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  1. Every knitter has a different tension so you will need to test it. Cast on 20 sts and then undo the tail and measure it. Multiply this length by 8 (closest mult. Of 20) and that is the length of your tail.

  2. You are a blessing to the knitting world! Excellent video, can’t wait to try it.

  3. Happy to have you and Betty join me! The instructions were posted at 9am on Thursday and will remain there. You should have no problem viewing or downloading them. Any downloading problems could mean that your software possibly needs to be updated. Please keep me posted.

  4. I cannot join you on Thursday mornings at 9 but bought the yarn to do the cowl.
    My friend, Betty, is coming on Tuesday mornings to do it with me as well. I see the
    video for the cast on is here for us to try, however, the directions given last Tuesday don’t seem to be available as well as the chart to start knitting. Am I missing something??

  5. You are correct. The right side is the side facing you as you knit. You are basically knitting a tube and the outside of the tube is the right side. Looking forward to following your progress.

  6. Was concerned about doing this cast on but with your video, it was a breeze, and very pretty!

    Question: Here’s where I am confused, which side is the right side? Not sure where to put a marker for the right side. Is it the side facing you as you kit? That’s my best guess??? Thanks!

  7. Thank you for a lovely and very clear explanation on how to work this cast on. I always messed it up when following instructions in a book (even with those little drawn pictures). It was much easier to see what needs to be done watching an actual cast on worked.

  8. I really like how this edge looks with this cast on. I had to practice it a little but I really like it.

  9. Michelle, You are a genius, Your videos are excellent. You make things look so easy and when doing along your video, It actually works

  10. It acts just like any other tail, simply weave in a few inches of it and cut the remaining yarn. I preferred to cut the double strand into two single strands for easier weaving. Hope this helps!

  11. A new skill for me!!!! I love the Channel Island Cast On.
    Thanks for your wisdom and great videos too…

  12. BRILLIANT!!!

    Your videos are so informative and easy to follow. Some videos are way too fast. yours are perfect

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