April KAL – Transient


My next knit along will be a shawl knit with the beautiful new yarn, Concentric.  Named after the concentric circles that this cake of yarn so closely resembles, these color gradients were carefully designed by the Skacel color specialists! Concentric is made from four non-plied strands, which create the distinctive color change.  The colors change at a regulated sequence allowing for a wide range of design possibilities.

In Transient, each color change will bring a different stitch pattern in this easy to wear shawl.  You will find yourself racing to the next color change to find out what comes next!

Pictured below is a prototype of the shawl.  This garter stitch example is in the exact shape of the Transient shawl and knit in color #1022 Rainbow’s End.  Imagine how much prettier the real version will be with multiple stitch patterns inserted at the thirteen color changes.  Concentric is made of 100% baby alpaca with each cake containing 220g/437 yds.  One skein is all that is needed for the shawl.

The knit along is FREE.  Simply return here any time after 9am EST on April 5th to view the first set of instructions.


  • Concentric By HiKoo, 100% baby alpaca, 200g / 437 yds, ONE skein
  • US #8 (5mm) needle, 32” circular, or size needed to achieve stated gauge.

Approximately 20 stitches and 40 rows = 4” in garter, unblocked.

53” at widest edge, 27” deep


153 thoughts on “April KAL – Transient

  1. Finishing my second Transient shawl gifts for friends. Just wanted to thank you for another awesome KAL. Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. I think that I replied to you on Ravelry, but I will answer again if not:) Do not slip the first stitch of the row as we need all of the stitches for the lace pattern. I’m not sure how far along you are, but the rows should compress the stitches and tidy up the appearance. If you are still unhappy then perhaps a smaller needle size is in order. Keep me posted!

  3. This project was a challenge and showed me an appreciation for lace work, accuracy,
    color and fiber. Even tho I ripped out an entire section it was worth the effort.
    I hope to find another opportunity in the future.
    Good luck to all who made this journey.

  4. I am late beginning my Shawl and have a question. I have never knit a shawl before and wonder about the looseness of the beginning point and the edges. I read most of the posts and saw that it was not recommended to slip the 1st stitch of the row. Is there a way to fix this or it the way it is suppose to be.

  5. Thanks again for another fantastic KAL and all the nice lessons that went along with it. I had a lot of fun making it and I am finished in time for the contest entry! Looking forward to your next one. This yarn was dreamy and interesting to knit. I also loved the colorway, Burbs and it turned out quite differently than I imagined.

  6. Thanks so much for knitting with me! Yarns often give off a bit of the dye and this is considered normal. Skeins of any yarn vary by weight slightly. Humid conditions make it heavier and drier conditions can make it lighter. The good news is that every skein is measured by yardage to be exact even if the weight varies a bit. You can rest assured that you had the proper amount of yarn. Have fun showing off your shawl to your knitting friends:) Hope to knit together again soon!

  7. I enjoyed knitting this shawl and watching the colors change. It is now on the blocking boards. Hope to wear it this Wednesday to our Yarn Babes meeting.

    When soaking the Rainbow color Concentric, it did give off blue dye.

    My ball of yarn was 199 gr and not 200 gr according to the label. I think that is why I had less rows than you. In your instructions, you transitioned to DDDD several rows later than I did. Would you bring this to the attention of your supplier please. Thank you.

  8. I have had a very hard time with this patter. I am very determined not to give up but I have to say that this pattern is not for a beginner or someone who is unfamiliar with a lace pattern. I have yet to get past the first part. I have had to go ask a yarn doctor at the local yarn shop for help. You might want to consider that in the future. On the other hand, I have learned a lot of hard lessons while undoing the yarn over and over.

  9. Welcome back! All of the clues are on my website. Part 4 is at the top and scroll down to see the other posts. If they are not showing up then try refreshing your browser.

  10. Where is the transient session 4? I see one for Behind the scenes. Am I missing something. Started late, so am still on section 1.

