Stranded Knitting – Catching Long Floats

Demonstrated in two-handed knitting for catching yarn held in right hand (background color) and left hand (main/pattern color).

2 thoughts on “Stranded Knitting – Catching Long Floats

  1. I like to knit my heels in a solid or striped pattern since the floats in stranded knitting do not stretch and are not heel-friendly. Watch my Afterthought Heel video for an example. Happy knitting!

  2. I am working a pair of socks using two colors. Thank you for this video, however even stretching out stitches it is still to tight to get over the heel. I want to change to a size up for the pattern part only will that cause an issue,
    yes I am usually tend to knit to tight but these i am taking it slow but still to tight.

    Any suggestions?

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