Long Tail Cast On – No yarn tail estimate

Casting on a large amount of stitches?  This simple technique will eliminate that pesky tail calculation.

17 thoughts on “Long Tail Cast On – No yarn tail estimate

  1. I’m just starting your very cute Wilmette blanket for a friend’s new baby and thought I would try this cast on. I watched the video and just like magic I have 120 stitches casted on! I love this no yarn tail calculation cast on and will be using it in the future! Thank you so much!

  2. So glad I found this video. An added bonus (at least for me) is that I have a single tail to mark the beginning of an odd row, and two tails to mark the beginning of an even row. Keeps my left- and right-side brains from fighting.

  3. PERFECT TIMING!!!!! I am getting ready to start a sweater & decided to scan my new email first. Lo and behold, I see your email with this new video. Thank you very much. You always seem to address issues that have been on my mind.

    I’ve missed seeing you. Hope you had a wonderful summer!

  4. Michel…you always amaze me, finding easy ways to do things. This technique is fantastic. Thinking back on all the times I’ve had to recast on a 100+ stitches, or cut off a chunk of yarn, problem solved!! Thank you!!!

    Still knitting, and have joined a knitting group. I will be sure to share this with the ladies in the next meeting!

    Take care.

    Fondly, Leslie Gassmann

  5. Thanks for knitting Channing Road with me! I joined a new skein at the beginning of a row and wove my ends in. Watch my Weaving in Ends – Seed Stitch video to hide the tails invisibly.

  6. On Channing Road, when joining a new skein, are you knotting it or weaving it in?

  7. Thanks for purchasing Channing Road! A queen size bed is 60″ wide and 80″ long. The number of stitches would depend on how much you want the blanket to hang over the edges. Each repeat is 22 stitches wide so add that number to the cast on stitches for each extra repeat. Each repeat is about 5 inches wide. As far as yardage goes, it would depend on the size, yarn and gauge. My best guess is 20 skeins of Simpliworsted for a blanket that is near a queen size. Hope this helps!

  8. I just bought your new Channing Road blanket pattern. I need to enlarge it to fit a queen size bed perhaps. Doesn’t look difficult to do I just need some guidance on the number of stitches in a repeat and the width/length of each. Also could you recommend the change in yarn amounts. Thank you.
    Tonya Liodos

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