Transient – Part 2

This week’s knitting brings another garter stitch lace pattern nestled between two bands of garter stitch.  I think you will love the charm it adds to our reversible shawl.  I recommend inserting a lifeline into your knitting before continuing on with the following sections.  I don’t want you to lose last week’s hard work.

Section 3 – AABB

We begin at Section 3 which is knit with Color AABB in all garter stitch.  Depending on how much remained in your run of Color AAAB, your yarn should change to AABB in short order.  For your reference, all of my samples changed to AABB somewhere in Row 77.  It is OK if your color change is a bit different – the gradient nature of the yarn is very forgiving!

At the end of Section 3 you will likely be knitting with ABBB or pretty close to it.  My samples changed to ABBB somewhere between Row 94 and 95.  You must continue through Row 96 to reach the required 98 stitches for the upcoming lace in Section 4.

Section 4 – ABBB

This section is worked in the lovely Cat’s Paw pattern.  Often used in Shetland lace fabrics, which are garter stitch-based, this is one of the rare circular motifs in knitting.  A few carefully arranged pairs of simple increases and decreases are all that are needed for this little charmer.  They really do resemble their namesake:)

Section 4 is the shortest one so far and you will find yourself left with a good length of ABBB remaining after Row 108.  I had approximately 40 – 45″ of ABBB remaining after Row 108 in my samples.  Have no fear if yours is different – we are almost to the end of row concerns in the shawl!

For the newbie lace knitters in the group, rest assured that the upcoming patterns are very simple and relaxing.  Be proud of your progress!

Section 5 – BBBB

Another stretch of relaxing garter stitch awaits you in Section 5.  The yarn changed to BBBB in my samples ranging from Row 109 to 111.  My yarn changed to BBBC in Rows 123 or 124.  Everyone must knit through Row 124 to achieve the required 126 stitches needed for next week’s Section 6.

After Section 5, you will no longer need to worry about the yarn changing at or near a prescribed row.  Next week’s clue uses a new formula that is unique to each knitter.  It’s so much fun!


Happy knitting,