Two At A Time – Toe Up Socks

No more orphan socks! Knit both of your socks at one time and you have a pair completed when you bind off. This video demonstrates how to cast on for two toe up socks at once using Judy’s magic cast on. This method is suitable for magic loop knitting or two circs. There are no more excuses for single sock syndrome!

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  1. Work the same except continue toe increases to 72 stitches. When you get to the heel, work part 1 until 12 center stitches remain unworked. All else is the same. Happy knitting!

  2. Thanks for replying. I bought the pattern called “Beginning Toe up Sock” that uses Judy’s magic cast on. Best to you, Kathryn

  3. Hi Michelle, I was just in Karen’s shop and picked up your pattern for these toe up two at a time socks. I failed to notice at the time they were sized for ladies and I am making them for a man. How would I adjust the pattern? Any suggestions? Thank you! Kathryn

  4. Thanks for watching my videos! I perform the magic loop in the same fashion on top down and toe up socks. I think the camera angle must be making it look otherwise. In the magic loop, both needles are facing right with the working yarn attached to the back needle. Slide the back needle out to the right, scoop under the working yarn and knit the stitches on the front needle. Check out my magic loop video for a detailed tutorial.

  5. I love your videos – they have made all the difference in my knitting, so thank you! I recently completed cuff down socks – 2 at once and now I am trying to do toe up – 2 at once using the magic loop and Judy’s magic cast on like your video shows. In the cuff down, you slide the top needle out to start knitting on the bottom needle and here you slide the bottom needle out to start knitting on the top needle. With toe up could you slide the top needle out like you do with cuff down or is there something that won’t work with that?

  6. Using the long circular needle, pass the needle tip through half of the number of stitches on sock #1 and then the same half number of stitches on sock #2. Flip the socks over and using the SAME needle tip, pass through the remaining stitches on sock #2, and then lastly, go through the remaining stitches on sock #1. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Michelle – Help! I had a pair of socks I started some time ago, and I’m going back to pick them up to finish (John Anderson’s Kilt Hose). The problem I’m having is that while I started them individually since I didn’t know about two-at-a-time, I have since discovered your wonderful website and two-at-a-time socks! (Thank you for cable ship!), and I’d like to get them going two-at-a-time. Every time I try to get them lined up, somehow I wind up with a needle going the wrong direction. Do you have any suggestions to get my tangle sorted? THANK YOU!

  8. Thank you so much for this site. I have taken many classes from different instructors, but when it comes to “doing it” I always pause and watch your videos. They are by far the most concise tools for knitters.

  9. I have looked and looked for how to do this with Judy’s magic cast on. I just finished my first pair of one at a time socks, and second sock syndrome is a very real problem! This will help!

  10. Just go to the homepage of my website and click on the Video Lessons icon. All of my videos are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the title and watch as often as you like. The videos are also available on Youtube.

  11. Thanks for the awesome videos! You are able to show the techniques simply and clearly. I’m excited to do my first KAL and first socks 🙂

  12. Thank you for this Michelle. It is easier to watch a 5 minute video than to decipher 5 pages of instructions from a book. Not only are you gifted, you are generous as well.

  13. Thanks for keeping these videos alive on your site, just stopped in to review this one again and found it to be so simple to do once I see the video again…. ;-), honestly, you make everything look so easy, one can’t help but do it with ease, Thanks again Michelle for doing a toe-up for this last sock, I love the color of the yarn and am anxious to see what new heel you are presenting, as I loooooved 😉 the heel for “Cranked”. Think it is giving the garter stitch heel a run for its money ;-).

  14. I thought I was doing the cast on wrong, my sts weren’t on backwards, frogged twice, the third time I just left them and finished the toes.

  15. Thanks for the video. I couldn’t figure out how to do it on my own and you made it look so easy.

    I’ve already done my toes for Cranked, but will use this for my next set of toe-up socks.


  16. Thanks for the video, I never attempted to do 2 socks at one time, Now i might haha 🙂 Awesome Demo! I will be referring back to many of your videos for future socks!

  17. What good eyes you have! I actually do a variation of Judy’s magic cast on in my videos. If you cast on like me, you do not need to knit into the back of the stitches on the second needle. I write my patterns assuming the knitter is doing it Judy’s way. If you knit into the back of the stitch and cast on like me you are just making those stitches a bit tighter so no harm done. I leave it in the video as an homage to the great Judy.

  18. Thank you! I have struggled with getting going with two socks at a time. Tying a bow works wonderfully! Now I’m good to go. I did notice that you didn’t knit into the back of the second side row stitches like with did with the Judy’s magic cast on. Still works?

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