Center of Attention – Part 4

Now that your heel is complete it is time to cruise on up the leg.  First, let’s pause for a minute and admire the beauty of the short row heel one last time before we knit on.  It really is a bit of knitting magic!








I wrote this pattern for the novice and experienced sock knitter alike.  I hope the experienced sockers appreciated the challenge of a new stitch.  For the newer sock knitters, especially first time toe-up sockers, the leg of this sock is quite simple.  In fact it is so simple that I sheepishly give you the instructions.

To complete the sock, simply continue up the leg maintaining the instep design over the front of the leg and allowing the back of the leg to remain in stockinette.  I can hear many of you groaning because there is nothing new to add!  I have several reasons for this design choice:

  • A simple leg allows the cables to remain at the “center of attention” and ensure that every knitter is successful.
  • Knitting the design over only half of the leg means you can knit quicker and finish in time to enter the prize drawing.
  • The stockinette stitches provide a good area to customize the size.

Before continuing with the leg, take some time to evaluate the circumference of the knitted foot since it will also be the circumference of the leg of your sock.  Stretch the foot to see how wide it will expand for your leg.  Most knitters will find that this measurement is suitable for the leg as well.  If your cables were firmer or looser than mine, you may wish to make some adjustments for the leg size.  The simplest adjustment is to change needle sizes at this point.  The difference will be undetectable to the eye, but may provide the change you need.  Other options include adding an increase (Kfb or Make One) or decrease (ssk) at the beginning and end of the first round of stockinette stitches.  They will be nearly invisible since they are tucked next to the lace stitches on the chart.

If you would like to work the back of the leg in the cable design you may do so easily.  Medium size knitters will need to increase the stitch count as in the Set Up Row in Part One to achieve the required 36 stitches for the design.  Once the instep/front of the leg is ready for Row 1 of the charted design, work the pattern over all of the 72 stitches.  This pattern modification maintains the eligibility of your sock within the prize rules.

When binding off a toe up sock, it is essential to use a loose bind off.  I have seen beautiful socks become unwearable after the knitter used the standard bind and it would no longer fit over their ankle.  I recommend Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Bind Off for this sock.  You will love the clean line it creates while keeping your cuff edge firm yet still elastic.  Watch my Sewn Bind Off  Video to learn this handy bind off.  To finish your two at a time socks, watch Two at a Time Socks – Bind Off   for a quick tutorial.

Part Four

Click here to download printable version

AC6 (Axis Cable) – slip 4 stitches to cable needle and hold in front of work, knit 2 stitches from left hand needle, return 2 center stitches from cable needle to left hand needle, move cable needle to back of work, knit 2 center stitches, knit 2 stitches from cable needle.  See Axis Cable Video

k2tog – knit two together.  See k2tog Video

ssk – slip next stitch as if to knit, slip next stitch as if to knit, insert left needle into the front of these two slipped stitches from left to right and knit together.  See ssk Video

yo – yarn over.  See Yarn Over Video

Directions are for women’s Medium (directions for Large in parentheses when necessary).


Continue knitting in the round with first 36 stitches worked in design pattern (see chart above) and last 32(36) remaining in stockinette (all knit) until leg reaches 5” or desired height ending after Row 10.


All Sizes: Work a k1, p1 rib for 1”.

Bind off using sewn bind off method.  See Sewn Bind Off  Video


I consider a knitting project the most essential item in any survival kit.

Who would want to be stranded without it?

©2013 Michelle Hunter

October Knit Along

Join me this Fall for a beautiful colorwork cowl featuring four colors of Kenzie by HiKoo.  Kenzie is a gorgeous tweed from New Zealand with yummy colors and superior softness.  Size Small – four skeins will yield a cowl up to 32″.  Size Large – 8 skeins (2 each of four colors), knits the season’s must-have infinity scarf 60-68″ to wear fashionably doubled.  Just in time for your Holiday knitting!  My favorite sample is knit to 64″ in the featured colors pictured below: #1000 Pavlova (natural), #1006 Kumara (orange), #1007 Kiwifruit (green) and #1009 Oceania (navy).