  11. Thanks for knitting with me! Do you have the correct number of stitches? Did you remember to work the K2 before the * at the beginning of the row. Often times the mistake is on the last pattern row, in your case, Row 135.

  12. I’m really enjoying my first KAL! Love the yarn! But I have a problem….I’ve knitted row # 137 about 3 or 4 times and end up with 2 stitches every time, but I think the pattern says I should end with 4 stitches. Help!

  13. That is very unusual. I will send your comment and email address to the distributor and see if they can help you. I hope you are enjoying the pattern despite your troubles.

  14. I was excited to get going on my KAL! I ordered my Concentric yarn from a shop in Venice, FL. It was Pastel Pop # 1025. I started the scarf from the inside. The color was a pinkish mauve then transitioned to a blue/gray as indicated in the pattern. The problem is from there it went to a straight grey and stayed that way through the rest of the pattern. I didn’t see any change from BBBC through CCCC. I have approximately 8 inches of straight grey. There was never any gradient change. The only color that it shows at the end of the yarn is a dark Teal. Is this normal for this color way? I have resorted to following the instructions for the non- concentric. Do I have any recourse from either the shop or from the manufacturer? Who do I contact? I’m very disappointed.

  15. You are pretty close to gauge so I would just continue on. You can put in a lifeline after Section 1 in case you decide to switch to a #7.

  16. Really enjoying my first, ever KAL. This Concentric yarn is oh-so-soft and feels so nice in hand. Beautiful yarn and xan’t Wait to see the finished project!

    I would find it helpful to know the lengths of each side after completeing Part 2.

  17. I just finished Section 1. I thought my gauge was right on size 8 needles, but I started getting yellow tarn in the green on row 51. Should I switch to size 7 needles, or will I be OK with the 8s?

  18. Please help. This is my first time knitting with you. Have my concentric yarn. I would like to print out the knitting instructions for part one and part two. Help me find them please. Don’t need all the comments etc which i enjoy reading but need to have in hand the pattern instructions that I can tuck in my knitting bag with my yarn and needle.

    Thanks you for whatever help you can give me to get the pattern.

  19. Can this shawl lend itself to a conventional triangular shawl by not joining the two narrowest ends? Thank you.

  20. On section 3, my yarn changed from AABB to ABBB on row 93 ( about 4 rows early). This is making me wonder if I will run out of yarn at the end of the project/shawl. What is your opinion?

  21. Lace can be tricky at first, but practice is the best teacher. Try sectioning off small groups of stitches as you knit across a right side row (perhaps 10 sts). On the wrong side knit these stitches making sure you have the same number of stitches in each group as you move along. Rest assured that the pattern will get much easier as we move along. Be very proud of yourself!

  22. I am having trouble keeping track of my stitches. I am counting them but after row 52, I am making mistakes because of the yarn overs. Is there a trick to this? I am not an experienced knitter.

  23. I’m wanting to join in, but cannot find any Concentric for sale, but for the shades of gray…..any tips on where I might buy a skein? Is anyone ordering more? Thanks for the help. I was hoping to get the color you used, 1021 Rainbow’s Beginning.
    thank you.

  24. Thanks for making this your first KAL! I am proud of you, too. Lace takes some patience as a beginner and it seems as if you have plenty of it. I see a lot of lace projects in your future!

  25. This is my first KAL and my first at “lace” knitting. Both sections are complete and I’m so proud of my accomplishment. All instructions have been amazing and most helpful. Thanks for making this possible as we all look forward to the next clue. Now with that being said, I was stressed prior. Did a practice run with a few “oops”, typed in large print the repeat sections and counted every single row as I went forward. Oh, also required silence to aid my concentration! My husband is very happy that these first two sections are done. Michelle, thanks for your patience with all of us and for your love of knitting!

  26. Brand new to swatching to check gauge. I got 18 stitches and 36 rows with my 8″needles. Should I change my needle size ?

