a really basic cuff-down, stockinette sock. I’m also knitting Nutkin with another KAL at the same time. Two pair of socks for me this month!

    I used your video and it was very clear and helpful. I’m very excited to see the next part of the sock. Thank you for hosting this KAL I’m having a lot of fun!

  124. I started out with DPN’s and switched to working two at a time magic loop.
    You can’t go wrong with the Trekking XXL, and this colorway is gorgeous!

    I’m making these socks in memory of my mom who passed away from Ovarian Cancer 10 years ago.

  125. Firstly, I truely love your videos and they’re my first stop for reference. They are very easy to understand and well made. This is my first KAL but not my first sock or toe-up, but I am very interested in gaining more experience in the technique for the heal, my biggest down fall. Trekking XXL is a wonderful yarn to work with and I too bought for the next project! Looking forward to your new designs in the next few months…can’t wait!

  126. I’m jealous. My lys isn’t getting the yarn in until tomorrow. Can’t wait to get it/see it and start on my toe.

  127. Hi Michelle, great instructions, I’ll be casting on during lunch today! And I’ve set my reminders to come back weekly!

  128. Both toes done and waiting for next week. I love this yarn, it is very cushie, almost spongy; I can’t wait to wear the socks.

  129. Finished the 2nd toe in the waiting room. Glad I brought it along. I always love the comments interested people make as I am busily knitting. Love the color!! Great video!! This is going to be fun!!!

  130. I’m so excited for the next clue! This is my first knit along and I looooove socks. 🙂

  131. What a great way to start a new year & a new decade – learning new techniques while making socks!.

  132. I am knitting mine on size US3’s for 2 reasons… 1. because I knit tight and usually have to go up 1 needle size, and2. becausr I want the larger size…

  133. If your experience tells you to use a larger needle then I think you should. Maybe try a 2.75mm needle and the foot should be big enough. We can always reevaluate at the end of the heel and adjust stitches or needle size before heading up the leg. Hope this helps!

  134. Just ordered my yarn. Glad this week is am easy one! Looking forward to this.
    p.s. Also ordered the Feb yarn, so I’ll be ready next month!!

  135. Yea! I’m so excited to take part in my first KAL. Being familiar with the Knit Purl Hunter designs we are all assured a wonderful learning experience and a beautiful pair of socks.

  136. Great color of yarn. Toe-up is not my favorite but this Cast On is terrific.

    Looking forward to next week

  137. I have never done toe up before and the video made this cast on so easy. Looking forward to next week’s instructions!

  138. This is my first KAL, too, and I’m really excited to get started! I just have a quick question first. Your instructions say that the unstretched measurement around the leg is 8″ for the larger size, but I’m wondering how stretchy the sock leg will be. I am a big girl with BIG calves, and I’m trying to decide whether to knit to your gauge or to go up a needle size. Thanks!

  139. Thanks for doing this. I’m delighted with the first part (my toes are done)- excited and motivated to knit- maybe I’ll get some stash busted while I wait for the next section.

  140. I never did a toe up sock before and your video made it so easy! I also stayed away from the toe up patterns never again.

  141. I am waiting for the arrival of my yarn, but I will catch up to the rest of you very quickly I am sure. Toe-up are my favorites. One goal for 2010 was a pair of socks each month. I didn’t exactly get each pair finished within the month, but I did get 12 pairs done. Three pairs were ankle down, which was new for me.

  142. Good thing that this weeks pattern doesn’t take to long cause I have a wip I want to finish by Friday as to have no distractions before the next clue!!!!!

  143. I am thrilled about this KAL too – I have never taken part in a KAL and am very impressed with this one. The pattern was posted exactly as promised and the video was terrific. I, too, have both toes done and am ready for next week. Thanks for doing this for us – these could make good Christmas presents for 2011!

  144. 7 pairs of socks as Christmas gifts – you are my hero! There is no registration necessary, just go to the KAL page on this website for the posting of the pattern each week. I think you will enjoy toe up socks.

  145. Hi Michelle.
    I just returned from visiting family for Chrismas and received my newsletter from my lys with info about Skacel’s knit along. I’m very excited to knit your sock and join in the knit along. I’ve never participated in something like this but have wanted to. Socks are my favorite thing to knit. I knitted 7 pairs to give to family for Christmas presents. I’ve only attempted toe down once and wasn’t happy with the finish. So, I’m looking forward to learning your technique. I haven’t picked up my yarn yet because my yarn store ran out and is ordering more. One question though: where do I sign up for this? or will I find out when I purchase my yarn?

  146. This knit along is soooo much fun! I’ve always wondered if I’d have the discipline to do a pair of socks a month, and can’t wait to get started! The trekking color was totally up my alley, too. Thanks for the pattern!

  147. Loved this cast on and am so excited about the KAL and contest. I already finshed toes for both socks and am anxiously awaiting the next set of instructions!

  148. Love the sock already. Couldn’t wait to get first clue… First time making toe up socks, and watching Judy’s Magic Cast on really helped>

  149. That was incredibly easy; I did it on the first try! Great video, very easy to understand.

    I love sock knitting, but this is my first pair of toe-up. So far, so good 🙂

  150. That was incredibly easy; I did it on the first try! Great video, very helpful.

    I love sock knitting, but this is my first pair of toe-up. So far, so good. 🙂

  151. Thank you! Your video for Judy’s Magic Cast On was perfect.! I had no trouble seeing each step & you explanation clarified the step further. I am new to knitting socks & this is my 1st toe up. I just finished my toes & I can hardly wait until next week’s clue.

  152. I just love making socks. I just starting knitting them this past year so this will be fun. I think the contest is a wonderful idea and I know I am just going to have fun.

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