Size Small – up to 32″.  (Size Large up to 68.”)

1(2) skeins each of 4 different colors of Kenzie, 160 yards/50g each.  50% New Zealand merino, 25% nylon, 10% angora, 10% alpaca, 5% silk noils.

US #7, 16″ circular needle

US#8, 16″ circular needle

Two removable stitch markers

Gauge – Approximately 20 stitches = 4″ in stockinette.





156 thoughts on “Center of Attention – Part 4

  1. I love your site. I started your KAL’s with a knitting group at the Yarn Sellar. My life suddenly turned into squash and I had to move away. It was so hard being alone and on my own I felt so disconnected. Then one afternoon I went to your site to look at a video technique. I wasn’t knitting just kind of hanging out on my tablet. Well I began to explore your KAL’s and started the Crimple socks. I feel like I am connected again. I called my friends at Yarn Sellar to tell them and they were just getting ready to start a new KAL and I joined in. They mailed the yarn and every Thursday I tuned in. Thank you for all your work. I constanty tell people about your video lessons. I here from them that it is such an extrordinary resoursce. Thanks again

  2. Congrats on finishing your socks! A 1 x 1 rib is the firmer rib. Every purl stitch adds a bit more width to the garment. You could take out the ribbing and try the k1, p1 rib and reduce the stitches and see if that helps.

  3. My socks are finished and I love them but the top edge ribbing isn’t as stretchy or snuggy as id like. I ended up using a 2×2 rib. Any ideas?

  4. Thank you so much for your loyalty! Our next KAL is in October. If you have subscribed to my newsletter (go to my website to subscribe) then you will receive a reminder. I’m looking forward to knitting with you then!

  5. I won’t leave this group. I am looking forward to your next KAL. I think you said October. The present sock KAL is probably my 6th KAL with you. I am hooked!

  6. I’m delighted we can be your knitting group! I hope you find a local shop soon, but not if that means you will leave our KAL!

  7. Thank you so much for continuing your KAL ‘s. I love the easy to understand instructions. I have knitted several of your KAL ‘s and will continue in future. I am busy with my 3 grandchildren and so far, since I have moved to Orange County, Ca, I have not been able to find a convenient knit shop for social knitting. This is filling that spot in my life! And every time I have a knitting question I know I can look on your site to find the answer.
    Thank you very much
    Sue Campbell, Tustin Ca

  8. Hand washing will give your socks the longest life. I will admit that I hate to hand wash. For my Super wash sock yarn, I place them in a lingerie bag and toss them in the washer. I lay them flat to dry. My socks last forever!

  9. Michelle, do you have any helpful hints about how to care for your hand knit socks to give them a long life? Thanks!

  10. The cut and paste option got me again! Please ignore that line. It is not needed at all. I have corrected the post and the printed version. I will be sending you a free pattern to reward you for your eagle eyes!

  11. It says for medium size before cuff to *k7, k2tog* But medium size is not an even multiple of nine stitches (the large one is). Am I missing something?

  12. Jolene, Congratulations on finishing your socks during your recovery! You were right to think that you bind off in the same direction as your knitting. To join the last stitch, I like to put my threaded tapestry needle through the first stitch of the round and then weave in the end. This is simply demonstrated and I hope I get to meet you next week in CA and I’ll show you in person!

  13. Due to surgery, I am just finishing up my socks now — thank goodness I tried two at a time so I will get them done by the deadline. I have a question about doing the bind-off “in the round”.
    I’m doing magic loop. When you do the bind-off, do you continue in the same direction as you would if you were following the pattern (binding off the side with the pattern) or would I turn the sock around and start binding off the rows that I just knit (the sole of the sock).
    Do you have any suggestions on how to join the last bind off stitch in the round?
    Thanks so much for this pattern, I really enjoyed it!! I hope to make it to Green Planet Yarns to meet you in person. JoLene

  14. Maybe it is the loose aspect that is bothering you. If you do a firm bind off then it may not stretch over your foot. Of course you are welcome to try other bind offs. Some sock knitters like the tubular bind off or Jenny’s super stretchy bind off for toe up socks.

