Bind Off in Pattern

Many times a pattern ends by directing the knitter to bind off in pattern. This instruction means that you should use the standard bind off method while maintaining the stitch pattern used in the project. For example, if you are knitting a k2, p2 rib then you should continue with this rib as you bind off. Binding off in pattern makes the edge more compatible with the design. It is especially nice to use when the bind off edge is exposed as in a neckline or cuff. Watch this video and add a discriminating touch to your next project!

Stretchy Picot Bind Off

Toe up socks require a bind off that is both stretchy and firm.  It needs to be stretchy to fit over the foot and yet firm enough to stay up on your leg.  The Stretchy Picot Bind Off meets these requirements while adding a darling ruffled and crochet-like edge to the cuff of your sock.  This bind off also adds a sweet touch to sleeve cuffs and necklines or wherever a touch of whimsy is desired.

As with many knitting techniques the written instructions can seem daunting, but follow along with this simple video and you will be adding a unique signature to your next sock or garment.

Bind Off (Standard)

Congratulations on finishing your knitting project! Now it is time to bind off your stitches and admire your handiwork. I recommend this standard bind off for beginners. It is quick and easy and works well in most situations. Many lifelong knitters use this bind off exclusively. Of course, check out my other video lessons to explore more binding off options.