Cableship – October KAL!


Cables and I have long had a deep, loving relationship that I refer to as a “cableship”.  I bring the yarn and needles, while the cables bring the power to make my heart sing!

Join me October 6th for my next mystery knit along, Cableship.  This toe up sock pattern is full of great cable techniques, but also includes a heel new to the series.  Yes, I have uncovered another method for simple sock success!

I designed Cableship to showcase the vibrant hues of Zauberball sock yarn.  The sock knits up beautifully in every shade of this rich, gradient yarn.  My video tutorials and daily interaction make the sock knitting a snap.  The only hard part will be choosing just one color of Zauberball!

The KAL is FREE and no registration is required.  Simply go to anytime after 9 am on October 6th to download the first installment of the pattern.  I answer questions daily on my website and in my Ravelry group.

Prizes are generously provided by our sponsor, Skacel Collection.


  • Zauberball Socks, 75%wool/25%nylon, 100g/459 yards, 1 skein
  • US #2 (2.75mm) or size necessary to achieve desired gauge.  Pattern may be knit with double points, two circulars or Magic Loop method.
  • Cable needle
  • Markers


Approx. 8 sts = 1″ in stockinette


Small, Medium and Large.
Small – leg circumference measures approximately 5” unstretched and stretches comfortably to 10”.
Medium – leg circumference measures approximately 6” unstretched and stretches comfortably to 12”.
Large – leg circumference measures approximately 7” unstretched and stretches comfortably to 14”.

Further size adjustment may be made by changing needle sizes.

111 thoughts on “Cableship – October KAL!

  1. The sock measures about a 6″ high leg and it is at this point on your calf that you will measure. From your description, it sounds as if a Medium will work for you. Happy knitting!

  2. I am not sure which size for Cableship, please explain ‘leg circumference’
    My ankle measures 8″ and calf is 12″ (pretty far up)
    I’m not sure which size to pick.

  3. Never too late to join in, especially since the KAL only started yesterday. I have had many beginners find success with my sock KALs. If you decide the patterning makes it too difficult then you could always just make a plain sock. Jump on in! I highly recommend joining my Ravelry group where I answer questions daily along with the helpful comments of thousands of knitters.

  4. Hi Michelle, I am very excited about this kal but I have never ever knit a pair of sox. Do you think this pattern is doable as a starting point (first pair of sox)? I feel I am an intermediate level knitter. And is it too late to start the kal at this point? Thank you for the wonderfull patterns that you come up with.

  5. Thanks! I am practicing with solid color. Second M1 row looks better (no “hole” at increase point). Not ready to give up yet!
    Also, older eyes, + dark yarn + cloudy day = need brighter light! Sigh…

  6. Excited this day is here! Using the Crazy Zauerball-it’s a little tricky for me to find the “bar” for the M1 with the tiny stitches & yarn design. I pulled it off to start over after my first M1R & M1L row. It was too messy. Would you recommend me using some different sock yarn & practicing a few times? I’ve done lots of toe up socks with the Kfb increase. M1 seems more challenging with the tiny stitches. Suggestions?

  7. You can knit the socks up to 6″ from the ankle. Measure your leg where you want the socks to end on your calf. Remember that they stretch.

  8. I have several videos for two at a time socks, but not one specifically for Cableship. If this is your first time knitting socks, I recommend one at a time.

  9. Stretch the sock widthwise. Think of any sock in your drawer – it looks pretty skinny but it will stretch out wide to accommodate your leg.

  10. How tall are the socks? I’m not sure where on the leg I’m measuring for the size/fits.
    Looking forward to this Kal. 🙂

  11. You may find you can do the cables without a cable needle at all – that is my preference. Those pesky little cable needles are like DPNs to me – forever getting dropped or lost.

  12. Hello everyone
    I am really looking forward to the KAL. I’ve been teaching myself to needle knit. The only other knitting I have been doing is loom knitting. I’ve made many pair of socks on the loom.

