Russian Join

The Russian Join is a great way to join a new skein of yarn in the midst of a project. This join is very sturdy with minimal bulk added to the fabric. Best of all, there are no tails to weave in! I especially like to use the Russian Join in shawls to eliminate the pesky tails that seem to pop out even after careful weaving.

20 thoughts on “Russian Join

  1. Of all the new stitches you taught in the Building with Lace class, this is the one I use the most. It is such a great way to join a new skein when you are knitting with one color. I use it all the time. Not only does it use all the yarn efficiently, it eliminates having to weave in the tail ends! Love it!

  2. Oh my!! I just found this technique on your site. I am working a turtleneck neck using magic loop and I ran out of yarn with one inch to go. I wanted to hide the ends in the turtle. This is SO easy. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for the video lessons. I refer to them often when I’m stumped on a technique.

  4. Great technique! I will be using this in SO many of my future knitting projects. Thanks!

  5. Ok, why do I try to knit or read after midnight?! I just watched the Russian Join video, and though it’s a super slick method, I’m seeing now that it won’t work for a color change at the end of a row. Seriously, someone should lock up all my yarn after 11:00pm…

  6. Would you recommend using the Russian Join to change colors within a project?
    I’m working on a two-color dishcloth, using cotton yarn. I haven’t changed yarn color in a project before, so was looking for how to do that. From your description, changing yarn for a new skein doesn’t seem to be too terribly dofferent from changing yarn due to a color change. I have to change color 3x within each 12 row section, which I’ll repeat till I reach desired length. Is there a better / different way to change yarn color? Thanks, and I refer to your videos often!

  7. This is a great technique! Thanks so much for posting. Question: is it best with a certain weight of yarn?

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