Intertwisted – Part 1

Welcome to the Progressive Needles Knit Along!  I’m honored to have so many returning knitters and thrilled with so many new knitters joining our ranks.  The knit along is designed to further your knitting education while working a pattern especially created for the series.  Whether you are a newer knitter or a veteran, you will find tips and techniques to improve your skills while having fun along the way!

A few tips on how this Knit Along (KAL) works:

  • This is a mystery project with a portion of the pattern, “clue”, revealed here each Thursday in October.
  • A picture of each segment will be posted in the following week’s  clue.  If you just can’t wait a week to see a pattern, check out the Knit Purl Hunter Group on Ravelry to see pictures of other KALer’s work.
  • Our sponsor, Skacel Collection, is once again furnishing fabulous prizes.  Be sure to check out the rules and guidelines and you may find yourself knitting with a new set of addi Clicks!
  • I monitor all questions and comments daily – it’s like having your own private knitting tutor.


Autumn has officially arrived bringing us into the busy knitting season.  October means knitting while watching football, the World Series, a favorite tv show or a good movie.  The season energizes knitting groups bringing knitters together for witty conversation and fun.  The yarn shops and Ravelry have increased traffic as knitters look ahead to Holiday projects.

All of these delightful distractions can wreak havoc on a knitting project.  A good joke, a touchdown or coffee with friends can spell dropped stitches, jumbled charts and uncrossed cables.  What you need is a pattern that allows you to be sociably distracted while knitting a quick yet interesting and gift-worthy project.  It’s a tall order, but Intertwisted fits the bill!

Intertwisted blends some of my favorite stitch patterns together into a fast-knitting cowl.  It’s interestingly easy which makes it perfect for those distraction-filled knitting occasions.  But don’t let the simplicity fool you!  A dynamic ending to the project will wow you and all your lucky gift recipients.  The luxurious softness and superior stitch definition of Simpliworsted will surely make this your favorite cowl.  After your first Intertwisted, your mind will be racing as you think of the endless possibilities the design brings you.  You can’t stop at just one!

Because the emphasis of the Progressive Needles Knit Along is education, Intertwisted has techniques new to the series complete with video tutorials to guide you along the way.  The addition of a QR code located on the bottom of the downloadable version makes it easy to watch videos on your smart phone.

As in all of our Knit Alongs, the pattern remains a mystery with a portion revealed each week.  However, I want to tease by previewing the titles of each section.

  • Part 1 – My “Go-To” Pattern
  • Part 2 – Knit In Your Sleep
  • Part 3 – American Beauty
  • Part 4 – Wow Finishing!

Intertwisted begins with a Provisional Cast On.  This cast on technique is often used in situations where it is removed later to reveal live stitches that can be knit in the opposite direction.  I can’t tell you just now why this cast on is used here, but it is essential that you begin with the Provisional Cast On using waste yarn.  After the cast on, the piece is knit using the working yarn, Simpliworsted.  Watch my Provisional Cast On Video to start the KAL.

As mentioned, Part One of the cowl features my “Go-To” pattern.  When I don’t know what to do with a skein of yarn, this is the pattern I use.  I have literally used it with every weight of yarn, from lace to super-bulky, on needles ranging from #4 to #35!  This simple pattern lays flat, has no bias and is memorized in seconds.  It looks great on yarns from solid, striped, variegated, hand-spun to textured and more – yep, just about anything.  Tuck this little gem into your knitting bag to make a quick scarf or simple cowl.  My “Go-To” pattern will move from simple to sophisticated in the finishing step.

The “Go-To” pattern is a basic lace pattern.  If you are like me, it is the simple patterns that sometimes trip me up.  I’m lulled into thinking that because it’s so simple I should be able to knit while simultaneously cooking dinner, paying bills and answering emails!  I recommend Lifelines in ALL lace knitting.  It’s too easy for a yarn over to run away and spoil all the fun.  Take the time to utilize this preventative measure.  Watch my Lifelines Video to learn this valuable knitting skill.

Once Part One reaches 27”, DO NOT bind off!  Place these stitches on a stitch holder and remove them from your needles.

Questions, concerns, want to chat?  Post them here or on Ravelry – I am on both daily and would love to hear from you!

Happy knitting,


  • 2 skeins Simpliworsted, 55% Merino Superwash/28% Acrylic/17% Nylon, 100g/140 yards each
  • US #10 (6mm) straight or circular needles AND one set of double points
  • 3 stitch holders
  • 2 yards smooth worsted weight yarn in a contrasting color for waste yarn

4 stitches = 1 inch in stockinette.  Gauge is not critical to this project.

