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  1. I wish I were sitting next to you because we could have this sorted out in a jiffy. With right side facing is the working yarn on the left or right hand side of the heel? If it is on the left then work across the instep (top of the foot) and pick up each wrap as you get to it. If it is on the right side then you are absolutely correct and you can proceed as directed. Good luck and happy knitting!

  2. I am at the point in the short row heel where I have 1 wrap stitch on each end of 1 sock. Instead of having the knit side I have the purl/wrong side facing me. Kicker tho is it only happened on 1 of the socks I’m knitting 2 toe up on magic loop. No idea how it happened or how to fix. Love your videos and explanations. Hope you can help! Thanks!

  3. It is impossible to work a short row heel the way you are describing it. Since you do not knit all the stitches in a row you are unable to get past the unworked stitches on one heel to knit the stitches on the other sock. Trust the process and enjoy that both socks stay on the needle and you will have two done quickly.

  4. I am working on my first toe up two at a time socks, and I enjoy working both socks at the same time.

    I am surprised to see that for the heel you actually work one sock first, and then the other. I expected to treat the heel the same as the rest of the sock so far, knitting one step at a time for sock 1 and then sock 2, turning the work, knitting sock 2 and then sock 1. Why would that not work for the short row heel? I was traveling and got a late start on my socks, so I am not quite at the heel myself, but I am wondering about it now, because your video surprised me.
    Is it just preference, or is there something that I am not considering when expecting to continue to knit taat, even for the heel?

  5. Although your knitting style is slightly different the wrap and turns will be the same for you. Try my videos Short Row Heel, Part One and Part Two for a more close up look at these heel techniques. I know you can do it!

  6. Hi

    Wondering if you can help. I’m trying to learn how to knit socks two at a time from the toe up to teach my grandmother. There is one problem everyone knits differently than me. My grandma taught me to wrap needle around the yarn. Every video I see wraps the yarn around the needle. I’m using the book “Toe up 2 at a time socks ” and I’m totally stuck. Shaping the heel is what I can not complete, the further I go, the more confused I get.
    If I can see how it is done, I know I will pick it up.
    Whatever you can do it will be truly appreciated.

    Thank you

  7. Thank you so much. This is difficult to decipher through text; but showing it really highlights how simple it is! Your instruction works for 2 circulars as well.

  8. I am so glad you did this video, because I have been moving one of the socks onto a couple of dp needles until I had finished sock number one and then did sock number two. As always, thank you for teaching us better ways of doing things : )

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