  15. The sock pair knitted along beautifully until I came to the sewn bind off. I watched the video a couple of times to make sure I was doing it right and proceeded. I do not like the looks of the finish…it seems to “whow” out on the final sewn part slightly and does not look professional. Is there another way to finish this pair of otherwise lovely socks?

  16. Just finished my socks last night. I love the sewn cast off; it’s beautiful, and wonderfully elastic. I usually cast off to tight.

  17. Congrats on your first toe up sock! Tubular bind off would work if you prefer. Knots are no fun and not common, but seem to appear despite best efforts to eliminate them. I would untie the knot and rejoin the yarn, weaving in the ends.

  18. Would a tubular bind off work as well as the sewn bind off? Also, how do you handle knots in your sock yarn? Do you take them out and weave them in? Is it common to have knots in sock yarn? This was a sweet little sock by the way. I had not knitted this particular cable before, had never knitted a toe up, nor had I ever tried the sewn bind off. Worth the price of admission!

  19. Tried again and couldn’t get it to download. Thank goodness I saved a hard copy of the first form, so I filled in my information and scanned it, saved to my documents and then attached it to an email. Sort of a round about way of getting there and the form is rather small in the email but hopefully they will be able to read it. Thank you for your help.

  20. I also can’t get it to down load. So I haven’t even got the first one posted. So disappointed.

  21. I’m not a computer expert, but maybe when you go to the Skacel site hit the refresh button and it may then work. Let me know how you do!

  22. Can anyone help me? I just tried downloading the monthly entry form from Skacel to get the new version but it will not start downloading. I have the first version saved but can’t seem to fill in the info and email it. I read here to download the new version but I’m not having any luck with that either. Is it user error?

  23. Good work on the socks and February is almost here! The only hints I can give you about the clues for the weekly prizes is that there is a something on the skacel or knitpurlhunter site that would alert you to the prize. It is random and once the prize is won the “clue” is removed. Very tricky!!!!

  24. Congratulations, Tammy, and good luck in the contest! I have made many friends because of knitting. It is about community as much as the craft itself!

  25. I am almost finished with my second sock and I love this pattern. These socks are so comfy, I think I’ll have to keep them for myself!!
    I wonder if you can give some hints as to where we should be searching for hints to win the weekly prizes? I haven’t found any yet, but have been looking.
    I am excited to start the fingerless gloves…….in the meantime, back to my second sock. This knit along has been so much fun!

  26. Sent my Entry Form in with picture today! On my way to yarn store to get February yarn! I wish that today was the 1st because since the 1st is a weekday I will have to wait until after work to start 🙁 This is my first KAL and it is so much fun! After the yarn store my daughter and I are on our way to a baby shower for a knitting friend. We are helping with the shower and are so blessed that we found a knitting group when we moved here and had no friends!

  27. Almost done with the socks (I do both at the same time), I just have about 5 rows of rib and the cast off left, and of course, weaving in ends. I think I have practically knitted the socks three times before I finally got the pattern right………ugh, what a time to find out I can’t READ RIGHT! When I did finally get the pattern right, these socks are awesome. I like that they only go 1/2 way round with pattern; that seems to make the pattern so much more important. In the morning I will finish them up real quick and get on to the mittens. I have never made mittens but have always wanted to learn. Great KAL so far. Thanks!

  28. Ok so why can’t it be February 1st already????? And why does it have to fall on a day that I have to work, so I have to wait to start my gloves?????? And I don’t even have my second sock done yet……

  29. Done!!! Yea I really love them. The whole toe up and everything on this sock was something new to me. This was a great kal and thank you Michelle and Skacel!! Cannot wait to start the gloves next week

  30. Thanks for the tip on reinforcement. I would also like to thank Barbara for her tip on of using a duplicate stitch. I sent my picture in this morning and waiting for the next project on Monday.

  31. I just finished a beautiful heel on my second sock without one problem. I will have it done in plenty of time to start the new adventure on the 1st if I don’t break my arm patting myself on the back, that is! Many thanks for all of the fun I am having.

