13 thoughts on “Kitchener in the Round

  1. I bought the pine bough cowl kit and it only has directions using a chart and not really clear directions for the chart. Are there any written directions for knitting this cowl?

  2. Depending on which cowl you knit, you will need about 72″ inches of yarn to work the kitchener in the round. Use whichever tail is the longest.

  3. I am finished my cowl and was wondering what to do with the long tail that we started with? Do we Kitchener with that yarn or my working yarn?

  4. Just checking before I attempt the Kitchener stitch. The last stitch you refer to on the backside of the tube-is that the stitch where my 80″ tail is coming from?

  5. I am great at spotting the video before the release of the clue. Found it last night. Another sneak peek. Wish I had the same luck finding tbe weekly prize clue. Ha Ha

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