7 thoughts on “Corkscrew Hat – Part 2

  1. Thanks for knitting with me! There is not a video for part 1. I only made one for part 2 since it seemed to be the trickiest area. In my video I was using a smaller piece for demonstration purposes. When your band reaches 16″ or desired length you will bind off those stitches in the rib pattern. Hope this helps!

  2. Please tell me how to find the Part 1 video of the Corkscrew hat. I bought your pattern off of the Ravelry web site. I’m basically a newer knitter and need some help understanding the beginning part of these instructions. For the band, should it really measure 16 inches from CO edge or is this a misprint? Seems really long. In your part 2 video, your band length only seems to be 6 inches or so. Also help me to understand on what part of the band should be binded off in pattern. I know how to bind off in pattern but I can’t figure out where on the band to do this. Thanks, Jayne

  3. Which video references knitting with a second yarn in the left hand (continental style)? The corkscrew video mentions a video that shows how to knit with two yarns using both hsnds.

  4. The condensed version of the Corkscrew Hat is now available as a free download on Ravelry or in the free pattern section on my website. Happy knitting!

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