  32. I’ve got enough yarn in my house to open a yarn shop, too. Only thing is, I OWN an LYS! Doesn’t stop the stash from accumulating in the house, but now it accumulates in the shop, too! The problem is everytime I get new yarn that I like (and I only get yarn I like), I want to make something out of that, too. And all the new patterns — help! Anyone know where the Fountain of Youth is? I’ll need to drink from it forever to knit up everything I want to make!

  33. Terry, What a wonderful way to honor your mother-in-law! Obviously your co-worker is not a knitter. She will be jealous when she sees your fingerless gloves. Good news – you will have enough yarn to make at least 2 pairs of gloves from one skein!

  34. First sock completed now on to the 2nd leg of my other sock. Hope to get done this weekend. I can’t wait to wear them in honor of my mother in law. My friend at work told me that I was obsessed. What did she mean by that? 🙂 Still waiting to receive the yarn for February. Can’t wait for the fingerless mitts. I’ve made a few pair and love, love , love them…. course I didn’t keep any of them. Maybe this pair will be all mine.

  35. My friend and I also had such an agreement…but over the years my husband has discovered most of my stash…so I told my husband that when I die I would like him to put out my stash and allow all interested parties to help themselves! -I know that I will never live long enough to deplete my stash – even if I quit shopping now!
    Funny story – when my son was in Grade three he told the teacher that he had a full-sized garbage pail in his closet (he had the biggest closet in the house) and that he didn”t know what was in it – the curious teacher phoned me – of course, it was full of wool !

  36. Some people weave in either more yarn or a strand of nylon (like wooly nylon thread or special nylon yarn sold for reinforcing) through the areas that usually wear out first.

    I find that areas of my socks wear thin before actually wearing out, so when I see the first signs of this happening I use a needle and yarn to follow the stitches (like doing duplicate stitch) and reinforce the area before it breaks through. I try to do an area somewhat larger than the thin spot for good measure.

  37. Good job on the socks! Some knitters like to reinforce the heels or toes with a thin yarn containing nylon for added strength that is held together with the main yarn in these areas. Another option for next time is to use a smaller needle size for the toe and heel to make smaller, sturdier stitches.

  38. I’m happy to introduce so many people to Trekking. It is a lovely yarn with endless yummy colors. As for your stash, I have heard the most ingenious stories about knitters hiding their yarn from snooping spouses. My dear friend has made me promise that in the event of her untimely death (no worries, she is only 32!) I have to break into her house and remove her hidden stash so her boyfriend doesn’t learn the extent of her obsession. Just one reason why I love that girl!
    Can’t wait for February!

  39. I Just made a pair of socks with 1852 and loved it. Because the yarn is a bit thicker I was able to knit with fewer stitches and get done quicker – always a bonus! Thanks for your suggestions about the pattern. 4 days until the glove!

  40. Thanks for your suggestions on the patterns. I have struggled with the formatting issue and what is the best solution. Not sure if knitters like the chart handy, want to see it on their smart phone, don’t mind looking on last week’s clue for the chart etc. With your help I will keep working to improve for you all!

  41. Hurray both my socks are completed.
    Do you have a suggestion for adding a yarn to the toe and heel section for added strength I am hard on my socks.

  42. Congratulations to Jane A. from Traverse City. We go to Traverse City a couple of times each year and I would love to know where Jane A buys her yarn…perhaps she would tell her source on this site. Thank you!
    I think that this yarn is appropriately named – Trekking- as it seems that I have been trekking on the computer and on land to get the supplies for this KAL – I do love the yarn and how it knits up! I will continue to purchase this yarn whenever I see it in knitting shops that I happen to be in…I’m always on the look-out for new shops! (my husband thinks that I have enough “stuff” to open my own shop – wouldn’t that be great)!
    Have finished my socks and they are awesome! Have enough yarn to make a pair of socks for a little one.
    Will continue to search for clues!
    Am looking forward to the gloves!

