18 thoughts on “pfb (Purl Increase)

  1. When I need help, I can always depend on you to be there, Thanks for all your help!

  2. Wow! Just like the other poster…yours is the only website I use for help!
    What is really awesome, though, is the way it is SO well organized. No floundering around searching for different stitches and techniques as I used to do before I found your site.
    Thank you so much for a wonderful site. It keeps my advancing in my knitting without frustration.

  3. Thanks so much for the video! The book I have just wasn’t doing an adequate job of explaining this, but your video made it really easy to understand. Thanks again!

  4. I had no idea this was so easy. I’ve ripped out my purl increases so much, I was ready to give it up completely. Thank you. I finally get. No more ripping out!

  5. am knitting an anchor dishcloth pattern from Lily and have to purl a front, back and front increase. Thanks for the help.

  6. Just watch the purl increase video. So simple, but I am not sure I could have figured it out myself.

    Love your website. Yours is the only one I use for help. Thanks so much.

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