April KAL – Adorable Ewe

Please join me as we knit a baby sweater in my next Knit Along, Adorable Ewe.  Knit in the soft and washable Simpliworsted, this project is brimming with essential sweater knitting skills.

My KALs are always a mystery, but I will let you know that this sheep-themed sweater is too cute to miss!  Every knitter should have a baby sweater on hand for gift giving.  They are also great way to gain sweater experience.  Whether you are a novice or a seasoned sweater knitter, this project has something for you.

The sweater is sized to fit a six month old baby and is appropriate for a boy, girl or waiting for the gender reveal.  Two skeins of any main color are needed.  Additionally, white or natural is a must for the sheep with black for the accents.

Perhaps the most fun is selecting four buttons for the sweater.  I adore Skacel’s new sheep buttons available in white (above on blue yarn) and natural (above on pink yarn).  The metal circle buttons worked well with the gender neutral gray.

The KAL begins April 6th with a portion of the pattern revealed here each Thursday in April.  Knitters who finish the sweater by May 15th are eligible for the prize drawing sponsored by Skacel.

The KAL is FREE and no registration is required.  Simply go toknitpurlhunter.com on April 6th to download your copy of the pattern.

All of the techniques are supported with my video tutorials. I answer questions daily online at my website and in my Ravelry group. I highly recommend joining my Ravelry group for up to the minute KAL conversations.

Hope to see you in April!
Happy knitting,

Simpliworsted by HiKoo, 55% merino superwash, 28% acrylic, 17% nylon, 100g/140 yards.

  • 2 skeins Main Color
  • 1 skein sheep color – white or natural (approx. 35 yards needed)
  • 1 skein black sheep accent (approx. 10 yards needed)

US #9 (5.5mm) 24″ addi circular or straights OR size needed to achieve gauge
US #8 (5mm) 32″ circular needle  (If larger needle size is adjusted, this needle should be one size smaller than adjusted size)

4 – 5/8″ buttons.
Pictured samples:
White sheep – #BP0760P18
Natural Sheep – #BP0759P18
Metal Circles – BB0176M15

16 stitches and 24 rows = 4″ in stockinette

52 thoughts on “April KAL – Adorable Ewe

  1. This sweater is truly adorable! Thank you for such a delightful pattern! Is the adorable ewe color of simpliworsted the “gun metal grey” or “Seattle Sky”? I, too, would love to have the pattern in larger sizes. Adult sizes would be great, too!

  2. Thanks for knitting with me! No need to count the rows, if you are knitting to the stated gauge then just work the pattern as written. You may be off a few rows from my work but it is easy to “fudge” picking up the correct number of stitches. If your row gauge is substantially different than mine, reread the post in Part 4 for instructions on modifying the button band. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for your beautiful KAL and videos. I would never attempt projects without your support.
    I stopped the back of the pattern until I could better work the chart/intarsia/double knitting portion of that. I have it held on scrap yarn and went on to the fronts. But I don’t understand as I read forward in Part 4 finishing … it seems that I must be counting each row on the fronts/back because when I do the finishing where the button holes are I will need to have the exact amount of rows to pick up to knit on.
    So, instead of knitting until the inch measurement you list, (which seemed somewhat approximate), I should be counting the rows exactly from cast ons, so the fronts and back will match with the finishing part from front, around neck, down front. Is that correct?

  4. Do plan on add other sizes to Adorable Ewe? Thanks again for a wonderful KAL and great video instructions.

  5. I’m getting ready to sew the sleeves. How do I know where each end of the sleeve should be when I start sewing? Is it just based on half of the sleeve being on each side of the shoulder seam?

  6. Thanks a bunch for this most adorable baby sweater! And congratulations on your first grandchild! I am also knitting this for my first grand baby, coming in July! It also happens to be my first on-time knit a-long.

    I look forward to future MKAL!

  7. Are you knitting with Simpliworsted? The fabric should not look lacy at all. I had one knitter accidentally buy Simplicity which is a finer, DK weight yarn.