  43. I too would like copies of the patterns without the extra info. I’m halfway up the foot of the second sock. Hope I am faster on the heel this time around. Really like the sock. If there is enough yarn left over I might knit a third sock and keep the first one as a sample. I purchased the gray 1852 for February’s project. This is so much fun. First KAL!

  44. I came in a little late to the KAL but I am so glad that I did! I LOVE this sock! It is the prettiest sock I have ever made! I also love the fact that the purchase of the yarn helps with the funding of ovarian cancer research! My aunt died of ovarian cancer so I am making these socks in honor of her! Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern!

  45. I have not been printing out all the parts, just working off the computer. I would love to see the patterns put out in a concise manner, either at the end of each month or all of them at the end of the KAL. Lots of paper to print the parts and some duplication that isn’t needed (ie: only need the chart once in an entire pattern).

  46. 40″ is sufficient. Some knitters prefer as long as 47″ and some like 32″. I’m a 32″ magic looper, but it is all personal preference. I’m happy you’re going to give it a try. It’s amazing!!!

  47. Curious, what is the preferred length for the #2 circular needle for the mitts to do the magic loop method? Would 40″ be sufficient?


  48. I am loving this cable. I stayed up late as I just purchased the yarn yesterday and am enjoying the pattern and the yarn. Thanks a ton.

  49. If my foot has a pattern over the instep i make sure that I end each foot on the same row before working the heel. If the foot is plain, I have to admit to just going by length and not worrying about a row or tow difference. I follow the same rules for the leg. Happy knitting!

  50. Michelle,
    I am almost finished with the 2nd sock. Have enjoyed the KAL, and have also made good friends with that little crochet hook/knitting needle tool for some dropped stitches along the way. I was wondering if people who knit socks regularly make a habit of counting the rows so that the socks are identical. I didn’t do it on the foot, but realized I probably should have, so I did on the leg.
    Looking forward to February 1st.

  51. I finally got my yarn for the January sock. I have been doing a practice one, so I have a good idea how to do it. I live in a border city in Canada and had a yarn shop in the US (about an hours drive from here) order it. They did mail it to a address in the US border city and we drove over there to get it. Quite an adventure. Now we have the yarn and Feb. also and I have started the sock. So it is, knit, knit, knit…. This yarn is beautiful and it is knitiing up really nice.

  52. Yes I am, less paper to haul around when I am knitting it on the go…. Will let you know when I am ready for dk wt. Just a thought for future projects, I have lots of dk wt yarn

  53. Another question about next month’s as I try to finish my “practice pair” (there were some mailing delays with the snow here, so I didn’t get my yarn until late)…

    Anyway…I’ve gotten next month’s yarn and the skein is HUGE! I’m thinking, based on previous mitts I’ve done, we might be able to get 2 pair out of the skein?

  54. I know that I, for one, would love an e-book or something similar at the end of the KAL with all of the patterns!

  55. Congrats. Doreen!
    1. It would surely work, but it would be larger. I would cast on fewer stitches and eliminate some part of the design. I could help figure it out when you are ready.
    2. I hadn’t thought about it! Are you interest in this pattern without the extra info?

  56. I wish I would’ve had mine with me yesterday when my van broke down in the Target lot. 🙁 I’m almost done with the first sock and then I’m going to try and power through the second sock this week.

  57. Ok, am almost finished with my first sock, and will email it off today…..
    Michelle, I have 2 questions for you(as I know I will make these socks again),
    1. Would this pattern work in a DK weight pattern? and 2. Will this pattern be rewritten as a regular pattern(without the kal info included)?

  58. OK–now I feel dumb. Went to look for new form that can be filled out on line, and I can’t find it. I still have the original that I copied and scanned, but it would be easier to do it the other way. Thanks, Nancy

  59. All done!! I loved the pattern and the heel. I’ll definitely do it again. I sent the form and picture off. I was interested to see the notes on the form. I filled it out and then scanned it to get it to work. I’ll have to try the new form for next month’s KAL. Is it Saturday yet????????!

    Suffering from KAL withdrawal in Atlanta.

