14 thoughts on “Pick Up and Knit

  1. You could try that. Try looking up the pattern on Ravelry and in the projects I bet some other knitters have posted what they did. Also, if there are any errata the designer will have posted it there.

  2. Wow! I don’t want to admit how many years I’ve been doing this wrong. I’ve always dreaded picking up the stitches for a trim – no more. This is soooooo much better and neater than my haphazard method. Thank you!!

  3. My pattern says to pick up and knit 79 stitches (sleeves). I can’t do 1:1 ratio
    as there aren’t that many stitches to pick up. There’s only 40. Do I pick up 40 and increase on the next row?

  4. Your video lessons are my all time favorite. Whenever I’m confused about a particular stitch you are able to give directions that are crystal clear. I looked at another site for pick up and knit and I couldn’t get it to work. Maybe she was a continental knitter and that was the difference. I don’t know, but I’m once again moving forward in my project thanks to you. Happy knitting!

  5. I love V-neck sweaters! After you pick up the appropriate number of stitches, be sure to work a Central Double Decrease at the center front. Check out my video to learn how:)

  6. Your videos are so helpful. I especially like the close up camera and your pace is nice and slow so I can actually do it along with you.
    Any suggestions for picking up stitches on a V-neck sweater?

  7. I’d like directions for knitting a rolled neckline instead of a ribbed one. What type of knitting shall I do after I have the stiches on the needle to have it roll?

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