    I’ve been practicing Judy’s Magic Cast On and no longer have to have the video in order to cast on. I have done cables on the loom and have also been making some needle knit hats that have owls completely around the brim, and those are done with cable work. I think the only thing I haven’t done on needles would be the heels. I’ve done them on the loom and know the concept. I always loom knit my socks toe up and love them. The only reason I haven’t tried to needle knit socks is because the thought of the heels is just way too intimidating. I don’t know anyone that knits that could help me with problems. But with Michelle doing the class and having some awesome videos to refer too I’m going to give this a try. I absolutely love doing socks. And I know once I learn to do them on needles I can’t see myself going back to the loom. They just have to be quicker to do on needles than they are on the loom.

    I am so looking forward to this KAL.

    Good luck and have fun everyone

  13. My videos are available 24/7 for your reference any time. I recommend watching both the Magic Loop and Judys Magic Cast On videos before starting.

  14. Hi! I am new to knitting socks and I was wondering if I will be able to see a video as we are going through the KAL, and if so, if I will be able to see it more than once in case I am not keeping up? Also, I have never used Magic Loop and was wondering if I should review that before the KAL starts?
    Can’t wait to get started!Thanks!!

  15. I learned how to knit socks with your patterns and videos. Only do toe-up and doing pair number 29 at the moment.
    30th pair is this KAL 🙂 looking forward to it 🙂

    greets from the netherlands

  16. Can I do this two at a time? i prefer toe up, two at a time. My first mystery knit along. Can’t wait!

  17. So happy to have you along with your first sock. Dpns will work, however, I find the flexibility of a cable needle easier for the cast on. I recommend watching my Judy’s Magic Cast On video and practicing the technique before we begin tomorrow.

  18. Got my Yarn. This is my first attempt at socks! I’m used to DPNS will that be ok? Very excited!

  19. I have my yarn and I’m ready to go. Perfect for travel in Europe. I’ll b able to stash the socks in my backpack and pull them out everytime I get on a train.

  20. I need to get my zauberball out of my stash, cannot wait to get started, hope I can keep up have a 2 month old grandson that I take care of not much knitting time.

  21. Michelle,
    Sidney Oh here. I loved doing the Scoreboard KAL. Ready to try cableship.
    Your videos and instructions are wonderful. It should be fun.

  22. This will be my first pair of toe up socks. Looking forward to this KAL. I so enjoy your instructional videos and tutorials.

  23. I usually knit socks for my husband, but do have a friend who has been hinting for some time for a pair of socks. Is this pattern better suited for a woman’a sock? Or would it work for a man?? Never done a KAL – looking forward to it.

  24. You will be just fine with the toe up socks. With your previous top down experience I don’t think you will have problems. If you do, I have lots of videos in place and I answer questions daily.

  25. Hi Julie, I’m an RN work 9 hour days I’ve done several KALs with Michelle and I usually just print it and knit at my pace and ifI have questions I just ask! You will have a blast!

  26. I knit top down socks but I have never done a complete pair of toe up socks. Can newbie’s to toe up socks take this kal?

  27. I’m very excited to get started. Already have my zauberball separated for TAT. I’m ready, love cables!

  28. No worries! You can download the pattern and knit at your own pace. I monitor questions daily long after the KAL has ended. I highly recommend joining the Knit Purl Hunter group on Ravelry where I answer questions and the hundreds of other knitters are very helpful and supportive.

  29. This is my first mystery KAL, I’m worried about keeping up, I’m an elementary teacher and some nights I come home exhausted. If I fall behind will I still have access to the pattern and help if needed?

  30. Hi Karen —

    You’ll want to use the cable needle that is the closest size/width to the needle you use for your knitting (the skinnier cable needle for the size 2 knitting needle). 🙂


  31. Circular needles are measured from tip to tip to reach the required size. Every needle set is different so try a few on your tips to reach approx. 32″.

