Cranked – Part 1

If you are new to toe-up socks join the legion of fans that prefer this method of sock knitting.  Getting started is easy when you follow my video, “Judy’s Magic Cast On”.

Cranked focuses on some great stitches along with a super-simple heel all to accentuate the lovely colors in this striped yarn.  These mysteries will be revealed in the upcoming posts so please be patient!  We begin Part One with a basic wedge toe that sets the stage for our lovely design.

Trekking Maxima – 75% Superwash New Wool, 25% Nylon – 459 yards/100g (one skein).  Sample knit in Color #906.

Size US#1 (2.5mm) needles or size necessary to achieve desired gauge.  Pattern may be knit with double points, two circular knitting method or magic loop.  See “Magic Loop” Video

8 stitches = 1 inch in stockinette.

Women’s Medium and Large.

Medium leg circumference measures approximately 7” unstretched and stretches comfortably to 11”.

Large leg circumference measures approximately 8” unstretched and stretches comfortably to 12 ½”.


Click here to download printable version

kfb – knit into front and back of stitch.  See “kfb” Video

Note:   Directions are for Medium Size (Large Size in parentheses when necessary).


HINT:  If you like identically striped socks, begin each toe at the same color change.  The pair can also be fun when each sock stripes differently allowing more colors to peek out from your shoes.


Cast On – See “Judy’s Magic Cast On” Video

Using two needles, cast on 24 stitches using Judy’s magic cast on with 12 stitches on each needle.

Securing tail, knit first 12 stitches.

Knit second 12 stitches through the back loop.


Toe Increases

If using one or two circular needle knitting method, increases (kfb) are made at the beginning and end of each needle as follows:

Round 1.  On 1st needle, kfb, knit to last stitch on needle, kfb;

On 2nd needle, kfb, knit to last stitch on needle, kfb.

Round 2.  Knit all stitches.

If using double points, arrange stitches evenly with 6 stitches on 4 needles.  Increases (kfb) are made as follows:

Round 1.  Kfb, knit to last stitch on 2nd needle, kfb, kfb into 1st stitch on 3rd needle, knit to last stitch on 4th needle, kfb.

Round 2.  Knit all stitches.

All needle types:  Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 until toe reaches 60(72) stitches.


STOP until next week!

Happy knitting!

51 thoughts on “Cranked – Part 1

  1. First question – what is your gauge? With 8 stitches to the inch, my medium foot measures 6 1/2″ unstretched and stretches easily to 10 1/2″. Size large measures 7 1/2″ unstretched and stretches easily to 11 1/2″. If your gauge is even a little bigger (less stitches per inch) than mine, you may want to make the medium and let the ribs of the design stretch and hug your foot. I hope I’ve helped!

  2. Hey Michelle,
    Your sock sizes give the leg dimension, could you please give an approximate fot circumference of the medium and large socks? I started with large, but I’m thinking I need to start over before I get any farther with medium. I wear a 9-10 wide and have always considered that a pretty large foot, but my Cranked socks came out much too big also (though i knit them on larger than usual needles)…

  3. Lisa, good for you on challenging yourself with new techniques!
    You read circular knitting charts from bottom to top and right to left. (You can tell a chart is for circular knitting when all the row numbers are on the right hand side of the chart.)
    You will repeat the chart across the instep stitches (31 for Medium and 36 for Large) and then do the same for the second sock. The chart is repeated 4 times less one stitch for the Medium (see the instructions above the chart). The chart is repeated a full 4 times on the Large.
    You will knit across both socks (it is the second needle of the round in magic loop) for the sole of the sock.
    Hope this helps!

  4. Hey– got the toes done. Fun. I love your socks! I was waiting this morning for the next step!!!
    Now I see I have to read a chart. EEK. New to me. Soo….. I start with row one reading right to left? I will bravely try this–
    Since I’m doing 2 socks on the magic loop– I have to knit the pattern two times across the instep changing yarn from sock to sock and then knit across the foot the same way?
    I’ll try–Stripes alive worked really well for me, just bravely going forward.
    Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm!

  5. Me too! An avid sock knitter called me yesterday saying she was having trouble starting her two at a time toe up socks. She came over, we went right to your video, and we got it done on the first try!

  6. hi Michelle-I finally started my first toe up here at camp Kip! I’ve been showing off your videos and website. A few of the gals had already found you on YouTube! . Thanks for doing this KAL!

