My Babies are Shipped!

The knitted squares are ready to be photographed for my book, Building Blocks. I lovingly wrapped them in a baby blanket secured with diaper pins and shipped them to Skacel for their photography session. I’m excited to see the photos!

7 thoughts on “My Babies are Shipped!

  1. Thanks for knitting Building Blocks with me! There is not a specific Block #2 video, but there is a Charts video that will walk you through every step of chart reading. All of the videos needed for each block are referenced on each page by the tv icon. I hope this helps!

  2. Can you please direct me to the video for block #2? I bought the book Building Blocks and love it. I’m really having trouble reading charts, always have.

  3. For a right twist, the stitches are knit together but left on the needle. Then the first stitch is knit as usual and now remove both stitches from the needle. I would proceed as you have been knitting and it will be okay if your right twists go left and your left twists go right as it will not impact the design. However, you should note which one to use should the direction effect a future pattern. Happy knitting!

  4. HI I want to know that in the BB #6, /for Right Twist in when you come to a Twist stitch, if you knit them together. I think they are counted as one but I was off one yesterday. I think it is row 4 where you encounter the twisted switches.

    Here is something for you – I am and knit lefthanded. The right twists are going the opposite way to the left. For the RT patter should I use the directions for the Left twist to make the twist go the right way?


  5. I am so glad you asked for help. The underlined stitch is the last work to be executed in the repeat. You will work from the asterisk two times and then on the third repeat you will run out of body stitches after working the underlined “p2”. In other words, you are working the design 2 1/2 times over the row. Refer to the block photo and you can see that the design is worked as I explained. Please let me know if this helped or if you need more clarification.

  6. Can I ask for building block #6 help. I’m on Row 3 and I’m confused, why do you have a P2 (k1,p1) ending with last repeat after underlined stitch. Is this saying I should have 3 stitches left at the end of that row?

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