What is your addiCTION?

This full page ad appeared in knitting magazines in 2011 prior to my first KAL.  While I may have changed with a new hair style and a few more wrinkles, my love for addi needles remains unchanged!

Since the ad campaign debuted, addi has added many new products to its line including Rockets, Olive Wood, and Flexi Flips to name a few.  I’m glad that I don’t have to select my favorite today because it would be too difficult to choose.  I love the Rockets for executing lace stitches.  The Olive Wood needles have a quiet, smooth rhythm that is easy on the hands.  The Flexi Flips are a great new way to knit circularly without the need for double points.  The classic Turbo is a speedy choice for quick knits.

Because all of the addi needles are handcrafted, you can be assured of the highest quality.  I am proud to recommend each one to you.  What is your addiction?

4 thoughts on “What is your addiCTION?

  1. addi sock rockets! love those points … great for making twists and traveling stitches on sox. have used them since they came out [gave my turbos away]. but then came the 10″ wonder. a must for wildly traveling stitches and stranding colors but just had to have matching pairs for working those sox two at a time. now, I have to have twin sets of my favorite mm’s flexi needles … loved them ’til I lost one of those little buggers [and I’ve only had them a short time]. oh, well, I still have one to knit with ’til the other shows up again. the biggie … am I addicted to soxing or addi’s?

  2. Addi Lace needles all the way! I love the slightly grippy finish & those just pointy enough tips. I’ve got a set of the Flexi Flips that I’ve not tried yet, but will soon. I’ve got needles of other brands, but my Addis are my favorite, go-to needles, time & time again.

    As an aside, I took & really enjoyed your Short Rows class @ the Webs retreat. I learned a lot & am already short-rowing my heart out!

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