  60. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Check out my blog to see a picture of me knitting in NYC this past summer. People watching and knitting – awesome combo!
    Congratulations on finishing your socks! I’m glad you liked the pattern. Good luck in the drawing!!

  61. I love NYC, and knew when Vogue started this event that I had to go. I learned so much and took 4 amazing classes with some pretty awesome instructors. I have seen a lot of complaints on Ravelry about the event and how it was managed, however, neither myself, nor my friend encountered any of these issues.
    They are hosting another event in September in LA this time. Can’t make it to that one, but hope that they have another event in NYC next year.

    I finished both socks yesterday before leaving the hotel for the airport with the exception of one sock that needed binding off. Entry form and pictures sent.

    LOVED these socks and will definitely be making another pair

    Thanks Michelle!

  62. Good News! It works! I have to say, Skacel is very responsive during this KAL. Thanks so much for fixing that PDF…now I don’t feel like such a dope.

  63. This is my first pair of socks ever–thanks so much for a relatively easy introduction! Onward to February.

  64. Just finished my first sock and it fits great! Loved learning a new technique (sewing instead of casting off). Thanks for a great sock KAL 🙂

  65. Yes… I am back on track, should have been done today, but that’s ok. Van broke down today with kids in it, got to knit waiting for tow truck though….

  66. Good news for all! Candice, the Skacel super techno-whiz, improved the entry form! Simply download the new form and it will allow you to fill in the information and send it back to Skacel easily.

  67. I was just on skacel’s site trying to figure out how to make a pdf file and I could only turn my into a word program and I redown loaded the pdf and now you can fill it out save it and they made it very user friendly though I am not ready to use it yet socks are still needing the rest of their leg I pulled the wrong cord last night and out came the needle and I had to reput the sts on and pick up the few that dropped down . With that out of the way I got a few more rows done. But it needs at least 3 more inches.

  68. What…and make it unnecessary for us to knit? Yikes, I don’t want my printer to do it for me.

    FYI…yarn and printers are a very bad combo. A skein of yarn and my printer had a close encounter of the worst kind…RIP printer.

  69. I played and played with the PDF entry form and can’t complete it. I sent Skacel a message a few weeks ago when I saw it was in a PDF file. They don’t have the right tech support. I will be mailing mine.

  70. I’ve truly crossed over to thinking with only the knit side of my brain. With mouse finger hovering on the print icon, I glanced at my nearly empty paper tray and told myself to add a skein of paper soon.
    The sewn bind off is a different version than I have tried before, but looks much easier to master. My next challenge will be dealing with an unfamiliar camera.

  71. LOL Ok I saved it as a PDF file, but it still won’t let me fill it in. Well, I call that progress. LOL

  72. Doesn’t work. I opened it, copied it / saved it to Word. I can open it but it won’t let me fill it in and it doesn’t give me the option of saving it to PDF. I have Office 2010.

  73. I’m not a computer expert, but let me see if I can help. Download the form then copy and paste onto a Word doc. Once filled in on your Word doc – simply click save as – a menu should appear that shows PDF and then save it. I hope this works for you!

  74. Grrr dropped a st on like the 3rd row of leg, and I had picked it back up without noticing that it had lost a row, didn’t notice until I was about 2 rep up…

  75. Finished the heel on Friday evening and love it! I did not find it difficult to do. This is my first toe up sock and my fourth sock. What a wonderful pattern, can hardly wait to wear them!

  76. I can’t seem to fill in the form for the monthly entry. Am I doing something wrong? I seem to remember seeing questions about it earlier in the month, but I can’t find that either. LOL Help!

  77. Well done with the heel. I’m not wild about this heel, but maybe if I did it a few more times, it would be more to my liking. Love this pattern, but kind of felt let down that it does not go all the way around the leg. But it is what it is. They will still be pretty socks to wear. Love the color of them. Now to finish and wait for the Feb. knit along. Love making hand warmers and wear them all the time. Thank you.

  78. I have been in NYC for the Vogue Knitting Live, and the socks have followed me from class to class. I love how these are turning out, and am nearly completed.

