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  1. I am a huge magic loop fan and it can be converted by dividing the stitches with half on each needle. Pick up the first gap stitches at the end of the first needle and then the last gap stitches at the end of the second needle. Hope this helps!

  2. I am using the magic loop. Can you explain how to do this with magic loop? I have only been knitting a few months and feel confident with all other aspects of the fingerless glove except how close the hole

  3. OMG. I have been struggling with a thumb gusset for years….to the point that I have been just leaving a hole for the thumb, or not making gloves at all. I just made a fingerless glove with a perfect thumb!!! Thanks so much! Your video and explanation are so clear…woohoo!

  4. Excellent video and explanation. My pattern just said pick up 4 stitches, I was completely at a loss until I found this. Also wasn’t sure how to restart working yarn after taking held thumb stitches off holder! Turned out beautifully and now I have your wonderful resource of videos, etc. THANK YOU.

  5. Good morning Michelle, I’ve just watched your video on a thumb gusset and saw where you did 4 cast ons to close the gap. The pattern I’m using says to use only one and I think your way would be better but will it make a difference in the way the thumb fits? I’m knitting Susie’s Reading mitts. Thank you for your help.

  6. This was absolutely a super help to me!! I’ve been doing it all wrong. This looks way neater than how I’ve been doing it. Thank you so much!!

  7. The best video and technique I’ve seen yet on getting my thumbs to finally knit up perfectly! Thank you!!

  8. I have been struggeling to find out how to knit a thumb. Thanks to you I might be able to complete my first knitted mittens! 🙂

  9. What a wonderful time I had with the “Center of Attention” Socks, marvelous directions, wonderful videos and just loved the design… Thank You so Much, now this fingerless glove really blew me away as to how easy and quick it was to knit (not counting waiting time ;-)) and the design is so feminine…. can’t wait for the next project, already have my Trekking “Prism” and needles waiting with baited breath ;-). I am having so much fun with this ;-).

  10. Thank for the knit along. I hadn’t made toe up socks before–my first pair, even if I misread the pattern and did a 4 row cable instead of a 10 row. I enjoyed the fingerless glove to as I had not done gloves like that since I was 8 or 10 and my grandmother was teaching me how to do all the individual fingers. Excellent videos also.

  11. Perfect demo, as usual! I like that you used the pink marker on the stitches, because it really shows up well. I will be making many more of these : )

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