Vertical Seam (Side Seam)

I love to use seed stitch to frame all sorts of knitting stitches.  Seed stitch lies flat and makes for easy seaming which is why I chose it to border my Building Blocks squares.  Simply work your way up a side seam by picking up the bumps going from side to side and your seam will be nearly invisible.

Who said finishing had to be difficult? Watch the vertical seam video and see if you agree!

13 thoughts on “Vertical Seam (Side Seam)

  1. I have seen knitters use all one color or different colors. I suggest looking at the finished blankets on Ravelry to see how other knitters have handled the situation. There are tons of examples. Happy knitting!

  2. I am following up on an answer about seaming different color blocks. When you said decide on one block color to use…did you mean one color to seam the entire Afghan or one color from each of the two blocks combining? Thanks.

  3. I am beginner. Can I use this method to stitch up side seams on reverse sockinette stitch sweater for baby . There are short vertical seam that transitions to a raglan type sleeve.
    Thanks for advice

  4. What do I do with the yarn tail at the end of the seam or when I have to add more yarn in the middle to complete the seam?

  5. Thank you for making such a nice video. You are clear and concise and this makes it very easy to see exactly what you are doing. The contrasting yarn, not too much movement of the pieces you are sewing together makes this, in my humble opinion, the best seed stitch seaming video out there.
    Thank you, and now I am off to finish my little dachshund’s sweater!

    Jennifer Geist

  6. I would seam in the same manner as with one color. Select one of the block colors and it will be somewhat noticeable but becomes a nice design element. Congrats on finishing!

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