9 thoughts on “Purl Two Together Through the Back Loop (p2tog tbl)

  1. Thanks for making me a part of your knitting! For American-style knitters (throw with right hand), execution of a yarn over is determined by the stitch that follows the yarn over. Your solution is correct if the stitch following the yarn over is a purl stitch. If the following stitch is a knit stitch simply leave the working yarn in the front and knit the next stitch. I recommend watching my Yarn Over video for a tutorial. Happy knitting!

  2. I have a pattern that says p2tog tbl, yo. When I do the yarn over do I wrap from front to back then up in front again which I believe would be one full rotation correct? P.S. I LOVE your simplistic video style! I always search your video’s out first. Thanks!

  3. I have knitted very basic items and always had trouble fixing my errors or learning new stitches, increases,etc. I found your site on utube and you have now made knitting so much easier. I am knitting the Building Blocks afghan and your tutorials are so precise and the visual is excellent. Thank you for saving me running back and forth to the yarn shop with many questions. You answer so many of them by viewing your utube info. The close up shots are wonderful.

  4. I am still something of a novice when it comes to knitting, and this is one stitch I find tricky to do at times. I tend to drop the stitches or actually somehow increase a stitch, (I get the yarn wrapped around the needle by mistake). Then I invariably end up asking my mother to rescue my work. Your video made it look so easy, thanks!

  5. I am coming up on my one year, self-taught knitting anniversary in March, and I have to tell you, if it weren’t for your videos, I would’ve been toast. Whenever I have a concept I don’t understand, I always search for your videos because I know they won’t suck. I’m definitely going to look for your book. It sounds great! Thanks again!

  6. I am knitting a pattern from my book, Building Blocks. It is a skill building series designed to guide the knitter through the major knitting principles. Look for it at your local yarn shop. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  7. could you show me what the next row looks like showing the whole that is made, Please?

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