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Stranded Knitting – Catching Long Floats

Demonstrated in two-handed knitting for catching yarn held in right hand (background color) and left hand (main/pattern color).

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Stranded Knitting – Positioning the Yarns

The position of the yarns in the hand determines which color is dominant in the design. Positioning options are demonstrated for two-handed, one-handed Continental and one-handed Western-style (throwing). Very important for Fair-Isle knitting.

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Managing Yarns in Colorwork

Everyone loves colorwork but no one likes the tangled yarn it generates! Learn to knit tangle-free stripes and colorwork using these quick tips.

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Carrying Yarn Up the Side

There is no need to cut yarn between color changes when knitting colorwork or stripes.  Carrying yarn up the side of your work allows you to bring the different colors discreetly up the edge.  Consistency is the key to a professional edge and this video will guide you to expert color changing.

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Double Ended Knitting (Stripes)

This technique allows for single rows of striping in flat knitting without having to turn the work at the end of the row. A circular or double pointed needle is all that is needed to try this simple method for color work.

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Intarsia allows for separate areas of color within a knitted piece. Each color area has its own skein or bobbin of yarn allowing for long distances between color changes. Add lovely motifs to your knitting such as argyles, polka dots, pictures – the only limitation is your imagination! Watch this video to learn the basics […]

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Jogless Stripes

Changing colors in circular knitting creates a step, or “jog” in the work. Since rounds of knitting do not nestle on top of each other like stacks of plates, special care must be taken to minimize the interruption made when a new color is introduced. This trick is quick and easy to learn in this […]

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Two Handed Two Color Knitting

Have you tried knitting with two colors (i.e. stranding, fair isle) and found it frustrating? I would have agreed with you before I tried two colors in two hands. The technique featured in this video has your right hand knitting Western style (throwing the yarn) and the left hand knitting Continental style. As a life […]

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