Triplicity – Part 2

I trust you are having a grand time knitting Triplicity and enjoying the softness of Simplicity yarn.  Pictured above is Part One off of the needles and safely secured with a lifeline.  I thought you would enjoy seeing the triangular shape we are creating.

Part Two introduces the Knot Stitch.  This easy to execute texture stitch adds an interesting depth to the shawlette.  While a Knot Stitch combines a purl two together with a knit two together, it does not alter the stitch count.  Check out the Knot Stitch” Video to master this simple texture stitch.

As our shawlette grows in size our stitch count becomes larger, too.  It can be quite time consuming to count every stitch after every row.  My favorite trick to help with counting is to add additional “counting” markers to section off groups of stitches.  For easy viewing, use markers in a color different than the original four markers that indicate where to increase.  Use the counting markers to section off a large number of stitches in between the increase markers.  Because this section is in between the increases, this stitch count will remain constant.  Now you will only need to count the stitches outside of your counting markers to verify the correct number of stitches after each row.

The picture below illustrates this tip. (I have used a smaller shawl for demonstration.)  The green markers are my four original markers indicating where to increase.  The pink markers are sectioning off two groups of 30 stitches each between the original markers. To verify the number of stitches in this row I only need to count the stitches outside of the pink markers – there are 19.  I add these 19 stitches to the 60 stitches (2 groups of 30) I have sectioned in the pink markers to tell me that there are 79 stitches in this row.  I was able to get an accurate count without counting each and every stitch! As the shawlette widens, you may want to move the counting markers to encompass larger numbers of stitches to keep your counting to a minimum.

At the end of Part One in Triplicity, there are 107 stitches in our shawlette.  Section off two groups of 50 stitches in between the increase markers.  You will have 7 stitches outside of these counting markers.  After working the first row of today’s clue, you will have 111 stitches.  Eleven of these stitches are outside of our new counting markers – these are the only stitches you needed to count!

Part Two

Click here to download printable version

KT (knot stitch) – purl 2 stitches together and leave on left hand needle, knit together the same 2 stitches removing them from the left hand needle.  See “Knot Stitch” Video

Section 4.  Knot Stitch – 14 rows

Row 29.  K2, SM, M1L, knit to 2nd marker, M1R, SM, k1, SM, M1L, knit to 4th marker, M1R, SM, k2.  (111 sts)

Row 30.  K2, SM, M1L, knit to 2nd marker, SM, k1, SM, knit to 4th marker, M1R, SM, k2.  (113 sts)

Row 31.  Same as Row 29.  (117 sts)

Row 32.  K2, SM, M1L, *KT; repeat from * to 2nd marker, SM, k1, SM, **KT; repeat from ** to 4th marker, M1R, SM, k2.  (119 sts)

Row 33.  Same as Row 29.  (123 sts)

Row 34.  K2, SM, M1L, *KT; repeat from * to 1 st before 2nd marker, k1, SM, k1, SM, k1, **KT; repeat from ** to 4th marker, M1R, SM, k2.  (125 sts)

Row 35.  Same as Row 29.  (129 sts)

Row 36.  Same as Row 30.  (131 sts)

Row 37.  Same as Row 29.  (135 sts)

Row 38.  Same as Row 34.  (137 sts)

Row 39.  Same as Row 29.  (141 sts)

Row 40.  Same as Row 32.  (143 sts)

Row 41.  Same as Row 29.  (147 sts)

Row 42.  Same as Row 30.  (149 sts)


Section 5.  Stockinette – 8 rows

Row 43.  K2, SM, M1L, knit to 2nd marker, M1R, SM, k1, SM, M1L, knit to 4th marker, M1R, SM, k2.  (153 sts)

Row 44.  K2, SM, M1L, purl to 2nd marker, SM, k1, SM, purl to 4th marker, M1R, SM, k2.  (155 sts)

Row 45.  Same as Row 43.  (159 sts)

Row 46.  Same as Row 44.  (161 sts)

Row 47.  Same as Row 43.  (165 sts)

Row 48.  Same as Row 44.  (167 sts)

Row 49.  Same as Row 43.  (171 sts)

Row 50.  Same as Row 44.  (173 sts)



Next week brings our 3rd texture stitch.

I will be at Stitches East in Hartford, CT next week!  Due to my travel schedule, Triplicity Part 3 will be released one day early on Wednesday, October 19th.

Happy knitting!




24 thoughts on “Triplicity – Part 2

  1. It’s wonderful that you are enjoying our KAL. I am so happy that we are able to bring the knitting classroom to you. Keep up the good work and I hope this finds you feeling better. Hugs to you!!!