  7. I can’t wait….since the toes went so quickly this week has seemed so long!

  8. Okay, my new plan is working perfectly! I’m a cruiser – like to get things done fast. Waiting for the next clue has just about been killing me, so I haven’t even cast on my toes yet, and the new clue comes out tomorrow. When it does, I can cruise away on toes & feet. Whew, I’m gonna’ make it! In the mean time, I’ve done another pair of socks and 2 pairs of fingerless mitts using the striped pattern from March. So cute!! Gotta’ love that zigzag with stripes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Although I’ve been knitting socks from the toe up for more than 5 years (taught myself with a book), I’ve always shied away from the Judy’s Magic Cast-on. This time, I sat down with your on-line video and the written instructions in a toe-up book and mastered it! What a great way to start a sock — I’ve already started two more pairs waiting for the next installment to be released!

  10. You are most welcome! I just uploaded my newest video, “Toe Up Socks Two At A Time“. Sorry it is after the clue release, but my videographer is a college student with a full class load. If this is too late for you to use, file the idea away for next month’s toe up sock!

  11. Did my toes this weekend and they look great. This is the first time I am doing toe up socks 2 at a time on the magic loop. Can’t wait until Fri. for the next clue and can’t wait to see what other new things we will learn this month. Thanks Michelle for the great videos and making learning new things so much fun 🙂

  12. I have no idea where Skacel will be hiding their clues on their site. I am actually not too tricky. Just take a peak at my blog now and then and you may get lucky!

  13. Michelle, you are tricky, indeed!!! (Besides being a truly wonderful knitting teacher!!). I am at a loss to find any of those clues that lead to prizes!! Any hints on the hints??? I am learning so much and loving these KALs!!! Thank you so much!!! You are an inspiration and a great cheerleader!

  14. Thanks to a rainy Sunday, both toes are done. Took the plunge and let my pair be different. I’m feeling a little radical. Woo Hoo!

  15. Four members of my little knitting group had last months socks on! It made a great picture. 3 of us were starting on this month’s toes! We were having KAL withdrawl and were glad to see a clue on the first, and not have to wait ’till Tuesday.

  16. Each skein is unique. I was able to make my pair somewhat of a match. They are not perfectly matched, but close enough for my taste. We are handcrafting so unique is good! That being said, if you wound the second ball from the center you may be able to wind it in the other direction to get the colors to be more similar.

  17. Just finished my second toe! I’m trying two socks at a-time for the first-time on magic loop 🙂 and so far so good.

    I really love the colors in the yarn — they are so “sockish” — like a modern version of old sock yarn. I’m really enjoying the way they blend. However, I did have a lot of difficulty finding a spot to break the yarn in order to knit two identical socks. Is there some trick to finding the match? I weighed and wound two small balls and then pulled several yards of the yarn out until the yellow section, but the sequence of colors before it was different for each ball. ??? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  18. Toes done!! Working 2 at a time. Went with the large size as when I stopped at 60 they looked a little small. Thanks for the intro to toe-up socks. So far I think I may be a convert!

  19. Happily knitting my toes, 2 at a time… just me, some knitting and a box of tissue. Darn cold. At least I get to knit guilt free until I am better 🙂

  20. You are most observant! I am wearing the Center of Attention socks and knitting Cranked. You are looking at the sole of Cranked so that the design remains a mystery!

  21. I, too, usually do 64 stitches and this sock will get you close to that in the next clue. You’ll be fine with this size and the mystery will all be cleared up next week!

  22. So Michelle, I was looking at the Skacel website and the picture of you. Some noticed a while back you are wearing the Center of Attention socks, are you knitting Cranked?

  23. Am I reading the pattern correctly, 60 stitches for a women’s medium? I usually do 64 stitches.

  24. Will this sock be a firm knit like last month’s or more stretchy….trying to determine whether to knit the medium or large!

  25. You don’t need to worry about keeping track of the length of the toe. Simply increase every other round until you get to the required number of stitches for your size. You will magically arrive at the correct toe length, approx. 1 1/2″ – 2″ depending on the size.

  26. Thanks Michelle for another sock pattern! I am knitting my first toe up socks on circular needles. Please let me know how many inches you end up knitting for the toe.


  27. I noticed this last night on the ad in the current issue of Knit Simple. Unfortunately, I can’t tell exactly what the sock looks like – bummer! I do love the colors…

  28. YAY!!!! SOOOO happy to see this posted before I head out of town today – now I can take the project with me!!

  29. Hey, I just noticed…that picture of you on the stool, are you holding this month’s sock??? And are you wearing Center of Attention socks????

  30. I was in need of another project and can’t wait to get started this weekend. I am really enjoying your KAL.

  31. Hi M

    I love this so much, this KAL, and look forward to doing this. However, I have a large instep and the diagonal line around foot-ankle is large.

    Is this a gussett sock or something else?

    I won’t tell:)

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