8 thoughts on “Garter Stitch Tab

  1. I love your videos! They are so clear and you can see every step. I had watched several before this one and still couldn’t understand it. Thanks for making it so easy!

  2. I found it in Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.
    Preparation Row – Knit, wrapping yarn twice for each st.
    Pattern Row – Knit first loop fo first st only, leaving second loop on needle; *knit this second loop tog with first loop of next st, wrapping yarn twice and leaving second loop on needle; rep from *.
    Repeat Pattern Row only.

  3. Do you know what a “double garter stitch” is?? Saw a hat that is knit using that stitch. Stitch looks different. Any information would be appreciated. I just Love your videos!!

  4. this is the best knitting class/video site I have found so far, thankyou!

    I would really love to learn to knit two socks on one circular needle, I can’t wait to learn it….thanks again.

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