Knitting Retreat

There is nothing more divine than a weekend away with fellow knitters!  I spent the past weekend at Autumn House Farms in Rochester Mills, Pennsylvania.  This picturesque haven is near Punxsutawney (yes, the Groundhog Capital) and housed me and my knitting buddies for three days of relaxation and education.

Autumn Farms is a self-sustaining farm.  For a city girl like me, I learned how this type of farm grows their own crops to feed their flock of sheep. The sheep are sheared and their wool is spun into beautiful yarn all on their own premises.  Harriet and Kenny shared their vast knowledge and warm hospitality creating the perfect getaway in their rustic bed and breakfast, The Shepherd’s Rest.

I used the time to work on new designs for upcoming classes.  It’s amazing how the creative energy just explodes when the daily grind is far away.  A crackling fire in the pot belly stove fueled my needles and my knitting soul.  I hope you can find the time for knitting with friends, too!