10 thoughts on “Picot Bind Off

  1. thank you for your video. I’m wondering how much yarn a picot bind off normally takes and if there is a way to know that. I have been weighing my yarn over the last few rows and I am using 2 grams of yarn per row. Would i for example triple that for the bind off and require say 6 grams of yarn?

  2. Finished my first sock last night! Love it! I have made over a dozen pair of socks, and this one is the best fitting one I’ve made! Thanks Michelle!

  3. Not sure that I understand what you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking for a bind off appropriate to a semi-circle or one that will actually form a semi-circle?

  4. I have been knitting for 60 years and recently found your website and I have learned a great deal from your videos. I just goes to show you that you can teach an old dog new tricks

  5. Leslie, How nice to hear from you! I was thinking about you all weekend while I was at Stitches East and remembering how much fun we had at South. I’m so glad your son has joined the sock addiction. I hope to see you soon!

  6. You are fantastic!!! I’ve enjoyed making this shawl. BTW, Michelle, my son has used your website a few times to learn how to knit a sock. He’s a work in progress.
    See you next time your in GA!!

    leslie (skacel rep)

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