Disappearing Act – Part 3

I trust you are gaining speed and ease in two-color/two-handed knitting with the completion of Part Two.  Part Three concludes the sock all except for the Afterthought Heel.

Some of you have placed the waste yarn for the heel in Section II of the design.  Today’s clue reveals Section III and IV allowing everyone to finish the foot and leg while knitting the waste yarn in its proper location for the anticipated heel.  As a reminder, the waste yarn should be placed 2 ¼” from the end of the foot.  It is very important to place the waste yarn at the conclusion of an odd numbered round so that the stitches above the waste yarn will be in a solid color.  I have included the instructions for the waste yarn placement again in this post for your convenience.

Enjoy the pattern as the main color disappears into the contrasting color!

Part Three

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IMPORTANT:  Continue to work Foot, maintaining two-color design (below), until it measures 2 ¼” less than desired length ending after an odd numbered round.

Place waste yarn for Afterthought Heel as follows:

K32(36,40) with waste yarn.  Return these stitches to the left hand needle.  Continue knitting in established design pattern beginning with an even numbered row.  See “Afterthought Heel – Part 1” Video

After inserting the waste yarn, the remaining rounds will form the leg.

Section III – Work these 4 rounds 8(7,6) times.

Round 1.  *1A, 1B; repeat from * to end of round.

Round 2.  Knit B.

Round 3.  *1B, 1A; repeat from * to end of round.

Round 4.  Knit B.

Section IV – Work these 4 rounds 8(7,6) times.

Round 1.  *3B, 1A; repeat from * to end of round.

Round 2.  Knit B.

Round 3.  1B, 1A, *3B, 1A; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, 2B.

Round 4.  Knit B.


Using Color B, decrease as follows:  *K6(7,8) k2tog; repeat from * to end.  56(64,72) stitches.

Continuing with Color B, work a k2, p2 rib for 8 rounds.

Bind off using Sewn Bind Off Method.  See “Sewn Bind Off” Video


Next week’s final clue brings the Afterthought Heel. Because I will be traveling to Stitches West next week,  the last clue will be released on Wednesday, February 22.   Happy knitting!

16 thoughts on “Disappearing Act – Part 3

  1. I am just starting my cuff. What do I do to secure yarn A since I only continue with yarn B? I am thinking I will just weave it in but wanted to make sure.

  2. You are not missing a thing! The small size allows for more repeats (a longer sock) because there are fewer stitches per row. The larger sizes use more yarn due to more stitches. They have fewer repeats so the yardage is enough for their socks.

  3. Am I missing something? Why does the smallest size have the most repeats? I’m thinking I am reading something wrong.

  4. Place your waste yarn after the 6th repeat and then do the remaining 2 repeats left in Section 2. These last 2 repeats will be part of the leg.

  5. Michelle, I am knitting the smallest size sock. Last week I did section 2. My placement of the waste yarn was after 6 repeats of the pattern. Your instructions stated to knit 8 repeats for the small size. Do I stop at my waste yarn or do I continue until 8 repeats are completed?

  6. Thanks
    I’ll just continue on and hope for the best. I am knitting the size medium on needle size 1.

  7. Question, Michelle. I know this isn’t necessary to know, but–. You are doing medium size, right? How long was your sock when you started part III?

  8. Michelle, I just wanted to tell you that I am loving the 2-handed 2-color method! I had to persevere at holding yarn in my right hand – in fact I’ve never held yarn entwined in fingers at all – I hold it in the crook of my left index finger and have no idea where I learned that. But it finally clicked and is very smooth now. So much faster than swapping colors with one hand. The socks are so cute and fit like a glove. Thank you for your wonderful instruction!

  9. My pair of socks weigh 80 grams. I had no trouble getting the pair out of the yardage in 100g grams of Royal sock yarn. What size are you knitting? Are you doing the correct number of repeats for your size?

  10. The 10 grams is for each sock…I think as I have only one ready for the section3 and the other is not far behind.

  11. I have finished session II and starting III. My color A is down to about 10 grams….will this be enough to finish the 2 color or will I need to introduce a third color. If so is there any hints as to when I introduce a third color for design so it looks planned and not like I ran out of yarn.

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