Building Blocks (Block of the Month)

DSCN1306Building Blocks is a skill building class that has students knitting a different 12″ block every month that can be pieced together to create a lovely sampler afghan.  The emphasis of this class is EDUCATION.  Students are guided through the various stitches and techniques each month as their knitting knowledge is increased.  With a different skill focus each month there is something new to learn at each class.  Topics such as gauge, cast ons, bind offs, cables, increases, decreases, lace, pattern reading and more are covered.  This class has become popular thanks to the content and the friendly atmosphere.  Join in the fun!

New session beginning in early 2011 at Knitting Temptations of Dublin, Ohio.  Contact me with any questions.

25 thoughts on “Building Blocks (Block of the Month)

  1. Thanks for your interest in Building Blocks. All of the skills featured in the book have accompanying videos which are on my website. You can access them at anytime:) Happy knitting!

  2. I am interested in your BOM book, but would need online support videos. Are the videos available after the book is purchased? I didn’t see any here on the site. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for knitting Building Blocks with me! You should knit all 16 rows of the pattern 3 times and then an additional 7 rows. Row 7 will be your last row. Hope this helps:)

  4. Hi Im working on building block 4 from your book i’m learning how to read patterns there’s one part i do not understand its the body it says work above rows 3 times plus 7 additonal rows, ending after row 7 what does that mean?

  5. I’ve taught Building Blocks to hundreds of knitters and it has been so rewarding to watch their skills and confidence grow. The book is available wholesale to shops through Skacel. A Teacher’s Manual is available to shops to help you run successful block of the month classes. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

  6. HI!
    – We are very interested in carrying your book. Also, we would like to have block of the month classes at our store. Please send us any information available or you can our store at (912) 966-5626.

  7. Yes, the book has been published! It is available in local yarn shops and online at or Please let me know if you need more assistance.

  8. Is your Building Blocks book available yet? How can I get it? I’m in the midst of a large block project and would love some fresh ideas for patterns!

  9. Good news! My block of the month project has grown into a book supported with video lessons. It is due out in January 2012. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates!

  10. Sure am looking forward to the book, so I also can do the different blocks to improve my knitting skills and see how different stitches look. A few more weeks for the next KAL! Can’t wait!!

  11. Anne,
    Please accept my deepest sympathies on the passing of your husband. I am glad that knitting has helped you through this difficult time. I hear stories every day from knitters who find comfort and a welcome distraction in their knitting. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    My Block of the Month skill building series will be a book, Building Blocks! It is planned for release in January. I am very excited to bring this successful program to a wider audience. Stay tuned for more info. Subscribe to my newsletter for all the updates on the KAL and Building Blocks.
    Hugs to you,

  12. I also am interested in your “Block of the Month” program online, please let me know when you have it ready. My husband passed away as I finished my last sock for the Trekking KAL, therefore Idid not get to hear who won the big prizes, could you possibly let me know how this contest turned out or where I can get the information, I would appreciate it. I so loved that KAL and intent to join you in October for the next one. Knitting has really helped me get thru the past several months. Thank you for all your help.

  13. I am very intersted in BOM as a fairely new knitter. I would love to learn new patterns & stitches and making an afghan with those blocks you can practice on would be great. Looking forward to “the great plans” Hope that from Holland I can join in too!

  14. Thanks for your interest, Eileen! I am currently working on publishing that program. It is a skill building project of 12 blocks covering the major knitting skills. Sign up for my email list and I will notify you when the patterns are ready to knit.

  15. Thank you for your videos!! I spent 2 hrs trying to do the Magic cast-on for toe up socks in a class. I didn’t want to hold up the rest of the class so I continued to struggle. When I got home I watched your Magic cast-on video and started the socks about 15 min later.
    I have made quite a few Sampler quilts using the Design Source Collections Four Seasons Throws book but I would be interested in the Block of the Month online. I get tired of using the same blocks all the time and from the picture it looks like you have some new ones. Thanks again for your help.

  16. how do I get the patterns,or “join” the group or…how does the”block of the month ” work..????

  17. I to am interested in the block of the month. How do I access Knitting Temptations? Thanks

  18. I’m also very interested in a Block-of-the-Month KAL, ending with a finished throw or afghan.

  19. Block of the Month is currently only available at Knitting Temptations, but we have big plans for it to expand. Thanks for your interest.

  20. Hi, Michelle – I am taking part in your Trekking KAL and I’m absolutely loving it! I am a teacher myself (nearly retired) and I am so impressed with your work, your website and your videos. I would like to ask about your Block of the Month – is it only available through Knitting Temptations or can it be accessed through your website – it looks excellent. Thanks very much – now I’ll go and start my feet in my KAL. :))

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