4 thoughts on “Weaving In Ends – Seed Stitch

  1. I typically weave in the ends prior to blocking but I leave a 1″ tail hanging. This safeguards against any tails pulling through in the blocking process. Once dry, I trim the tails flush to the fabric. Hope this helps!

  2. So sorry for the unraveling! If the loose tails are long enough, try reweaving them. I generally weave in a tail that is 3″-4″ long. You can use some of your left over yarn to repair the holes and make the area more secure. Hope this helps!

  3. I love your videos! Thank you! But I have a problem: I used a chunky alpaca for my Building Blocks blanket and made it larger (4×5 with 14” blocks) so it is quite heavy (but dreamy!!) The problem is there is a lot of stress on the woven in ends and I have holes where the woven-in ends have given way and unraveled. Do you have any suggestions as to length of tail, or maybe using a sewing machine to tack down the weaves or something to prevent the tails from in weaving? Thanks!!!

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