    Thanks Michelle for such a beautiful pattern! Looking forward to February’s KAL

  79. The places where it asks you to log in are only if you are a retailer 🙂 Also, any clue that was on the site is taken down as soon as someone finds it.

  80. Just finished the first sock–on to the second which is ready for the leg. I am loving this knit a long. I have the yarn for #2, so I’m rarin’ to go. Liked the sewn bind off as well.

    Thanks, I’ve learned a lot and had fun.


  81. Oh No!!! We just adopted a rescued puppy in December and it has proven quite challenging to knit with him! I think he looks at the ball of yarn as a cross between a ball to play fetch with and a tug of war rope!

    Good luck catching up!

  82. I’m happy to help you with the gauge. KAL#2 uses US#2(3mm) needles with a gauge of 7 stitches=1 inch in stockinette. Looking forward to knitting with you in February!

  83. I have enjoyed doing this sock (just have clue 4 to finish times 2). The videos have been a big help especially the cast on. Is there any way you could post the gauge for the next KAL? I am lucky and have the yarn as my LYS ordered Jan/Feb. at the same time. I can only get to my LYS once a week due to work and their hours. While I have alot of needles it never fails the size I need it the size I don’t have. I’d like to be able to pick up needles if needed so I can hit the ground knitting Feb. 1st. Looking forward to Feb. Paula

  84. Love this KAL! I have never taken part in a KAL before but this is great. I have knit socks for several years but each time I tried short row heels, I gave up and ripped out. Now I get it!. I just started the Jan project. I had a skein of Skacel trekking that I had froggged many times because the patterns never complimented the yarn and then Wham! this KAL showed up and yarn is perfect. I had to rip out and start over after the toe was finished because I wasn’t paying attention, but toe is done and I am on to finish it. Hopefully before Feb. 1st. I am planning on sticking with the entire KAL and can’t wait to catch up. Love the teaching videos.

  85. You are most welcome. My favorite thing about knitting is that there is always something new to learn. Oh yeah, and there is always great yarn to learn on!

  86. nope, no hanging here….just finished my 2nd heel and am LOVING this KAL!!! This is only my second knit pair of socks ever. My first attempt at a pair of socks had a short heel in them that I completely goofed up, given the gaping holes up the sides I was pretty bummed and have been intimidated by socks ever since. I am super thrilled w how the heels turned out this time (thanks so much for your great videos and instructions) and love the pattern!!!! I can hardly wait to finish this project up and start the February one. YAY!!! 🙂

  87. Me three!!!! I was sitting on the floor knitting my very first attempt at a sock a few months ago and my cat decided to walk across my legs, got one of her legs caught on the yarn strand and then took off in a fright, yanking my knitting out of my fingers and dragging it and the ball of yarn off with her…..I’m sure she thought she was being attacked by a monster….lost most of the rows so had to do it over….thankfully I didn’t have to deal w ingested yarn…..hang in there!!!

  88. I was anxious this a.m. to see the pattern for the rest of the sock – glad to see that it wasn’t patterned all the way around. This weekend I am attending a “crop” so was unable to knit today ( I think I am in withdrawal – a full day without knitting)…will probably get knitting tomorrow night. When will the February project start? The store where I get my yarn has noat yet notified me that the yarn for next month has arrived…hope it comes in time! I am reazlly enjoying this KAL and the wonderful videos and knitting instructions. Thanks so much! I’ll continue to look for prize clues.

  89. Wow! I have loved this sock and the KAL. I’ve been knitting for many years, but I have learned at least 3 new things on this sock–the Axix cable, toe up, heel, and I’ve never done a sewn bind off. Wait, that’s 4–oh well, at my age (76) I can’t count any more, I guess.

    So sorry about the puppy and the chewed up sock!!!

    Question: how do you log in to the Skacel site? I can’t check for clues there. There seems to be no place for new customers to log in. Sorry to be such a dummy!!!!

