12 thoughts on “Garter Stitch Short Row Heel – Part 1

  1. I have 36 stitches for my heel. I want to leave 6 unworked. This puts me on a right side row rather than wrong side when I start Part 2. Is this a problem? Do I need to leave an odd number of unworked stitches?
    I love this technique. Thank you.

  2. My heel is approx. 2″. This will vary with your gauge and yarn. Check out my Pattern Shop for the FREE pattern, Stripes Alive, that uses this heel. Happy knitting!

  3. I’m knitting my 1st toe up pair, and the 1st sock is too short on my foot even though I followed the recipe (alas, from a different source than yours) exactly. I will use your heel recipe for sock #2…which leads me to my question. How long on the foot does your heel measure? I don’t want TWO ill fitting socks LOL

  4. I am just getting to the heel now and after watching the video I am sure that I can do this heel. I have been excluding patterns with this type of heel because I was not certain how to do the wrap and turn. Thank you for putting out instructions on video for each of these steps. There is always something new to learn in knitting! btw this yarn is surprising me in the patterns that are showing up. I think I would have been hesitant to try this yarn by myself with out some guidance. I am so loving this KAL! I am a winner just by participating!

  5. I love using the counter for the 2nd part of the heel. Previously I always messed up somewhere and had to rip back. Problem solved! Thanks!

  6. Loving the KAL so far! This is my first KAL. I loved watching the stripes develop on the leg. As a long time sock knitter I didn’t think there was a heel I hadn’t tried…..untill now!

  7. Cool – a new way to do a heel – for Me! And, also – only in garter stitch… my W&T’s have always been in stockinette stitch. Learning a lot in the KAL!!

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