Cableship – Part 4

Our sock is nearly finished with only the cuff and bind off remaining.  I hope you are as excited as me to show off your hand knit beauties!

For the cuff, work Rounds 1-8 in established patterns over the front and back leg.  To top off the sock after this, work six rounds even.  Working even means to work the stitches as they present themselves – i.e. knit the knits and purl the purls.  You will NOT work any cable in these last 6 rounds.

Toe up socks pose a special difficulty in that the bind off must be loose enough to get over the foot and elastic enough to stay on the leg.  I’m recommending the Russian Bind Off to use in this sock and any toe up sock.  Not only does it have the aforementioned qualities, but the bind off is worked in pattern to continue the stitches to the tippy top of your sock.

My new video will walk you through the bind off in k2, p2 rib but you can easily see how it can be worked in any stitch combination from all knit, all purl, k1 p1 rib, and even our irregular rib in Cableship.  (Bind off seen below from side view.)  The bind off will appear a bit flared and ruffly but will straighten our nicely on your leg.  I know you will enjoy this simple bind off and will find many projects for its use.  See Russian Bind Off Video


Enjoy the socks which are beautiful from every angle.  If you would like a condensed version of the pattern, you may download it here or on Ravelry.


As always, it is my delight to lead these KALs!  Please remember to submit your entry form for the prize drawing.  The entries are the only way our sponsor can evaluate the level of participation.  Just one complete sock is required for the prize drawing where first prize is a set of addi clicks!  Use this link to the KAL page on Skacel’s website to access your form.

Through reading all of the comments this month, I feel as if we have all made wonderful knitting friendships.  I hope you will continue to knit with me in April for my next KAL – a baby sweater in the soft and washable Simpliworsted. The “too-cute” project is full of new techniques, essential sweater knitting skills and one darling surprise. Every knitter should have a baby sweater on hand for gift giving. If you are new to sweaters, a baby-sized project is a great way to gain experience. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive all the updates!

Until we gather again, happy knitting!


Part Four

Click here to download printable version



Work Rounds 1-8 in established Leg Front and Leg Back designs.

Work 6 rounds even – i.e. knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches with NO cables.

Russian Bind Off

See Russian Bind Off video

To bind off in pattern, always “work” the stitches as knit the knits and purl the purls.

For “work two together”, work the knit decreases as k2tog tbl and the purl decreases as p2tog. When the decrease is worked with a knit and a purl stitch, choose the decrease to match the second stitch of the pair.

(Ex. If next pair is k1, p1 then work a purl decrease.)

  1. Work first two stitches and return to left needle, work these two together.
  2. Work one, slip two stitches on right needle to left needle, work two together.

Repeat the 2nd step until one stitch remains. Cut yarn and pull through last stitch.


10 thoughts on “Cableship – Part 4

  1. I am finely ready to do the bind off. I have a orange,red,gold mix of yarn to finish. I started the black & grays, thats the one that is ready for bind off, I still have the Green color to do also. I will finish them, I have to make a baby (great grandbaby a sweater it is going to be a boy.) The I will finish the socks.
    This socks was a great challenge for me, but I did it.
    Just wish I could get both socks to match, some day I hope.
    Maybe you can show us how.
    Thanks so much, I have learned a lot in the past 1.5 years.
    Sharon Blake

  2. My question about posting a photo wasn’t very clear. Where does one post the photo – Ravelry, Skacel here? I can’t find the Skacel email that told of this KAL . I am close to being computer illiterate. Had a good time knitting the first sock and the second is under way.
    The heel and the magic loop are wonderful tools to have.

  3. Thank-you for a very timely project. I had only made one pair of socks, top down, and wanted to learn toe up. A friend wanted me to knit a pair for her birthday or Christmas so I decided to follow the KAL, something I haven’t done before. I had fun with it and learned a new cast on, heel and bind off. I finished one sock for me, to make sure I understood the directions, and am on row 12 of the leg on her 1st sock, different yarn and color. I will have to finish her pair before doing my 2nd sock so I get hers done by Christmas. Your instructions and video were very clear and easy to follow. Thanks again.

  4. Michelle, can I enter the contest if I only did one pass of clue 3. I have big legs and I am afraid that the socks won’t fit if I do 2 passes. Thank you

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