Crimple – Part 4 and Reveal!



I hope you enjoyed the short row ribbed heel.  I snapped the above photo of Crimple’s heel on a flight to one of my teaching gigs.  I was so excited knitting the first sock that I cruised on up the leg forgetting to snap the photo.  With only the second sock to knit on the flight, I decided to take a pic on my tray table and knit on.  I knew you would understand since who doesn’t love to knit on planes?

Part Four brings the final clue to Crimple with the instructions for the Leg.  The front of the leg will continue the charted design that was begun on the instep – first 28 (32, 36) stitches of the round.  The heel set the stage for the back of the leg which will remain in a plain 2 x 2 rib – last 28 (32, 36) stitches of the round.

To finish the Leg, stop 1 1/2″ less than the desired length of the leg, ending after Row 8 of the chart.  Stopping at this point will “complete” a diamond and give symmetry to the design.  After completing this round, work ALL 56 (64, 72) stitches in a plain rib for 1 1/2″ (approx. 12 rounds) to serve as the Cuff.

Toe Up socks require a stretchy bind off.  I have seen many a sock made unwearable because the knitter neglected to use a suitable bind off.  I prefer the Sewn Bind Off for its stretch and smooth appearance.  See Sewn Bind Off Video

Lastly, I encourage you to enter your socks in the prize drawing.  This KAL is made possible due to the generosity of Skacel Collection.  They are committed to furthering knitting education and bringing you quality products.  Each entry lets them know you appreciate their sponsorship – best of all you may be a winner.  In my opinion, you are all winners and I have been thrilled to knit Crimple (pictured below) with each of you!


New KAL – April 4th!

The Progressive Needles KAL continues in April with a two-color shawlette knit in Cobasi.  Perfect as a lightweight scarf or shoulder wrap, this stylish accessory will boost your knitting skills and brighten your wardrobe.  The pattern includes techniques new to the series and video instruction to guarantee success.  You won’t want to miss it!



  • 3 skeins Cobasi – 2 Main Color, 1 Contrasting Color.  Sample knit with two skeins #7 (MC) and one skein #3 (CC).
  • US #6 (4mm) needles, straight or circular, or size needed to obtain desired gauge.


Approximately 7 stitches = 1 inch in stockinette.


Crimple – Part Four


Click here to download printable version


For Leg Front, continue charted instep design over first 28(32, 36) stitches of round.

For Leg Back, work second 28(32, 36) stitches in rib pattern as follows:

Small Size – P1, k2, *p2, k2; repeat from * to last stitch, p1.

Medium Size – K1, p2, *k2, p2; repeat from * to last stitch, k1.

Large Size – P1, k2, *p2, k2; repeat from * to last stitch, p1.

Continue until leg reaches 1 ½” less than desired length ending after Row 8 of chart.


Work ALL 56 (64, 72) stitches in Leg Back rib pattern for 1 ½”.

Bind off using Sewn Bind Off method.  See Sewn Bind Off Video


Knitting doesn’t crimp my style-

it defines it!

©2013 Michelle Hunter

45 thoughts on “Crimple – Part 4 and Reveal!

  1. Nope. I tried but didn’t make it. Maybe next time. I thoroughly enjoyed my first KAL…many firsts for me…toe up, magic cast on, magic loop, reading a chart for lace. A very “magical” pair of socks. I’m mighty darn proud of myself! Thanks for offering the KAL…see you in April.

  2. To enter the contest, do I have to have both socks done or can I enter with one sock done. Thank you

  3. Went on a vacation last week and didn’t finish the socks. But I am almost finished now. Thank you so much for the learning g experience. This was the first KAL for me. Your videos are the best. I look forward to the next KAL.

  4. When I sent in my contest entry to Skacel I asked how many people do so as I was wondering about my odds for winning. The number of entries varies from 50 to a couple hundred. Skacel knows from Ravelry that there are many more knitters than entries. When we enter they know we are interested in winning which makes them want to continue to sponsor. So, even though the more of us who enter decreases our individual chances, why not enter? The form is easy to complete and you have already done the part that takes all the time and skill. Do it!

