Intertwisted – Part 3

With the I-cord piece completed and resting on a stitch holder, it is time to make our third and final strip of the pattern.

Part 3 brings us a gorgeously simple pattern known as the Rosette Stitch.  Keeping true to this KAL’s theme, the Rosette Stitch is quick to memorize and fun to work.  Every right side row is worked in all knit (Rows 1 and 3).  On the wrong side rows, two stitches are purled together and then knit together before being removed from the left hand needle.  This technique maintains the original stitch count while leaving a pretty rose on the right side of the work.  In Row 2, all of the stitches are worked in the Rosette Stitch.  Row 4 begins and ends with a single purl stitch working the rosettes in between to stagger the design. See Rosette Stitch Video

Today’s clue is worked over 16 stitches that once again follow the Provisional Cast On.  Work a few rows of this pattern and you will agree that the Rosette Stitch is a true American beauty. The Rosette Stitch may be worked over any multiple of even numbered stitches making it a great pattern for many yarns.  Maybe this will become your new “Go To” pattern!

Once this third strip measures 27”, cut the working yarn leaving an 18” tail and place the stitches onto a stitch holder.

Part 4 brings us the finishing steps where the mystery will finally be revealed!

Part Three – American Beauty

Click here to download printable version

k2tog – knit two together.  See K2tog Video

p2tog – purl two together.  See P2tog Video

With straight or circular needle and waste yarn, cast on 16 stitches using Provisional Cast On.  See Provisional Cast On Video

Row 1. (Right Side)  Knit.

Row 2.  *P2tog leaving the stitches on left hand needle, k2tog these same stitches and remove from left hand needle; repeat from * to end of row. See Rosette Stitch Video

Row 3.  Knit.

Row 4.  P1, *P2tog leaving the stitches on left hand needle, k2tog these same stitches and remove from left hand needle; repeat from * to last stitch, p1.

Work above 4 rows until piece measures 27”.  DO NOT bind off!  Cut yarn leaving an 18” tail.  Place stitches on a stitch holder.


Next week’s clue brings us the finishing step with new techniques and videos.  Happy knitting!

26 thoughts on “Intertwisted – Part 3

  1. Hi Michelle: I just started this KAL on 11/1 and I am working the “American Beauty” pattern right now. I am just wondering how wide this part should be. You are an excellent teacher and I am having a difficult time putting my knitting down in order to eat and sleep!

  2. this is my first KAL and each lesson was a new stitch for me. Knitted lesson 1, ripped out, skipped lesson 2, did lesson 3 and then tackled I-cord. finished and there are a few mistakes in section three but not ripping out. Started second cowl with the first so feel ready to complete it.

  3. Love the rosette stitch. My daughter (11) is wanting to learn it so I made her practice the I-cord last night first – I see a KAL in her future!

  4. Jane, You may start the KAL any time you wish. To be eligible for the prizes you must finish the cowl and submit your entry by November 15th. However, the pattern will always be on my website for free. During the month of the KAL I monitor questions daily and there is lots of chatter on Ravelry from all of the other knitters. I would love for you to knit with us now or at your own pace. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  5. Help! I’ve been knitting the Triplicity shawl for the last couple of weeks and I was just looking at the picot bind off and found out that I missed this KAL! I’ve never done one before, but have been wanting too because it looks like a bunch of fun! Can I start this late? or would it be best to wait until the next one?? (I don’t knit very quickly since I work full time and have two small children!!) I’m not even sure when I’ll have a chance to get yarn…

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stitch. So pretty with so much dimension. I finally got the icord. Whew! Can’t wait to put this all together and wear.

  7. This is my first time knitting a KAL and it is so much fun and I am learning stitches I’ve never used before and I’ve knitted for years! What a surprise each lesson has been and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  8. Definitely try k2tog then p2tog instead of the reverse as stated in the pattern and seen on the video. Please let me know how this works out for you!

  9. knitpurlhunter Michelle: I am having a problem with the Rosette st pattern….
    Row 2. P2tog leaving the stitches on left hand needle, k2tog these same stitches and remove from left hand needle; repeat from to end of row. See Rosette Stitch Video

    I wonder if for us Lefties, it will work in reverse…Row 2. K2tog leaving the stitches on left hand needle, p2tog these same stitches and remove from left hand needle; repeat from to end of row…

    It is not working of me. I’ve rippit’d x5 and it doesnt look anything like the video example….Anyone else have any thoughts?

  10. Ohai! I think I am having a problem with this one,,, I am a Leftie and the pattern is not turning out even remotely like your video example……should I reverse the part where it’s {P2tog, leave st on needles, k2tog} to K2tog, leave st on needle, P2tog…????? I have rippit’d 4 times, and I know it’s not the execution….
    Anyone else?
    Heading over to Teh Group for input….TIA!

  11. My addis are working nicely on this project …but I have a question…should we be cutting the yarn at the end of each clue? I didn’t cut on the first or the second, but now I must since I need yarn! Let me know!

  12. I’m sorry you are having splitting issues. For some knitters, a blunt needle tip helps with the splitting and other knitters find a sharper needle helpful. Experiment a bit if you have an extra set of needles to find the one that works best for you. I always find that every yarn and stitch pattern has a learning curve. I am confident that as you knit more of the pattern you will have less splitting issues. I’m sending a hug your way for all the froggin you did!

  13. Is anyone else having a problem with the simpliworsted splitting on you? I am usually a very loose knitter (have to go down 2 needle sizes to get gauge when gauge is important) But doing the rosette pattern the suggested yarn is splitting like crazy on me. I am frustrated. I have frogged more than I have knitted today.

  14. Oh no! Surely you won’t make us sew all these pieces together! Surely you have some fun knitting technique!

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