  27. That was 5 yards and 23 inches more of the AAAA after finishing row 52 in my previous post.

  28. I had about 5 yards and 23 inches left over after finishing row 52 in Section 1 with a number 7 needle so I guess it is rip out time and change to a size 8 needle and that is after doing two swatches – one with a 7 and one with a 8 needle – go figure – gauge is not always as simple as it seems to be.

  29. Gauge can be so confusing! I had about one yard of yarn left after Section 2. You have a few options. Just let it be and continue on, especially if you like the looks of the stitches. Only you will know that you had a bit more yarn at the end of this section. You can cut the yarn and cheat, but I hate to see one inch of this beautiful yarn wasted. Try not to knit as tightly for the next section – I like this suggestin best:)

  30. I just finished row 76 and have four yards of AAAB left until the start of AABB. Should I cut off three yards before next week’s Part 2 or should I increase my needle size? My original swatch with size 7 needles gave me 18 sts per 4″ so I’ve been holding my yarn firmly, maybe too firmly. At the end of section one I had just under three yards of AAAA left so I continued with my size 7 needle.

    Thanks for your words of wisdom!

  31. Sorry for your trouble in finding the instructions. If you refresh your browser you should have them. Here is a link to the KAL page which can also be accessed from the homepage here on my website. Please let me know if you have any more trouble. Happy knitting!

  32. I highly recommend using a lifeline on row 52 and periodically thereafter. I made a mistake in the lace work and had to rip back to line 52. When doing lace work with garter stitch and with this type of yarn, it is more difficult to find the mistake.

    I am enjoying this project however and working with this yarn.

  33. Where do I find the instructions for the KAL first clue? I just seem to be going around in circles between your site and Skacel’s. Thank you

  34. I’m just finishing row 62 and I am encountering AABB. What do I do? Should I stop or rip out?

  35. Do you mean that one of the strands is lagging behind the others? I would try unknitting a few stitches to see if you can get back to when they were all at the same tension.

  36. Thanks Michelle – I finally got the yarn untangled doing exactly what you suggested – thank goodness, although it did take awhile. Now I can get on with the fun part of casting on and getting started.

  37. I just finished knitting to Row 52. I noticed that one of the four strands is looser than the others. The strands do not have much give so I cannot stretch the others to the length of the loser one. How do you deal with this?

  38. Oh dear! I wish you were sitting next to me so I could help you straighten out the yarn. Even though the yarn is split, it can still be unraveled. Go slow and steady. When the fibers get fused and split, you may have to tug a bit to separate them. Good luck and keep me posted. I want you to get to the fun knitting ahead:)

  39. Thanks for knitting another KAL with me! Do not slip the first stitch of the row. We will be using it in upcoming patterns and you will end up with an inconsistent edge. You can straighten out the edge in the blocking process.

  40. Good morning! Love the yarn and all your help. I think this is my 3rd or 4th KAL with you. I notice that my edge on the side without the increases is not as straight/even as the edge with the increases. I am only on row 27 so I can rip it out. Do you think that if if slipped that first stitch, it would lay better? I just must not have my tension right. Thanks for your wonderful patterns and all your tutorials. This yarn is a dream and I plan on making two of these.

  41. Well right from the beginning I have a semi unraveled mess, I did a 4 inch swatch with size 8 needles and then did a life line and did a 4 inch swatch using size 7 needles so when I went to unravel my rather large gauge swatch, to my dismay I have run into several split stitches, How do I handle straightening the yarn out where it is split and knotted when the strands are so thin. Any suggestions on best way to handle this would be appreciated.

  42. I’m looking forward to joining this knit along. I have chosen Pastel Pop. The only decision will be whether to keep it for myself or give as a gift.
    My one comment is on the preamble to the knitting pattern. I wanted to print this to have handy for reference but the type is such a pale gray it is hardly readable. Any chance for the future you could make this easier to read in print.

  43. Great to have you knitting along with me! There are four installments to the KAL – one each week in April. The pattern is free through May 31.

