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  1. That is a tricky bugger! If the technique shown in the video doesn’t work for you, try weaving in a piece of yarn on the wrong side and catching the stitches to straighten them out. I wish you were sitting next to me and we could have this sorted out in no time!

  2. Found video excellent. I am knitting a Latvian braid in the round, so the jog is massive. Is there a trick to straight it out? Thank you.

  3. You are so amazing!!! These videos are the best I have ever found. So glad I was able to meet you and take your class at Stitches West.

  4. Work the technique in the same manner as in the knit stitch. Lift the right leg of the first stitch in the color change round (either a knit or a purl) and work it together (k2tog or p2tog) with the first stitch of the second round. Happy knitting!

  5. This technique and video have made a huge difference in getting rid of that jog! Thanks for posting it! Got a question though. Is there a way to do the same type of thing when following a garter stitch row in the round? I purl a row, change color and knit the next row, but am unsure what to pick up from the purl stitch. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  6. Stripes of two rounds each. This is my first time knitting in the round and also using magic loop. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for finally giving it a go, as previously I have balked at it. I’m only knitting legs for a doll, so it’s no major problem, but I’d like to get it right for future projects. Someone else has suggested the traveling stripe – maybe I’ll try that. Thank you for your video – I’m very grateful for all help that’s offered on the internet.

  7. thanks for your video. I have followed the instructions but unfortunately it isn’t working
    for me as I am knitting with 16 stitches using the magic loop. I’m still getting uneven stripes. Any suggestions?

  8. Thankyou for such an easy to follow video on the “Jogless Stripes”. Being a fairly new knitter, I just listened to everyone that told me that’s what happens when using a circular needle. Making hats for the “Warmth for Warrior” program , I wasn’t happy sending my hats to our military with uneven strips! So Thankyou again for such a clever way of getting rid of those uneven strips…..now I look forward to changing colors!!

  9. Some people are having problems with then new Apple updates. The problem is usually solved by refreshing your browser. Please let me know if you get access – I want to help! My videos are also accessible from Youtube.

  10. Michelle; Thank you once again for showing how easy a technique is. Sometimes you can read about a technique a dozen times and never get it…. I watch you doing these great techniques and voila’ it gets thru to my brain….. bless you!

  11. What a great trick! As always the video is so precise and easy to follow. This makes all the difference in the look of the “seam.”

  12. Your videos are the best of any I’ve come across in my two years of re-learning to knit! Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

  13. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if I was doing this correctly. Your video is very clear and showed that I am, yay!

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