  5. I started your KALs two years ago now and I have learned so much! See you in Ssrasota on Friday!!!

  6. I do have one question about finishing these socks. What am I supposed to do with the tail from my cast on?

  7. My daughter and I are also knitting this KAL together, albeit together separately since there’s about 250 miles between us. But we love doing things together and your website and KALs give us one more thing in common. It’s the first pair of socks for each of us and I do believe we might be hooked.

    I’m anxiously awaiting April’s KAL and trying to decide what colors to do. I’ve also been looking at some of your previous sock KALs and may try another one while I’m waiting for April. Or I could finish any of the other 4 WIPs I have going. My daughter wants to do your Intertwisted Cowl. I did one for her for Christmas (after the KAL because I didn’t find you until December, not that YOU were lost) and she loves it. She wants to do one for a friend now.

    Thank you, Michelle, for your very clear instructions and all your videos! They (and you) have been such a blessing! Now when we run into a snag it’s, “let’s go see what Michelle says.” Lol.

  8. Hi,
    My daughter & I are having so much fun knitting our socks. We will soon be done. I’ve been wanting to do a toe up sock and this is my daughter’s first pair of socks. We are both doing two socks at a time, one on dpns and the other on 2 circulars. It’s been a fun learning experience.
    Where can I find the form for us to attach a pic of our socks and send to Skacel? I accidentally got rid of the form I used for the Intertwisted project.
    PS I’ve checked out some of your previous KALs and have plans to do a few.

  9. Having so much fun with these. My first mystery KAL, my first pair of socks. Appreciated your amazing and clear pattern and the VERY helpful video. Can’t wait until April!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and time!

  10. Love this pattern. Toe up TAAT is the only way to go – off the needles and on our feet! A ribbed short row heel, very creative, and then different patterns on the front and back of leg! Also your instructions are infinitely clearer than 90% of your fellow designers. This is my first time joining your KAL and now I can’t wait until April!

  11. I don’t think you are not doing anything wrong. This bind off is a bit loose and ruffly off the leg but looks smooth and attractive while wearing. A firmer bind off would not allow the sock to pass over the heel. I’m sure your sock looks lovely!

  12. I’ve had a problem with this bind off on the last two pairs of socks and need help figuring out what I am doing wrong. My ribbing looks nice before the bind off than looks and stays strtched out after the bind off. Help, what am I doing wrong. It ruins the look of the entire sock.

  13. I have enjoyed the KAL . I am not quite done yet but it will be soon. Then still the other sock to go. Have learned new techniques which is always good. I am even going to get brave and try TAAT (new term I just learned)! Enjoying reading everyone’s comments in Ravelry and the pictures. Love seeing all the color choices. Be posting a picture pretty soon.

    Already looking forward to April’s KAL 🙂

  14. Socks are definitely a favorite of mine, but you won’t want to miss other KAL projects. Like socks, the KALs use a few skeins of yarn and lots of opportunities to learn new skills. Hope to knit with you in April!

  15. This is my first KAL, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I love the sock pattern. I really like the way the front is different than the back. I will definitely be doing more of these KAL’s with you, (only if they are socks) maybe…so far socks are my passion..Anyway, I loved it. It was fun. Thank you, Becki

  16. Love this sock pattern–thank you, Michelle!

    A question–if I want to use circulars for the April shawlette KAL, what length would be best?

    Thanks again for your time and hard work on coordinating these KALs!

  17. Kitty Call – I’ve definitely been there too. It’s so easy to just glance at the pattern and not pay attention to the details. Glad it was just part of a heel you had to take out and not more:)


  18. Love these socks! I’ve been too busy to KAL with you this month, but these are definitely going in my queue! 🙂 Another “home run” in my book!

  19. I must tell you I learned a good lesson this time. I read short row heel and said cool my favorite heel. Jumped right in and made my first heel only to check pattern and see knit two purl two,guess who had to take it out and do properly. Lesson read whole pattern Don’t be a smarty and just knit. Ha ha. I love the effect of this heel and like the way you are finishing the sock off.

  20. I’m sorry you are disappointed. I really like the continuity of the pattern and the fit it provides. I hope you still have happy knitting!

  21. Unbelievablely disappointed in part 4. I could have just gone on by myself. Waited all week to find out I just keep going. Why no burst of pattern for the top? Real let down.

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