An ssk is a left leaning decrease that most closely mirrors the right leaning decrease, k2tog. The ssk is used in garment shaping, sock gussets and lace knitting. Watch the ssk video to learn this smooth decrease and kick your knitting up a notch!

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  1. An ssk is considered a knit stitch so you will execute the yarn over before the ssk in the same manner as before a knit stitch. Watch my yarn over video for a tutorial. Happy knitting!

  2. thank you so much for the video’s I am on block 1o instructions are great in your book but the video is great sometimes i just need to see it done.

  3. I am also doing building block 10–one row requires a yo followed by ask after purling–so do I just leave the yarn in the front to complete even though I am not moving it after purling? Somehow it doesn’t make sense to me–thanks!

  4. blding block 10 has k1 yo ssk so that puts the yarn in FRONT when you do the ssk and knit am I right

    can’t go on w/out answer

  5. Your website is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
    My daughter told me about it and I have used it over and over. Thank you for such clear and understandable instructions. Quite frequently i forget how to do a stitch and you are always nearby to help me out. Thank you Thankyou

  6. Can you please assist me, there does not seem to be a video to the SSK and I am on block #10 of the Building Blocks Pattern.

  7. The ssk is a left leaning decrease while the k2tog is a right leaning decrease. It is optimum to choose the decrease that will lean in the same direction as the angle of your knitted piece. In the video I separated the decreases with a few stitches in between just for demonstration purposes – it has no impact on the results.

  8. I was going through your videos and had learned the SSK before. But what I’d like to know is why choose SSK over K2tog? Also in your video you started the SSK after knitting two stitches and separated them by a stitch but in the K2tog you knit them side by side and at the beginning of the row. Does it matter?

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