  44. I just found out about this KAL from alpacadirect.com, yarn has been ordered and should be here in a couple days, so I’ll be getting a late start. Good thing I knit fast!

  45. Im so excited to be doing another of your mystery KALs. I was looking and couldn’t find this info:
    Will clues be weekly? and how many weeks is the KAL? Sorry if I missed these answers already, typing info to share in our monthly newsletter

  46. Thank you for making this available free of charge. How many installments will there be and how long will it be available. I ask because I will be out of town and not have access to a computer for part of April and would not want to miss any part of the project. Thank you.

  47. So glad you said hold off on swatching because I have tried two nights in a row and for the life of me can’t get gauge…… I have tried sizes 5-8!! Bring on Thursday! 🙂

  48. This is my FIRST KAL with you! I have purchased my yarn and look forward to this. I made my gauge swatch and this yarn is amazing to work with.

  49. We are the knitters from Knit-A-Bit (sadly closed recently) who gather weekly at a local bakery. We have chosen this as our next KAL. Thank you for your designs which teach and inspire. All levels of knitters will participating and I know some will learn new skills while others will enjoy the process immensely. Cannot wait to cast on.

  50. It looks like I have 18 stitches and 38 rows per 4″ with the size 8 needle. Is it worth making another swatch with a size 7 needle to get any closer to the gauge given in your instructions?

  51. So glad you will be joining the KAL! You may knit from the outside or the inside of the skein. Either choice has no impact on the design since each color run is the same length. I used the yarn from the outside to knit my swatch and then could neatly rewind it back onto the ball afterwards. I then knit the shawl from the inside of the skein. See you next week!

  52. Others asked question I have, but didn’t see an answer. That is, do we start knitting with yarn from the inside or outside of the ball? Does one or the other effect the color pattern?

  53. I’m in!!! Just got my yarn and needles today and now waiting (not patiently) until next week to get started. So excited!!!

  54. I can’t believe it!!! My son gave me a skein of this yarn for Christmas. It is the black, red, beige. It’s lovely and so soft. I set the skein on a shelf where I can look at it often during my day and have been unable to find something I think I would like to knit from it. Today has been one of those “days from Hell”! I am struggling with side effects of my cancer drug, just found out my sewing machine is so out of date no one can find parts to make it run again and one of the dogs peed on the carpet!!! When I opened this email and saw the April KAL! I swear it’s a gift from God! My horrible day is just a memory now! Can’t wait to get started.

  55. Hi Michelle – I am excited about this KAL! I haven’t done one in years. I just knit 40 rows, and I did have 20 stitches in 4 inches, but the 40 rows were 4.5-4.75 inches (Addi Turbo size 8 circular needles). Please let me know what you recommend for needle size. Thanks!

  56. Do not be worried at all. The yarn is made of four very thin and untwisted strands. You will hold them together as you knit making it a worsted weight yarn. Sounds strange, but work up a swatch and you will love it!

  57. Also, it is a 2-ply yarn and I would say it’s close to lace weight or light fingering. Wish I could post a picture.

  58. I am freaking out! I ordered the Hikoo Concentric and although the label indicates size 8 knitting needles, the yarn is super thin and does not resemble worsted weight at all. Should I be worried?

  59. Thanks to The Yarn Maven in Smyrna, DE, I have my yarn and needles, and the information to participate. I am very excited about my first KAL. Thank you so much. Now to cast on 30 stitches and check my gauge!

  60. So happy to have you knitting with me! I would cast on 30 stitches and this should give you enough of a size to determine gauge. We will be using our search yarn so be sure not to cut it off from the skein.

  61. Hey Michele! I would love to do a swatch before I begin this KAL. How many stitches do I cast on to get an accurate gauge?

  62. I learned so much from your last kal! I ordered my yarn and I’m ready to begin. Thanks for the instruction videos and clear instructions. Both build my confidence as a seasoned beginner!

