17 thoughts on “Russian Bind Off

  1. I ALWAYS come back to your videos for reminders, no matter how many times I have done a technique. I have to check in here for the best knitting videos on the internet. The only problem —I am spoiled by the best and no other videos are as good. Love your instruction, Ms KnitPurl Hunter!!

  2. Could I use this bind off work using a circular needle when binding off a sweater cuff ?

  3. This is the best stretchy bind off for toe up socks that I’ve ever tried! Thanks so much for all your wonderful clear tutorials …
    I enjoyed the Audition shawl as well…lots of new stitches learned!

  4. Congrats on finishing Transient! It is not necessary to remove the right hand needle as you finish the stitch. Thanks for knitting with me!

  5. After you pass the 2 stitches back to left hand needle, is it necessary to remove right hand needle? Can you just leave r hand needle there and finish stitch?

    I am getting ready to bind off Transitions, love the pattern. Thanks for your wonderful patterns and support.

    Looking forward to spring MKAL

  6. I’ve been doing this bind off forever when I wanted something stretchy. Never knew it was called the Russian Bind Off. Thanks for a very clear explanation!

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