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  1. Your video showing wrap and turn is awesome. You do an excellent job describing and demonstrating how it is done. I’ve watched many other videos and still could not get it. Thanks for your excellent help!!

  2. If the 3 sts are on your right hand needle, knit the remaining 17 sts. Then, you will knit all 20 sts picking up the wraps as you work across the row. Happy knitting!

  3. Hello, thanks for the video. I am very new to knitting and learning as I go.
    After I have done a few rows on the W&T the next row says ‘Knit across all sts (20 sts)’. My question is, what do I do with the 3 remaining stitches on the needle after my last W&T as to knit 20 sts I need to use these. Can I just transfer them to the other needle with out knitting them?
    Also my pattern doesn’t say anything about picking up the wrap do I need to do this?

  4. Your video shows very clearly how to W&T on a knit row and the difference on a Purl row. Thank you so much.

  5. If the instructions say, K3, w&T – is the W&T done on the 3rd or a 4th stitch.
    if it says P3, do you begin with the yarn in front of the needle

  6. My pattern just says “turn” at stitch 84, but I want to w&t because I don’t like the wholes. Do I w&t stitch 84 or stitch 85?

    Than you so much! Kate

  7. What the pattern is asking you to do is to work to the wrapped stitch, pick up the wrap and then work it together with the stitch it previously wrapped. Check out my Short Row Heel Part 2 video for a tutorial. Happy knitting!

  8. Hi first of all your tutorial is very helpful! Thank you! I have a question about a specific pattern I’m working on.. After I create all the wraps when I start picking them up it says to:
    “Next row: Knit to 1st wrapped st, working in wrap, knit st, W&T
    Next row: Purl to first wrapped stitch, working in wrap, purl st, W&T
    Repeat these two rows until all wrapped sts have been worked”
    Do I really add another W&T on each of these rows? Won’t that make it impossible to ever get them all worked in? Plus I’d be wrapping a stitch that is already wrapped (If it helps I’m doing a sock monkey http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/red-heart-sock-monkey) I’d appreciate your help! Thank you!

  9. How I am a new knitter and I was trying a new pattern. I looked up several videos on “Wrap and Turn” and none of them helped me as much as you have. I completely understand it, and can finish my pattern with ease. Thank You

  10. I am knitting garter stitch in the round. How do I do wrap and turns without getting a hole?

  11. I am happy to be able to follow your intructions . Especialy when I get stuck .
    Thank you for the knit along Cobasi yarn companytoo. Lourdes Nelson.

  12. What if you knitting 20 lets say, then have a wrap & turn but on the other side you are knitting again vs. purling as shown in the video? Do you pul the yarn back through before you start (seems like its unwrapping the W&T) or do you put the needles in then pull the yarn back (seems like its doing a yarn over or something funky).

  13. Not every pattern requires a wrap and turn. Your pattern may be one that does not. Put in a lifeline and then work the pattern as instructed without the wraps. If you don’t like it then you can easily take it back and work the wrap and turns.

  14. My instructions for a certain row say to knit 10, turn.

    A. Should I always wrap?
    B. Do I wrap stitch #11 or #10? Seems like it’s probably #11, but I’m not sure.

    Thanks for your help! I’ve already learned so much by watching other of your videos!

  15. A wrap and turn is worked this way:
    Work (knit or purl) to the stitch that needs to be wrapped.
    Move the working yarn between the needles to the opposite position, i.e. if you are knitting then move it to the front, if you are purling then move it to the back.
    Slip the stitch to be wrapped to the right hand needle.
    Return the working yarn to its original position. (This is what creates the wrap)
    Return the stitch to the left hand needle.

    Yes, the stitch you are wrapping in your pattern will be the 4th stitch.

    Hope this helps!

  16. If you are doing a wrap and turn on garter stitch do you undo the last bit so your yarn is on the right side? Also it says to knit 3 stitches then w&t…are you actually doing the w&t on the 4th stitch?

  17. Thanks for the video – simple, simple! It was nice to see you today – I will try and make it in when I have time to sit and knit!

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