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Adorable Ewe – Part 4

Adorable Ewe is available to purchase on Ravelry. The helpful tips for each section of the sweater featured in the April 2017 KAL are found below.  We are finally ready to assemble the sweater to welcome a special new baby.  I can hear you grumbling about the seaming process.  Seams are necessary to add structure […]

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Adorable Ewe – Part 3

With last week’s darling sheep behind us, it’s time to knit the fronts of the sweater.  The front is a plain design to showcase the buttons.  I really wanted to name it “The Mullet Sweater” – business up front and party in the back! I want to clarify how to differentiate between the two fronts. […]

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Adorable Ewe – Part 2

With the simple sleeves complete, we bring our attention to the attention-getting back of the sweater.  This adorably textured sheep is knit with Japanese bobbles using the Intarsia method. Intarsia – See Intarsia video Intarsia is a technique used to create separate areas of color, or “pictures”, within a knitted fabric enabling multiple colors to be worked […]

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Adorable Ewe – Part 1

Welcome to the spring installment of the Progressive Needles Knit Along.  No better way to usher in the season than with a sheep-themed project!  I have all kinds of essential sweater techniques and know-how crammed into one tiny baby cardigan.  I can’t wait to get started but first a nod to Skacel Collection, whose support […]

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