Butterfly Stitch

Several stitches are slipped with yarn in front to create a stack of loose strands. These strands are gathered up in one stitch creating wings radiating out from the center. Done in a solid color, the butterflies are very prominent. When done in multiple colors, the butterflies are hidden and simulate tuck point quilting.

16 thoughts on “Butterfly Stitch

  1. Without seeing it, my best guess is to unknit back to the spot and then rework the stitch. Slow going but probably the best strategy. Good luck!

  2. I am knitting the Building in Color afghan, and when I do the BF stitch in three colors, the edge that doesn’t have the color pickup (when I look at it from the RS, this is the left edge) the edge becomes wobbly or bowed out between BF rows. As a result, the left edge is actually longer than the right edge, since the right edge is kept in control by the picking up of new colors every third row.

    Aside from pulling the stitches a little tighter along the left edge, is there a way to get that left edge under control, and therefore the same size, as the right edge? Thank you for your creativity and patterns. I’ve done Building Blocks as well, and I love making your afghans. Nancy

  3. My pattern calls for the butterfly stitch. The gathering stitch is made on the pearl side. Seems like I am picking up an extra stitch inside the butterfly. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Hi, this is a nice video. Does this pattern you are showing here have rows of straight knitting in between the floats? You don’t mention if you are slipping each row or knitting between.
    When I do this, I knit a round between each float, making it 6 rows per butterfly. So it’s first row, slip 5; next row, knit; next row slip 5, next row knit, next row, slip 5; next row knit; next row gather the slipped stitches and make the butterfly. Thanks!

  5. I’m actually working on one right now! It would be simple enough to substitute the butterfly stitch for an area of stockinette. I would love to hear from you if you are able to make a go of it!

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