Central Double Decrease (CDD or S2KP)

A central double decrease works three stitches together resulting in one stitch that lies vertical with no lean. This stitch is often used at the base of v-neck openings. A central double decrease is also found in many beautiful lace patterns.

While there are several variations of this stitch, I have provided a video that demonstrates the option with the smoothest result.


Decreases aren’t only made in knit stitches! Sometimes it is necessary (and discriminating) to decrease a stitch and remain in pattern. For example, when faced with a decrease on the wrong side of a stockinette garment it is wise to use a p2tog. A p2tog is also found in many lace patterns to create those dazzling designs. Refer to the “p2tog” video to work this elementary stitch and your knitting will graduate to a new level!


PSSO is the abbreviation for “pass slip stitch over”. It is a common decrease and can be found in many lace patterns. Using the left needle tip, simply lift a slip stitch on the right hand needle over the following stitch(es) and remove it from the needle. A decrease and a lovely design element have been created!
Watch the following video to see several variations of the psso demonstrated.