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  1. Can you switch from regular circular knitting to the magic loop method in the middle of a project such as a hat?

  2. Thanks for knitting socks with me! Simply go to my website and click on the Video Lessons icon. Scroll down to the Socks category and all of the videos you need are waiting for you. Welcome to sock addiction!

  3. Hi, I am for the first time trying to knit socks, top down (cuff down) on magic loop …. how would I follow your videos? You mentioned your sock pattern accompanied with videos but when I clicked on the link it said page no long available. Where should I look now .. please.

  4. You should purl it. However, I would rearrange my stitches so each needle has an even number of stitches that begin with knit and end with purl.

  5. I used your videos to get me through the heel gusset on a sock. But I need help with finishing the sock, do you have a video that will get me through the instep to the toe to finishing sock. I am new to knitting and your videos are so clear and helpful. But I am stuck! Thank you

  6. if my sock pattern cuff is to be knit purl on magic loop, if I reach knit as last stitch on one needle to I knit on the next needle or purl

  7. Norma T.

    Thank you for keeping your tutorials so user friendly. I was getting so discouraged until I found your site. Now when I have a problem, or looking to improve, I know where to go. Your instructions are so clear and simple to follow. I just finished watching your ‘magic loop’ video and about to give it a try. I was noticing the cable you were using seemed to be a a nice sturdy one, and was wondering where I could purchase them. Again, thank you.

  8. Thank you so much! I’ll give it a go. Now I am more confident I can master it! When I get some practice (and courage), I want to try socks.

  9. You can Magic Loop over any number of stitches. Check out the Newborn Hat pattern in my Pattern Shop. It is made for magic loop knitting that goes down to a 6 stitch I-cord and it’s all done on the one long needle. If a k2tog is at the end of a needle, simply rearrange your stitches and continue.

  10. I want to try magic loop for knitting baby hats. Is this possible? If so, How do you handle the decreases? What do you do if, for example, after a few rows a k2tog comes at the end o f the division with one st of the k2tog on one needle and the next st on the other? And, are there a minimum number of stitches that can be knit with magic loop or can a hat be knit to the end completely avoiding dpns?
    I always come to your site for help because your videos are so very good and I have learned enormously from them! My knitting took a huge leap when I did an afghan using your Building Blocks book and the videos. Thanks so very much.

  11. I have a baby sock pattern that calls for size 0 double pointed needles. Will magic loop work? Will I need 40″ circs? Is there such a thing in size 0?

  12. Thank you! This has been so confusing to me! I am trying to learn to make socks and I am trying all three methods, dpn’s, magic loop, and two circular to see which works for me. Honestly, your videos are so clear!

    By the way, which method do you prefer for making socks?


  13. Hi I am making a pair of socks by the magic loop method by Sarah Hauschka everything works fine until I get to the instep gusset it said to reposition stitches by slipping 7 stitches from right to left . I watched your vieso and it looks different then what she is saying to do can you please help me. Thanks Kim

  14. Thank you for this tutorial! I have wanted to learn sock knitting for over a year (I’ve only been knitting 2 yr). I was intimidated by trying to learn the magic loop on my own from a sock book that my husband got me for Christmas last year & haven’t been able to make it to a class. This is the first video that was very straightforward and clear to me. The drive to knit a pair of baby mittens without fighting with dpns led me to give it another try with your video…and I’m off! Thank you! All of your videos are a wonderful resource!

  15. How would you do this with a provisional cast on? Would you join the provisional cast on stitches before starting to knit with the project yarn?

  16. Mary…. Did this work for avoiding the laddering? Also, do you have to do this with each round? Laddering is a hugh thorn in my side!


  17. I have been magic looping for a year or so and every so often I get laddering – I just watched your video and loved what you said about the second stitch being the one to “snug up” the yarn! I did not realize it was the second stitch – I always tugged on the first one! Thank you!

  18. Thank you so much !!! Your vidéo are great. Thanks for sharing all this with us it’s so helpful. Have a Nice day.

  19. Most socks are knit with a gauge of 8-9 stitches per inch in stockinette with fingering weight yarn. Try to get to that gauge and a stitch count of 72 stitches seems about right for you. Let me know how the swatching goes!

  20. hi i have been mainly knittin socks with thicker yarn on magic loop and would like to switch to the superfine yarn i have purchased i am finding alot of confusing information out there on how many stitches to cast on every one seems to do it differently or follow a formula ive knitted a guage swatch averaging 12 stitches per inch and i have size to needles also my ankle measures about 10.5 inches around from where i wanna knit from top down socks any help or advice would be aprecitated

  21. I learn more from your videos than I do from any class I have attended. I just came from a magic loop class nothing was clear until I looked at your video !! Thank you so much for your clear, concise and fool proof videos. Your Grandma should be proud !!

  22. Stripes do jog when knit in the round. Watch my Jogless Stripes video to minimize this effect. This technique may also help with smoothing your garter to stockinette transitions. Please let me know if this helps.

  23. *sighs* I learned how to magic loop from watching your videos, and thank you so very much!! Currently, I’m trying to convert a flat knit baby bootie into a circular pattern. For the cuff, the pattern is as follows: Rows 1-8 are garter stitch and rows 9-12 are stockinette stitch, repeat until cuff measures 2.5 inches. I made an example to work out the kinks, but what I noticed when I was through was that my garter “stripes” look like they are jogging when I change to or from the stockinette “stripes”. It’s also creating noticeable creases at the beginning and atthe midway points. How do I fix this? Oh, I’m also knitting on a 40″ size 1 circular needles. If you can help me, I’d be eternally grateful. 🙂 I love to knit and crochet baby things and these booties are part of a layette set for my brother’s baby that is due in 2 weeks. 🙂

    Thank you!


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  26. I think I can, I think I can!! Thanks for this video. I guess I always thought that there were 2 circulars used in magic loop, and chose to stay away from it. This looks “do-able”! Thanks!

  27. I will have to watch it a few more times….but I think this is really cool. It definitely looks like I could do it…just have to master the technique. Your video is great! Thanks :0)

  28. Please can you tell me the difference between the Magic loop method and the Judy Becker method…my interest is making socks toe up.
    Thanks in advance
    Joy in Australia

  29. very easy to follow; the audio is a bit ‘echo-y’ but I can make out what your stating. Thanks for posting this . . .

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