  2. Finished part 2 and the work in progress is lovely. I’m so glad to be doing this as texture stitches are new for me. Also found the lifeline useful as I space out more than I’d like to admit! Michelle, I’d also like to echo Melanie’s sentiments from last week. I too am dealing with illness and can’t get out much, so it’s been such a pleasure to be part of a virtual class. You are a gift!

    Just ordered my yarn for the next 2 projects! 😀

  3. I love the knot stitch! So pretty! One question for my fellow KAL knitters or for ‘The Hunter’ herself, the bottom (start) of my knitting has a soft curl. 1. Is anyone else having this problem? 2. Is there anything I can do at this point to help it not curl/roll? 3. What did I do to make it curl so I can make sure not to do it again? Thanks!

  4. Part 2 — 6 rows in (or at least I _was_) I now consider myself an expert at UNknitting the knot stitch as well as working the second half of a knot stitch from a previous row where I had forgotten to do said second half of knot stitch. This last little maneuver took considerably more time than if I had just gone back and unknit the last row to that point, but hey! I did, darn it all, and feel I’m a stronger knitter for it! 🙂 Stitch count is now correct, and I’m nearly back to the point where the wheels came off earlier! Life’s good!!!

  5. i agree that you should do the stitch in only one style of knitting. I wish you were having an easier time! Rest easy, the next part will be a breeze! Keep me posted on your progress.

  6. Oh, I wish so too!
    Thank you for your quick response. I’m afraid I didn’t make myself completely clear. I wanted to switch from left-handed to right-handed for the knot stitch because it is so hard on my hands when I do it left-handed. But since it seems as if there is a difference in how it looks depending on which hand I use, I think I would have to either continue on left-handed or rip out and switch completely to right-handed. Does that make sense?
    I did see the pictures on Ravelry, but I’m just not sure. I really need another pair of eyes!

  7. I so wish you were sitting next to me and we could sort this out together! The stitch does have a bit of an extra wrap look – it reminds me of crochet. There are some nice pics from other knitters posted on Ravelry in the Knit Purl Hunter KAL group if this would help. It sounds as if your knitting may look just fine. If you are pleased with the results then I think you should stick with what you have. I’m sure it’s beautiful! Let me know how things are coming along!

  8. Hi Michelle, This is my first time doing a KAL. I am really enjoying it.
    I am a left-handed knitter doing the knot stitch for the first time. I did the first row of knot stitch last night, and it was very difficult to do. Each stitch took a long time because the yarn was always on the verge of slipping off. Today, I decided to try to do it right handed, the way you demonstrated it on the video. When I did, it looks like there’s an extra wrap of yarn in each stitch. I’m not sure, but that’s what it looks like. Now I’m confused about what to do. I don’t really want to rip out the first row since it took me such a long time to do it, but if the stitches are really different depending on which hand I use, maybe I should. Can you help?

  9. Happy to have you knitting with us again! This is a quick knit so you will catch up in no time. The shawlette focuses on texture stitches so a solid yarn may be a better choice to show off your lovely work.

  10. Hi Michele,

    Getting a late start on this KAL (don’t even have the yarn yet)! Wondering do you recommend a solid color for the shawlette vs. a variegated yarn?

    Thank you,

  11. Yes, the Knot Stitch is done on the wrong side of the fabric in Triplicity. I chose to demonstrate it on the knit side of stockinette because it is easier to see. The Knot Stitch is a nearly reversible stitch which makes it a great choice for scarves, etc. Happy knitting!

  12. Michelle –
    Your video shows the Knot Stitch being worked on the knit side of stockinette, but the instructions put it on the purl side of the shawlette. Please confirm that we’re doing it correctly….. It’s a great piece so far and I can hardly wait to see what’s next!

  13. I agree that the LC is most likely a Left Twist. (Is it explained in the pattern abbreviations?) A twist stitch is two stitches worked out of order much as a cable stitch but without the use of a cable needle. One version of a left twist is to skip the 1st stitch and knit the 2nd stitch through the back loop and leave it on the needle. Knit the skipped first stitch through the front ad remove both stitches from the left hand needle. If this sounds like what your pattern is asking for then watch the Left Twist video for a tutorial.

  14. quick question, I was thinking of the knot stitch as “staggered” but the instructions show that 34 and 38 are the same and 32 and 40 are the same. Do I need to let go of my preconceived ideas?

  15. Question, I am working on a pattern that calls for LC/Left Cross….it is sounding more like a LT/Left Twist…is there a differents? Could they mean the same?

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