Knot Stitch

Add a beautiful textured appearance to your knitting with this simple stitch. P2tog leaving the stitches on the left hand needle. Now, work a k2tog into the same two stitches and remove from the left hand needle.
The knot stitch is worked over an even number of stitches. Although there are two decreases, the stitch count remains constant because each pair of stitches is worked twice.

11 thoughts on “Knot Stitch

  1. Hurray, finally got an internet connection to get part 2.
    from Rome to Venice to Canada…..your projects get around. Can’t wait to tell you about all the people who asked what I was doing and are going to join in the knitting fun! Need you to be with me to fix wine knitting problems! Maybe knitting in Italy isnt’ such a good idea!

  2. Having an absolute wonderful time with the “mystery” shawlette creating it and not knowing what it will look like until the sections are completed! Your precise reassuring directions and amazing instructional videos are excellent. THANK YOU!! So very glad that I am doing these projects!! Happy knitting to everyone!

  3. Michelle, the videos are wonderful. I have learned so much from them. They are well done which makes learning the new technique a breeze. Can’t wait to start part 2.

  4. I am enjoying this. Thanks for the life line idea, got tangles up in section 2 and needed it. I want to thank you for the stitch videos too. So clear and helpful. I’m learning alot with this project.

  5. I’m glad you like the shortened printable copies. The posting is full of helpful information, but the downloadable/printable version is just the pattern. I’m trying to strike a balance between detailed instruction and paper conservation!

  6. Thank you Michelle for simplifying the printed out directions by only adding the new abbreviations. It will make it easier to keep track of my pages. And thank you for beginning the season with a good warm up project.


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