One size fits most.

 Part One – My “Go-To” Pattern

Click here to download printable version

k2tog – knit two together.  See K2tog Video

yo – yarn over.  See Yarn Over or Yarn Over (Continental) Video

With straight or circular needles and waste yarn, cast on 15 stitches using Provisional Cast On.  See Provisional Cast On Video

With working yarn, *K1, yo, k2tog; repeat from * to end of row.

Repeat above row until strip measures 27”.

DO NOT BIND OFF!  Place stitches on a stitch holder.

65 thoughts on “Intertwisted – Part 1

  1. The waste yarn will aid us in the finishing step. You will need to finish your cowl in a different manner than described in Part 4. I can give you some suggestions after the clue is released.

  2. We are excited to have you knitting with us! I am very happy to share great patterns, yarns and techniques with you. Be sure to visit the Pattern Store on my website to download all the past KAL patterns – they are FREE! Happy knitting!

  3. This is my first KAL and I’m so excited! I started late so I’m a little behind. LOVE this pattern. It is just beautiful with the simpliworsted. I’ve finished part one and will do part two this weekend. And I’m definitely coming back for more KAL fun!

  4. Hi Michelle – it’s so great to be doing a KAL w you again! Love this HiKoo yarn; so far so good on the first two pieces though I’ll admit to being super curious where the I-cord is going to be placed…..I shall be patient and wait…love your mystery KALs 😀

  5. Love your site! I am self taught, new to knitting (4 months), and excited about this project even though I’m late starting. My question is how to measure the 27″ length. My piece measures 27″ when measured hanging from the needle but it measures only 25″ when laid flat. How do you measure? I love this pattern and will use it frequently in the future.

  6. Help!! Mary Ann asked how wide this project should be and you said 4 inches. I measured mine and it is 5 and 1/2 inches wide. I am using the Simpliworsted yarn and size US 10 needles and knitting as tight as I can. Do I need to go down a needle size? If I continue with the 10’s will I run out of yarn? I am more the willing to start over to get this right.

  7. ok,I think I will give it a try and see what happens. What about the third step–should I stick with single color or could I go back to the variegated?Thanks,MaryAnn

  8. Hi,I am using a variegated yarn(primary colors) and was wondering if the next step I could go to a single color? Thanks,MaryAnn

  9. Hi Michelle!
    It is soo nice to be back with you! I have missed you. Lots going on. The Simply Worsted is absolutely delightful. This will be my second project with it. Yummm. I am anxious to see the pattern come through!

  10. Hi,I decided to start over with correct yarn,4stitches per inch(using a US8 as specified by yarn) I had to cast on 18 stitches to get a 4 inch width(I know I am a tight knitter,that is why I needed 3 more stitches). Am just wondering if having more stitches on than 15 will affect next step?Thanks again for the help,MaryAnn

  11. The gauge is 5 stitches. per inch on a US9.(I started over using a US10 and it is now 3″ wide) If you think a 3″ width is too narrow,I can easily make it wider by casting on21 stitches. Is 4-4.5 inches a good width to have? Thanks for all your help. MaryAnn

  12. I am so excited for my first ever KAL! The comment from your daughter is priceless! Thanks for the great videos and I can’t wait to see what comes next !

  13. I am unfamiliar with your yarn so I can only make an educated guess. Needle size is generally yarn specific. I would use the needle size recommended by the yarn. If it is too narrow then cast on more stitches to make it wider. This pattern requires a multiple of 3 stitches, i.e. 15, 18, 21, 24, etc. Does this help?

  14. I am a newbie knitter,but should have checked the us10. I had 18′ on,but have taken apart as I want it to be right. I just started again and mine only measures 3′ across–other posts are a lot wider. I am using the berocco flicker yarn. Will my 3′ width be ok,or should I go to larger needle? Thanks,MaryAnn

  15. A US #10(6mm) is the correct size required. If you have finished Part #1 then I would say just leave it as is and it will all work out in the finishing. If you are only a short way into the piece, you may want to start over. I apologize for the discrepancy in the MM. Please let me know if you need more assistance and I’m happy to help.

  16. The pattern I printed saidUS10(5mm) I started with 5mm and now my project is only 2.5 inches wide. Can I continue with the 5mm needles for the rest of the project or should I start over? Thanks,MaryAnn

  17. Two at a time and team colors sounds like a lot of fun! You could easily work the next clue in another color. I can’t wait to see your version!