  32. I am sorry, I was not clear. I mean the cable needle that makes the actual cable. I have thin-thick cable needles that came in a package. and I don’t know which one will work to make the cables on the socks.

  33. Woo hoo! Happy to have you along:) I recommend joining the Knit Purl Hunter group on Ravelry which is full of lots of helpful knitters who chime in and are very encouraging. I answer questions there daily as well.

  34. I am looking forward to KAL. I have several sizes of cable needles, which one will I need to us. Thank you so much

  35. It will be great having you along! Since you are a first time sock knitter, I recommend watching my Judy’s Magic Cast On video and practice it with extra yarn. Start with bigger needles and thicker yarn and then move to smaller needles with finer yarn.

  36. Hi, all!

    This will be my first KAL. I’m excited about joining a group! I just got my yarn and can’t wait for the first post. I chose the “Crazy” in Color # 1511, a combination of greens, purples and shades in between with a little bit of a striped portion. It should make a great pair of socks.

  37. Where on the leg do you measure to determine the correct size? Tsk, tsk. The last pair of socks I knitted I did not take into consideration all those cookies I had been eating. I want to get this pair right.
    Thank you Michelle for keeping me busy.

  38. I’m excited to participate in my first KAL!
    I’m bummed that I’m not able to afford to buy a beautiful ball of Zauberball, as it seems that makes the whole adventure extra special, but am going to see what I can find.
    Looking forward to the ride 🙂

  39. With Zauberball, it is often difficult to get matching socks due to the long color runs. I like it because each focal point of the shock will feature a different color. Looking forward to knitting together soon!

  40. I am currently using Zauberball for a different sock (and I love it!), but so far, I am up on the leg but still have not encountered a repeat of the same color. Does this mean that I will have two different-looking socks? I’m sure I can tolerate it (matchy, matchy!), but I just want to be ready for it. Thanks! I already have my yarn, and am looking forward to the KAL.

  41. By left handed do you mean that you knit the stitches from the right needle onto the left? Or, do you knit the stitches from the left needle to the right needle but are a left handed person? If it is the latter, then you do not have to do anything differently – knitting is a two handed sport:) If you are the former type of knitter everything is different in the execution of the stitches. I recommend trolling around on Youtube for tips.

  42. I’m excited to join the KAL, my issue is I’m left handed and wonder if you would have some tips for me .

  43. Do you have previous sock experience? The pattern is written for one at a time and would be your best option if you have never knit socks before. If you have knit socks and are just new to the magic loop, take a look at my Two at a Time Sock videos for toes and heels. I recommend that you join my Ravelry group where lots of knitters will be discussing the pattern and techniques all through the KAL. It is a lively group full of helpful knitters. I chime in daily there as well.

  44. Will you have directions for taat magic loop or should I should I do a little research (and practicing) before I jump in there?

  45. You will need a 32″ length circ to knit using the magic loop. If you are knitting one sock at a time (which I recommend for your first sock effort) then there is no need to divide the yarn in half. The pattern is written for one at a time knitting, but you may knit two at a time if you prefer. Due to the long color runs in Zauberball, identically striped socks may not be possible. To divide the ball, wind off half of the weight into a ball then it must be rewound in the opposite direction for the color sequence to flow in the same order. I embrace them being different and just knit them as they come off the ball.

  46. I have been wanting to learn how to knit socks using the Magic Loop – so your KAL is very timely for me! Questions: would a 24″ circular needle be too short? and what is the best or easiest way to divide yarn in half? Looking forward to learning lots! Many thanks!

  47. Got my yarn. Ready to divide it in two! Love doing two at a time socks!!! Just recently finished 14 Carat. Now I am sitting here “Kitchnering” my ambiguous cowl. I will be free to direct all my attention to Cableship!! Thank you for keeping us busy!!

  48. Michelle,
    I got my yarn today it is really pretty yarn.
    Can’t wait to start.
    Sharon Blake

  49. I’m in the middle of my 3rd 14 Carat Poncho and my 2nd Triplicty. Saw the email, then saw the yarn at my yarn store, Main Street Yarn — had to have it. Can’t wait to start this start. At least my fingers get exercise!

