Learn to repair your knitting with this simple technique. The ability to unknit stitches allows you to remove mistakes without ripping out the work. The video shows you how to work back to the mistake by removing both knit and purl stitches. The ability to repair your work takes the fear out of knitting.

Unknit is often referred to as “tink”. Tink is the word knit spelled backwards. You will be just as clever with the new found repair skills!


A lifeline is a piece of waste yarn inserted through a row of knitting. This waste yarn acts as a safety net allowing you to unravel your knitting back to this point without the fear of losing all of your work. When working a complicated design, insert a lifeline after a successful row and you can always return to this point should your knitting go awry later. This video demonstrates how to utilize a lifeline and three options for inserting them into your knitting. Take the fear out of your knitting!