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  2. You should join me for my next knit along. It is a mystery sock knit from the toe up and begins on April 2nd. Go to my KAL page on my website for more info.

  3. I have to admit that at 67 and knitting since I was 3, I have ALWAYS run away from socks. Three years ago, a friend FORCED me to knit a sock with her. Grudgingly, I started. I was stuck in silly places and she forced me to fix them myself as I knit so tightly. I always have. Well, when I finished that sock, I was in heaven until my friend told me I’d never knit a ‘real’ mate to it, and she proceeded with me, Eben further! She made me get the Magic Loop book, a corresponding pattern directing me to knit with fingering yarn, sports yarn, and (lo and behold – MY FAVORITE!) Knitting worsted yarn! And she made me get a 36″ circular needle. She showed me how to straightened it out, and then taught me to make a PAIR of socks AT ONE TIME ON THAT ONE NEEDLE! I am so happy making pairs of socks, that I make them for everyone (8 people plus friends)! Now that she has moved away, I really wish I could find another knitaholic to chatter with!!

  4. Dear KPH,
    Thanks for this video. The pattern I am doing calls for repositioning the stitches. I was successful doing this, but I have to say it was confusing and markers involved etc. I thought I did it wrong, but I seemed to work out ok. I like your method better where the instep stitches stay put and the heel stitches stay where they always stay. I think I’m going to try it this way. So basically, after you turn your heel, you just pick up the gusset stitches, right?


  5. Congrats on your first cuff down attempt! When working cuff down socks two at a time with traditional heels, I separate my socks onto two needles to work the heels individually and then continue with two at a time after the heels are complete. Unfortunately the traditional heel does not lend itself to easy two at a time work. Hope this helps!

  6. thank you for your videos, they are very helpful. I have begun knitting my first pair of socks cuff down, two at a time on magic loop and have hit a dead end. I have done the heel flaps for sock one and two and have turned the heel for sock one and ready to pick up stitches to begin the gusset on sock one, but am not sure how to get back to sock two.

  7. When you say you have finished the gusset, do you mean that you have picked up all the stitches along the heel flaps? Have you worked the gusset decreases? After working the decreases you should have the same number on both the front and back needles.

  8. I have just finished the gussett and I need to move stitches from the front to the back so I have the same amount of stitches on each needle…How do I do this so that I have the gussett on each side?

  9. Yes, I did pick up and knit when I picked up my gusset stitches, but in order to get back to starting position, you actually go past that first picked up side a second time. I’m now on the foot of my sock, and I cannot tell that that side has one extra row, so it didn’t seem to matter. Thank you for your help. Your videos are so clear, and you have a gift for teaching!

  10. Welcome to the magic loop! I am a HUGE fan. Let’s see if we can get you through the gusset and cruising on down to the toe. When picking up stitches along the heel flap for the gusset set up, the stitches on both sides are picked up AND knit. If you did not do this, do not fret. One little 1/2 round will go undetected in your sock. (I love how forgiving socks are!) As an experienced sock knitter, you have discovered a great way to close that gap that can creep into the gusset area by picking up 2 extra stitches. Your decrease strategy is a good one. Congrats and enjoy the sock!

  11. I have a question. I just finished picking up all my stitches and am back to the beginning position. In doing so, it seems like the first side of the PU gets worked one extra time–picking up the stitches and then back around to the beginning stitches, whereas at that point the second PU side has only been picked up but not knit. Does that matter? Does the second side ever catch up?

    Normally on DPNs, I pick up 2 extra stitches at the gap, one on each side, then work 1 complete knit round, just doing a K2tog of those 2 extra stitches on either side, THEN start my decrease/plain rounds. I didn’t figure out how to do that with the magic loop. With magic loop I knitted those 2 extra stitches together AS I picked them up. Is that the correct way to do that?

    I bought your pattern and LOVE your videos! They are getting me through my first magic looped sock.

