Duplicate Stitch

This great little technique can be used to add sections of color designs to stockinette.  (It reminds me of cross stitching.)  Many knitters use the Duplicate Stitch in lieu of small areas of Intarsia.  These added stitches are placed on top of stockinette stitches after the piece is complete with the use of a tapestry needle.  The Duplicate  Stitch is also a great way to cover errors and wonky stitches you wish you had discovered prior to binding off.  I especially love to use the Duplicate Stitch when weaving in ends on the right side of the work is needed.

7 thoughts on “Duplicate Stitch

  1. Should the duplicate stitches be done on top of a project that has been blocked? Or should you block your project after the duplicate stitching is complete? Thanks for any advice.

  2. After following along with your adorable KAL, I’m down to the finish work – adding the duplicate stitch for the lamb’s tail and legs.
    I’m having a terrible time. I understand the concept of overlaying the yarn to cover the previous stitches. What’s happening is the overlay seems skimpy and doesn’t cover the under color completely. I know it’s not that I’m pulling the over stitch too tight. I’ve attempted this several times and it looks terrible!
    Do you have any suggestions to help me?

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