  90. I have been enjoying myself with the KAL. I have not done a cable before and the heel was new too. Thanks for the great videos, they have been ALOT of help when needed. You have made me move to the next step in knitting and it’s really fun. A big THANK YOU! Now, on to the legs to get ready for the fingerless gloves.

  91. I go by height and this is personal preference. I like a 5-6″ high cuff. You are correct about row 3 if you ended the foot after a full repeat. Happy knitting!

  92. And about your quote, “Who would want to be stranded without it?” Especially if it was stranded knitting! Or if you were stranded on a desert island! LOL

  93. Here’s something no one has noticed. Since this sock always has a front (cables) and back (no cables), there is no need for a stitch marker for the beginning of each round! Smart!

  94. I love this sock and the KAL! It is my first KAL I have two questions. I believe we start the instep with line 3 at this point? How long to do you make your socks?

  95. I consider myself a fairly experienced knitter — but those heels put me through the wringer! I had never done this type of heel before, and I started them at my Stitch and Bitch group. ( Probably not the wisest choice.) In addition, I am knitting both socks at the same time on 2 circular needles, but it turns out that doing both the heels at the same time doesn’t work so well. Lots of slipping un-knitted stitches back and forth. So I gave that up and knit each heel by itself. I got the first one done without too much trouble, but in the time between finishing the first heel and picking up where I’d left off on the second, I’d forgotten how to do it. Of course, I didn’t realize that I didn’t know what I was doing, so I did the second heel wrong two times before I got managed to get it right. But I did manage to get the second one done correctly last night after the rest of the family went to bed — just in time for today’s clue. Thank heavens last week was just the heels! And today is my birthday, so I’m going to take my last installment of sock instructions and take some knitting time for myself! Hurrah! Thanks again for such a great KAL!!!

  96. The weekly prize clues are hidden in my website or the Skacel website. When you find one you will know! Monthly prize info can be found at the Skacel website. Good luck!!!!

  97. Me, too!!!!! Mine once unwound entire ball of sock yarn but at least it wasn’t knit up yet! What characters they are! :))

  98. Love this sock! Its going beautifully……..but its driving me nutty. I have read all of the directions over………and can NOT figure out how to put my name in for the weekly prizes. They look great but its more of a mystery to me than the knitting. ;o))))) Any hints?

  99. I had a feeling that this was going to be how it was done. I’d seen the full page pic of you in a mag someone handed me and we discussed whether or not you’d change the pattern from what we could already tell in the picture, and you didn’t. but I would have been upset if I’d had to rip out my leg because I was presumptuous. *shy blush*

  100. My friend and I had a little discussion about what the leg would be like. She won. I thought maybe the cable would be all around the leg. I just love this KAL. Now to get my yarn and get it done. In the meantime work on the practice one. It is very nice too. And we get to do a new cast off. Thanks for all your effort.

  101. My puppy attacks my knitting too. I think she is trying to get even for ignoring her when I knit. I’ve learned to zip bags and put projects up high. I know this feels. My sympathy to you.

  102. Teri, I am so sorry. I’ve come home and my dog has unzipped my knitting bag and eaten the circular needles along with the WIP. I feel your pain.

  103. I woke up this morning excited to get this………went downstairs, and during the night my puppy ATE MY SOCK!!!!!!!! It is ripped to shreds.

    I could cry.

  104. I can’t wait to wear these socks. I’m working on the short heel of my second sock. I must admit I haven’t gotten anything else done because I come home from work and all I want to do is get the socks finished. I love the pattern and I’m glad that we just follow it up the leg. It will be an amazing pair of socks. The first ones that I keep for myself.

  105. Can’t wait to start this later today when all my necessary “junk” is out of the way! This was so much fun and I’m really enjoying it! Thanks!!

  106. Yes I am ready to start the leg on both socks!!!! Onward to the leg tonight. Love this I get a new pair of socks and such fun to boot. Looking forward to the fingerless gloves in Feb

  107. Well I am suprised by this pattern finish but I do see that the simplicity of the leg will allow most to finish both socks before the feb Kal. I do love this pattern and can’t wait to show them off,thanks.

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