  8. this is the first time i have done this. when is the pattern posted for the ewe sweater

  9. Hi Michelle, I started working on my gauge and I was able to get the specified gauge on size #11 needles but my fabric looks very lacey, is this right? I get 17 sts with size #10.5 needles. Can you help me with this? Thank you so much.

  10. Hi Michelle, this might sound like an obvious question but here goes which size needle the #8’s or #9’s do I need to get the gauge specified for the April KAL? Thank you Michelle for your help and for sharing this pattern. Can’t waite to start.

  11. Sounds yummy! Sheep are so sweet looking.
    Q: My favorite-looking breed is the kind with white coats, and black faces & feet — kinda iconic, right?
    If the pattern sheep is white all over, is it obvious where I could work these variations?

    So, so, so looking forward to this KAL — always a little disappointed with my sock work; just can’t knit tight enough to make comfortable socks. 🙁

    Thanks for curating yet another interesting KAL with useful techniques worked in.

  12. Can you share what color the pink is in the photo and if it looks better with natural or white?

  13. Can’t wait to get started!! Love all your KAL’s. I learn something new with each one and have been knitting for over 50 years.


  14. So nice to have you in class, Allison! The buttons are along the front edge of the cardigan before the neck shaping. The buttons are on the left side (as if you are wearing it).

  15. It was a pleasure meeting you last weekend and taking your classes! I’m looking forward to my first KAL! Is there a pattern option to have the buttons at the neck for a girl’s sweater?

  16. You are welcome to use any yarn that will yield the same gauge as Simpliworsted. I’m sure your local shop would be happy to help with your selection. I can also recommend some online retailers who can ship the yarn to you. I’m excited to reveal the pattern to you!

  17. Hi Michelle, thank you for this KAL. Can’t wait to start, I was wandering if there is another worsted yarn that will work. My yarn store doesn’t carry the yarn your recommend. Please let me know I would like to start working on my gauge (uhh). Thank you again I’m sure it will be a beautiful sweater.

  18. You are in luck – a baby cardigan is our April KAL. Thanks so much for participating. I look forward to hearing form you and your customers!

  19. So delighted to have you knitting with me! Almost any button will work. If these have the same wool as the sweater I think that would be so cute!

  20. The sheep buttons are out of stock @ Makers Merc.. they have some that have the ‘wool’ on them. Will these work? I’m going to use the gray for MC & want to match to that. Those buttons are more expensive but I want to get them before I start.

  21. The blue pictured is #24 Bluebell. Either natural or white looks good with the yarns. If you go with this shade of blue, I prefer white. Congrats on the new baby!

  22. What color blue is shown in the photo? I’m on maternity leave and this will be perfect for us to start making next month!! However, trying to find colors online is slightly difficult. Also, in your opinion, for a little boy … is the natural or the white the way to go (since I don’t know the end product I”m hoping you can advise)!

  23. If we wish to enter our finished baby sweaters in the draw, are we required to use the same yarn you used or can we use any worsted weight yarn of our choosing?

  24. I’m hoping I’ll learn how to do a button band. I made my first baby sweater & it’s still in the bag waiting for the button band. If I can finally figure that out I’ll have 2 baby sweaters for someone’s baby! Fingers crossed!

  25. Hello Everyone,
    I got my sheep buttons and yarn from FiberWild. They have great customer service and are very helpful. Can’t say enough good about that shop. Hope that helps.

  26. You are welcome to use the buttons of your choosing. Any retail shop that carries Skacel products should be able to order these buttons for you. If you need further recommendations, just let me know.

  27. Have found the yarn for the April KAL, but haven’t been able to find the buttons. Can you suggest where to buy these???

    Thanks so much!!!

  28. I too would like bigger size. My kids wore size 6 mo at 3 months and they rarely wore sweaters this young. Size 18 or 24 months would be more practical for me to make. Just FYI. Thanks for all your wonderful knitting instructions!

  29. I would say that it is suitable for the advanced beginner. Solid knowledge of increases and decreases are required. I will cover finishing techniques and more in the KAL. Hope to knit with you!

  30. Is this pattern suitable for beginners, intermediate, advanced? What skills are required?Looking forward to this KAL.


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