  63. This is my first KAL and I’m so looking forward to it! Thank you for offering this free. I got my Concentric yarn and it is lovely – I can’t wait to work with it and with you!

  64. I won’t be able to join the KAL until April 16 (very little access to a computer or tablet). Will I be allowed to start then and catch up on the first 2 pattern posts? I’m excited to use this lovely yarn!

  65. I ordered my Concentric yarn, I knit tight, I’m working on relaxing my knit vibe;), but now I’m wondering if I should’ve gotten 1 more ball of yarn. Rather be safe than sorry.

  66. Which size bamboo needle would work best forTransient given the following measurements:
    In garter stitch…
    Size 7 yields 18 stitches per 4” & 42 rows per 4”
    Size 6 yields 20.5 stitches per 4”& 46 rows per 4”

    Thanks for your guidance.

  67. I can’t wait to knit the April KAL, Transient, with you! No need for registration and the pattern is FREE. Simply go to my website any time after 9am Eastern time on April 5th to view the first part of the pattern. Part One will include lots of tips, photos and video lessons to help you along the way. You will also be able to download a printable copy for knitting on the go. I monitor questions daily both on my website and in my Ravelry group so it is like having your own private knitting tutor. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive an email reminder prior to the start of the KAL. We are going to have lots of fun together!

  68. When can I print the new
    KAL pattern? I signed up thru Fiber Wild Shop and looking forward to the project
    Thank you
    Carol Ellingson

  69. I adore addi needles for their consistently smooth join where the cable meets the needle tip. I often use addi rockets since their sharp tip makes for easy lace knitting. Hint: We have a tiny amount of simple lace in the KAL.

  70. The stated gauge on Concentric is knit in stockinette. The gauge for the KAL is in garter stitch. Garter stitch has twice as many rows as stockinette. Watch my Garter Gauge video for some tips.

  71. Hey Michele! Looking forward to doing this Knit-a Long! Do have any recommendation on the brand of needle that would work well with this pattern?

  72. I am doing my gauge. Concentric yarn gauge is 20 sts by 24 rows using a size 8 needle to equal 4×4. The gauge for the pattern however says 20 sts by 40 rows. How will that work?

  73. We’re really excited to start this at my yarn shop! I just ordered the yarn from Skacel and have people anxiously awaiting its arrival. Thank you!

  74. You are welcome to knit with any yarn of your choosing. The shawl isn’t a fitted garment so any difference in size will be fine. Please note that the KAL pattern is written to correspond to the striping sequence found in Concentric. You yarn may have shorter or longer stripes.

  75. can’t wait for the kal. Could I substitute a yarn by Katia called Paint? I believe guage is similar but only 150 gram

  76. I would love to have your aunt knitting along with us! The pattern is not all garter stitch. If she can work simple increases and decreases (k2tog, yo, ssk, kfb) then she will be fine. I have video support for all of those stitches. Looking forward to knitting with you in April!

  77. My aunt is a beginner and would love to participate in this KAL. However, she believes this project is entirely using a garter stitch. After reading all your information, I believe it’s not just a garter stitch if you are changing patterns. Should I encourage her to try this KAL or not?


  78. I agree that Concentric is a wonderful yarn! Gauge is such a personal issue for each knitter. Some get tighter stitches on bamboo and looser on metal and vice versa. I recommend watching my Garter Gauge video to double check that you are counting your stitches and rows correctly. If you are correct, stick with the #5 for now and you can reevaluate your work in Part 1.

  79. Did you knit your swatch in garter stitch? In garter, the row count is almost double of the stitch count. Please watch my Gauge in Garter video to accurately assess the stitches in your swatch. If you still get 19 stitches on the #7 I think it is okay to stick with that needle.