  12. With right side facing, knit across your turn heel stitches and you should be in position to begin the gusset section. Keep me posted on your progress!

  13. YES thank you i have finished the heel flap and turn heel havent picked up the stiches on the heel flap gusset yet thanks

  14. I love that you are back working on your socks again. I need a little more info as to where you are exactly in the sock. Have you finished the heel flap and turn heel? Did you pick up the stitches along the sides of the heel flap for the gusset? I think we can get through this together!

  15. i love your site totally has helped me adavance on my socks after not picking it up for three weeks however on the gusset i eneded with my needles back at postion one faceing to the right side did i knit to many rows should i pull out and try again because it seems to be going the exact oposite way on my directions HELP

  16. No such thing as a stupid question! If you decrease every round in the gusset then your sock will have a shorter instep and may be too tight. If you are knitting with the magic loop, slip the sock on and see how it fits. I know this is a painful section to rip out but it may be necessary. Let me know how you make out!

  17. I’m happy to further your sock addiction. I, too, love the magic loop. You may use the magic loop for any sock. I write all my patterns so they may be knit with dpns, magic loop or two circs. If your pattern calls for 3 or 4 needles simply divide your socks in half with first half for the front/instep and second half for the back/sole/heel. I hope this helps!

  18. Hey Michelle,
    I have one question: during the gusset decrease rounds if one did not notice one had to knit the entire second round but decreased each round what will that doo for the sock? I hope this is not a “stupid” question. If I have to take those rounds out (AGAIN) 🙂 then I just have to. Thanks for being patient with your “brand new” student. 🙂

  19. Dear Mrs. KnitPurl,
    I just had to write you to say (and I’m shouting this) THANK YOU (x1000)! Your videos have made it possible for me to knit my first sock using the “magic loop” technique. Although I’ve been knitting for over 30 years, I’ve never knitted a pair of socks until now. I must say I’m totally hooked! Your videos are not only so easy to follow but you have one of the most pleasant voices which helps instill confidence in your students. And although I had a couple of glitches, it wasn’t because of you – it was because I read the pattern wrong and had to take out my errors (several rows in fact). But I was able to follow your videos and they got me back on track. So thank you. One question, can I use the “magic loop” technique for ALL patterns? Please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again!
    Brenda Carter aka Wirey Willow

  20. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I bought a magic loop about 3 months ago, but I had put it away, because it looked so confusing, but after watching your videos, I am to the gusset point, and I love it!!! Your videos are so easy to watch and you demonstrate each step very well!! I don’t believe I could have made my sock without it. I do a step, and go back to your video and I have bookmarked your website ! I will reference you from now on!!! thanks so much. I have made one sock with double point needles, and I did it, but the magic loop makes it so much easier!!! I don’t have the ladders and I don’t have points sticking all over the place. Do you have your own patterns to make hats, scarfs, mittens?? Beth

  21. Ok, in backtracking, my final purl row of the turn heel had one more stitch than called for in the pattern…oooops. So my local teacher said to knit one more decrease row: sl1, k to end, then k2tog. Which I did. That’s why I’m left with my purl row facing to start the pick up stitches.

    As of now, I haven’t picked up ANY of them yet, awaiting more help :). I understand what you said about the gusset leaving a ridge, makes sense.

    Thank you so much again!

  22. I just need a bit more info – did you start picking up the stitches for the gusset after knitting across the turn heel stitches? I do have a video on that section of the sock as well. You will get a ridge if you pick up the stitches with the wrong side of the heel flap facing. Keep me posted, I’m happy to help!

  23. I’m learning how to knit socks and your videos are the best I’ve seen! One question:
    I’m on the right side of my sock now as shown in the video. However, my needles are facing to the right! So I’d be picking up my first stitches with the purl side facing.
    Is this because I started my gusset on the purl side? And does it really matter which side I begin with?!
    Thanks so much!

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