13 thoughts on “Bind Off – Last Stitch Fix

  1. Can I use this on the panels of my Building Blocks blanket, or will this cause issues when I go to knit the panels together?

  2. Wow! This makes so much sense – I am so happy to find this. Thx for sharing !

  3. I’m going to try this. It seems to be a solution to the mouse ears on my dish cloths.
    Thank you very much.

  4. This will certainly come in handy on those occasions when I forget to slip the first stitch of the previous row before binding off – which is my normal way of dealing with “big wonky stitch” in most cases, but who wants to tink a whole row of bind-off AND the previous row? Thank you so much for this!

  5. Then what do you do with the one stitch that is left on the right hand needle?

  6. A friend emailed this to me, I learned this technique in a class, then forgot it and so I am very happy to have this video for future projects. Thank you!

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