  80. I Knit a portion of a swatch with the size 8 needles- I could see that my gauge was off-
    Used a size 7 needle and got 19 stitches and 19 rows –
    Any recommendations –
    Elizabeth Smith

  81. Hi, Michelle,

    I’m trying to get gauge for the April KAL. My most recent swatch was knit in garter stitch with a size 5 bamboo needle & I only got 18 stitches instead of the recommended 20 for the 4”. Your description says “approximately 20 stitches” so does that mean I should decrease my needle size again? My row gauge is 46 I stead of 40 rows in 4”. Also do bamboo needles give a tighter stitch than metal needles?

    Thanks for your help. Concentric is gorgeous and has a wonderful feel.

  82. I just saw the post about your email/newsletter that showed the many ways this shawl can be worn. I just now signed up for your newsletter. Is there any way you could email me the newsletter so I can see how it can be worn? This is my first shawl and really unsure of all the ways it can be worn.
    Thank you!!!

  83. Based on the photo on this page it looks like this is an infinity scarf. I now understand that it is knit flat and ends up as a triangle. Is that correct?

  84. The yarn is ready to be knit from the skein as it is. You may pull from the outside or the inside to suit your preference. Looking forward to knitting together!

  85. So excited for your group to knit with me! The shawl is knit flat into an asymmetrical triangle. It can be worn so many ways that it is hard to say which color will be by your face. You can knit from the outside or inside of the skein. I think the higher concentration of color is with the color used at the cast on. I recommend casting on with the end that is in your favorite shade.

  86. Our knitting group is ready to check gauge. What is the shawl construction? We are all trying to decide what color we want against our beautiful faces. (Not sure if we should pull from the center or start on the outside.) Help please. Oh, and the yarn is prettier in person!

  87. Can’t wait for KAL to start: just a question: would we need to re-wrap yarn into a ball? If so, do we start from center or outside to wind up yarn. I consider myself like an advanced beginner, so if this has been discussed already I have not seen it. Thank you very much.

  88. I just saw the email with your ideas on how to wrap the “transient” shawl picture from your KAL for April. I would never wear this just wrapped once around the neck, but like the ways you’ve wrapped in today’s email. Could you send pictures of the back view of these shawl wrap pictures?

  89. Some of my photos show the shawl tied and folks were wondering if it was actually knit that way – the answer is no, it has open ends. Gauge is important if you want your shawl to stripe at the color changes. I will talk about this extensively in Part 1. Looking forward to knitting together:)

  90. I ordered my yarn and looking forward to the knit along. In looking over previous comments, I am not sure what is meant by open ends.

    How important is gauge in this shawl?

  91. Any yarn that will give you gauge will work. However, Concentric stripes in a specific manner and the stitch patterns will coincide with the color changes. There are several online shops featured on my website that carry Concentric if you would like it shipped to you. Please let me know if you need any recommendations. See you in April!

  92. I can’t wait to knit the April KAL, Transient, with you! No need for registration and the pattern is FREE. Simply go to my website any time after 9am Eastern time on April 5th to view the first part of the pattern. Part One will include lots of tips, photos and video lessons to help you along the way. You will also be able to download a printable copy for knitting on the go. I monitor questions daily both on my website and in my Ravelry group so it is like having your own private knitting tutor. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive an email reminder prior to the start of the KAL. We are going to have lots of fun together!

  93. If you make a swatch to check the gauge, how will using the beginning yarn for the swatch affect the pattern? Will there be enough yarn to finish the shawl?

  94. Should we unwind our swatch and reuse the yarn? If we don’t, will it affect where the color change occurs in the pattern? Thank you.

  95. You can work from either end. I like to search from the outside of the skein since it’s easier to wind it back onto itself. Can’t wait to share the pattern with you!

  96. Love the yarn making my gauge
    When working with this yarn are we pulling yarn from
    Middle of ball or on the outside of ball?
    Can’t wait for April

  97. Really like the look of this yarn, so in reference to the pattern, on a scale of 1-10
    How difficult will the pattern be? I feel I’m an intermediate knitter.
    When will be able to download pattern?

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