An I-cord is a knitted tube that can be used for straps, edges and even the top of a hat. Follow along with this video that demonstrates how to make an I-cord with double points or the magic loop. I like to knit a baby hat as a newborn gift using my leftover sock yarn. I knit the entire hat from cast on to I-cord without double points by using the magic loop method. It’s quick and adorable!

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  1. This is the only I-cord video I have. 15 stitches seems like an awful lot to make an I-cord. With so many stitches it would be flat and not the desired tube shape.

  2. I’m supposed to make an I-cord knitting 15 stitches. My 1st attempt, it didn’t look right so I ripped it out. 2nd and 3rd attempt same. Do you have a video on how to make it look like it’s supposed to be?

  3. Hi Michelle. Thanks so much for the best knitting videos on the Internet! Really! Can an icord edge be attached to live stitches? I am having problems with the icord cast on ( difficult to see all the stitches) so I am considering a provisional cast on and applying the icord at the end. Can this be done? If so, do you have any advice? Thanks again , Ellen

  4. This is a bit more involved. With a dpn, cast on 3-5 sts. With RS of garment facing and dpn in right hand, pick up and knit a st through the edge of the garment. *Do not turn. Slied the sts to the other end of the dpn and move needle toleft hand. Pull the yarn across the back of the sts and knit until 2 sts remain, k2tog. Pick up and knit one stitch. Repeat from * until the I-cord is all along the edge. Cut yarn and pull yarn through the remaining I-cord sts.

  5. Michelle, sorry I was unclear in my request, but I was really looking for the following technique: Hoe do you attach an I-cord border edge in a different color yarn after your project is finished?

  6. Michelle, how do you knit an I-Cord Edge along the length of a scarf? I would love a video. Thank you. Your videos are extremely helpful!

  7. Great video. One question though, how do you end it? Do you just knit all three stitches together?


  8. Thanks for the i-cord video – super helpful, but is an i-cord cast on done any differently? Thanks!

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