  18. love the pattern and so easy love that both sides are the same. Made one now I am on the
    second one figured might as well do 2 at a time. I am making one for a team colors will each section be ok to change colors. Is this a pattern that it will be ok to do it that way
    my first I am doing in white it is so pretty with the open lace work. Keep up the good patterns it is so much fun to learn something new. I also found that I missed a stitch
    on a row and I ripped and got back to the correct pattern, funny how one wrong stitch
    can sure make a mess of your pattern

  19. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the KAL already! Our sponsor, Skacel, has generously opened the contest to all knitters with the yarn of their choice.

  20. I just found this KAL and am looking forward to it. I have already learned something about lifelines just by watching the video. Thanks!

    I do have a question: Do you have to use Simpliworsted by Hikoo to enter the contest, or can you use a yarn substitute?

    Thank you!

  21. I think that you may have an error in the row. You may have forgotten to yarn over on the previous row which results in one less stitch on the following row. Look it over and let me know if you are able to figure it out. Once you are on the right track, place a lifeline in your work and it will safely guard all the correct rows below it.

  22. I think I may have the same question as MrsRitchey. When I cast on 15 stitches I followed the pattern and had a K1, YO, and only one stitch left at the end of the row, not two to K2Tog. I was wondering also what to do with the last stitch. Perhaps I messed up the pattern. Thanks for your help!

  23. Ready to slip the stitches to a holder. Do I cut the yarn or leave it attached to the ball? Love this pattern by the way. Glad to add it to my “go to” knitting arsenal. I usually do the mistake rib but this gives me another option. Can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

  24. No, but it does show stitch definition quite well. I have worked other samples in variegated yarns with nice results. The choice is yours!

  25. I have used the stitch pattern in Part 1 with many different yarns, however, this cowl project is designed to be knit with a yarn gauge of approximately 4 sts to the inch. That gauge is considered a heavy worsted.

  26. No problem. I thought I read in your post that you used different weights successfully. What IS the weight you’re suggesting? I saw the yarn, but not the weight (but I might be missing it). I did see the gauge as 4 stitches to an inch in stockinette.

  27. Sock weight yarn would yield a much different fabric as the gauge is so much smaller. I would try to find a yarn in a similar weight.

  28. Hi!
    I was wondering if I could use a sock yarn weight successfully for this pattern instead of the suggested yarn. Would I follow the directions 0r do I need to modify?
    Thanks again!!

  29. Hi, All!! This is my first KAL too. I am so bummed as my yarn has not been delivered yet!! Ugh. I hope to start soon…come on yarn…get here fast!!

  30. Work k1, yo, k2tog across all stitches in every row – right side and wrong side. Now you see why this is such an easy pattern. For now you only need to worry about the casting on portion of the video. Cast on 15 with this method and then work the pattern every row. Have I made things clearer?

  31. Hi Michelle I just wanted to let you know that your PDF says to use a size 10 us(5mm) needle but you gave the wrong mm it should be a 6mm . Now to go hunt for my crochet hook looking forward to another great KAL

  32. So after the first pattern row do you purl on the wrong side, or just keep going in pattern on every row?

  33. Hi! I am so excited to be starting this KAL, it’s my first! Couple of questions…Do you knit the last stitch on the first row, and then knit last 3 together on the 2nd RSrow (as in the provisional cast on video) or do we start with k2 and knit the first 2tog on the 2nd RS row? Is the WS purled or repeat pattern on both sides?

  34. i have begun…so far so good. Videos are very helpful! Where should we post photos as we go along?

  35. Congrats, Mom! I am hoping to find the time to do this knit along!

    P.S. My students said they checked out your YouTube channel… way impressed!

  36. Let’s see if I can clear things up for you. The clues are posted every Thursday but I answer questions daily should you have any concerns. There are videos for the techniques that you may view at any time – just click on the links. My website has 100+ videos to help you 24/7 for free. The prizes are furnished by our sponsor, Skacel, and you are eligible for prizes by completing the project by Nov. 15 and sending in a photo of your work along with the contest form. Check out all the rules and guidelines here. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  37. I haven’t done this before and was expecting a webinar. This is just instructions posted and help available on Thursdays?
    Also, how are you able to get into the give-a-ways?

  38. I began in pattern after the provisional cast on. However, if you feel an all knit row would be helpful to you later then by all means go ahead. I don’t think that the pattern interruption will be visible later.

  39. I’m so excited with the new project. But I’m confused. Do I knit the first row so it will be easy to get the provisional stitches later? Or is it important to do the first row in Pattern?

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