  50. Haven’t done a KALS with you in a long time but love doing them with you. I think I have a zauberball in stash crying “Cableship, please!!”

  51. There are 4 sections to the sock pattern and each are released on Thursday beginning Oct. 6th. I post a picture of each section along with lots of helpful tips, videos and of course the instructions.

  52. I’m so happy you have visited Knitting Temptations. While I am not the owner, I do enjoy doing my local teaching there. I hope we run into each soon!

    It sounds as if you are the perfect candidate to knit these socks. You have more than enough experience to knit along with us!

  53. Hello everyone. I’m from Central Ohio, only about 7 miles from Michelle’s shop. I’ve been in there several times.

    I will have to say that I am excited about the KAL. But I’m a little worried that I won’t have the experience needed. I’ve been teaching myself to knit. I’ve done the usual hats and scarves and I’ve learned to do some cable work and learned the Kitchener closure.

    I’ve wanted to learn knit socks since the very beginning. I’ve always wanted to learn to do toe up. Last winter I bought a book and I bought the long cable needles. I know some will say that loom knitting is not knitting, but I have made many pair of socks on the loom using sock yarn. I do short row heels, but I do the socks toe up. I really believe it would be quicker to do them on needles. So when I get my granddaughters sock mate done, I’m going to focus all my attention on learning Judy’s Magic Cast on and hopefully be ready to dive in when we start in October.

  54. Hi, Michelle:
    Can’t wait to start! How many secret installments before the mystery sock pattern is revealed? Thanks!

  55. Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada. Will be knitting along with you in October KAL. Can’t wait. I’ve never done a toe up sock so it will be a great learning experience.
    Loved the KAL 14 Carat poncho in the spring so this will be my second KAL. See you in the fall fellow knitters!

  56. Ligonier, PA looking forward to knitting along with the Cableship KAL! We hope to see you in 2017!

  57. I personally knit with the magic loop but the pattern is written for any needle method. If you have never knit toe up socks, I highly recommend using the magic loop method for the cast on and toe at least. See you in October!

  58. Will you be knitting this sock in all three methods (dpns, two circs, and magic loop)?
    Or will the video tutorials focus on one particular technique?

  59. If you would like to knit the socks two at a time then go right ahead and divide the ball in half. Looking forward to sharing the pattern with you:)

  60. Yarn?✔
    Excitement? ✔

    Saw this question earlier but didn’t catch the response…

    Should we divide the ball? I realize stripes may not match but would rather do clue #1 left sock, clue #1 rt sock, clue #2 left sock, etc.

  61. Great news….. I found. Shop here that sells it…..they just sell 4-5 different ones…..there is one called Zaubetball 100 but then there is also Zauberball Schoppel…..Gadient…….Schoppel Crazy…..Schoppel Starke 6……most of them are 75% merino & 25% nylon….but they say fingering weight. We want sock weight right?

  62. So happy to have you knitting with me in October! Check out the side of my KAL page to see a few shops that carry the yarn and who are happy to ship. If you received my email yesterday, there is a link at the bottom of the page for KAL suppliers. You may want to measure your leg just above the ankle as that will give you an indication of the correct size for you.

  63. You can knit the sock two at a time. I would recommend separating them for the heel since the heel I chose may be new to you. Due to the long color runs in Zauberball, knitting identical socks may not be possible. For me that is the fun part! See you in October:)

  64. I designed the sock using Zauberball which is a gradient yarn with long runs of each color. IF you are unable to knit with this yarn, I would recommend a solid over a variegated. Looking forward to knitting together!

  65. Hi where can I order this yarn from to kal in October and also do I need to measure my foot prior to the kal or do you go over this in the video

  66. I’m looking forward to joining in this KAL. Does it matter if the sock yarn is a solid color
    or verigated?

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